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Generic hop.png Ian.PNG
Head of Personnel
Access: Full access to all civil and supply departments, Weapon Permit, Morgue, Security Office, Brig, Research Division, Medbay, Engineering, Construction Area, Maintenance, EVA, AI Upload, Bridge, Vault, Gateway, HoP locker, Personal Lockers, Full ID console access.
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Altering access on ID cards, manage civil and supply departments, being Ian's bodyguard, running the station when the captain dies
Guides: Chain of Command, Guide to Paperwork
Quote: All access, was it? I have a better idea. Congratulations on your promotion to Head of Sanitary Hygiene!

You are the Head of Personnel. You are the one on the left. The one on the right is a dog. You are not a dog.

Bare minimum requirements:

  • You should have an understanding of what is expected of each job on the station, and explain those jobs to people requesting job transfers as necessary.
  • Stay at your desk for the first 10 minutes and handle access change requests at the start of each shift.
  • Appoint a head to every department which lacks one.
  • You will need to assume command of the station as acting Captain if the existing one is killed or none was appointed to the station.
  • Consult heads of departments before transferring someone into their department or giving someone extended access to the department.
  • Directly oversee the service and civilian jobs on the station, while communicating with the Quartermaster in regards to Cargo

Documents.png Papers Please

HoP Office
Your office. You sit in it.

Being essentially the right-hand man to the Captain does have its perks. For starters, you spawn in your cozy little office that should keep you sheltered from the derranged lunatics outside. Its almost entirely constructed out of reinforced walls and comes with two layers of shutters to close people out of entering the HoP line (or from leaving it). The only people with access to your office are you and the Captain (usually), so you should be pretty safe if things get messy.

Within your office, you have a plethora of goodies in your locker for the taking, including an Energy Gun, an Armor Vest, and a couple other things like a door remote for controlling Civilian Access doors, a stylish-looking Head of Personnel themed Cloak and spare uniforms for when you need to disguise as yourself.

Have a look at all your unique equipment here.

Clipboard paper.png Responsibilities

ID console
Your ID console, the basic tool of your job.

Identification console.png ID Changes

Your primary purpose is to sit at your desk and process people's requests for access. People often wish to change jobs or require additional access in order to do their job more effectively (or further their dirty Syndicate goals). It's also your responsibility to wipe access from the IDs of troublemakers at the request of other heads.

There are two ways to alter access. On the bottom of the ID console screen, after logging in, there is a list of accesses you can click to grant to or remove from an ID. These are usually access to specific areas of the station, but they may also affect one's ability to use certain ID-locked machines. You can also assign someone directly to a job by clicking "Show" under Assignment; this will bring up a list of potential jobs you can click to assign an ID to as well as a "Custom" option, which is useful for HoPs who want to give crew members special titles, or traitors who want their all-access ID to read "Assistant."

People will come to you with requests ranging from outlandish to mundane, so use your brain and ask a Head over the command channel for any objections before assigning someone to their department. Note that you will be held accountable if you give out access to a department without authorization from its head. Use common sense: maintenance access isn't a big deal, access to toxins is.

If you repeatedly ignore other heads of staff, adding people to departments randomly or handing out all access like candy, you can and likely will be contacted by an admin. Repeatedly handing out access to others in a way that causes problems for the station will result in you losing the ability to play as the Head of Personnel, so be mindful of what you do with that access computer.

Id silver.png Your ID

If you plan to make yourself an all-access Hero the Station Deserves, bear in mind that access is not equivalent to permission, and security will arrest you and throw you in the Brig or the Captain may demote you if you're seen waltzing into high-security areas you're not supposed to be in. Talk to the head of the department you're visiting, and ask before taking anything valuable. This also goes for people you promote.

Hoppda.png Job Slots

Your ID console has the ability to open and close slots for the majority of jobs. This is useful for opening infinite clown positions oh god situations where no more positions remain available and helps greatly to stem the sudden influx of 20+ assistants clamoring for access. This is also a good tool to use when somebody who has taken a valuable job is either dead, demoted, traitorous or an all-around useless chucklefuck.

You can also mark jobs as high priority if you feel the situation on the station calls for extra security/engineers/whatever. This is shown to players in the lobby. There is a limit on how many jobs can be prioritized.

If you're feeling creative, make up your own jobs with custom titles and access levels. There's a world of fun gimmicks you can play around with.

Gavel.png Departmental Management

You're supposed to be in charge of the civilian and supply departments. Nobody in these departments is going to listen to whatever stupid orders you give, but feel free to befriend the Quartermaster by opening secure crates for them, smoke weed with the Botanists, or take a relaxing break on the Mining Outpost. People are more likely to listen to you if you help them out or become friends with them!

Id gold.png Acting Captain

If the real Captain is KIA, MIA, or simply never arrives, the Chain of Command dictates that it is your job to start a massive civil war against Security with your buddies in Cargo step up and assume the position until they return. If this is the case at the start of the round, it is typically wise to make your first order of business the securing of the important items inside the Captain's Quarters: The Captain's Spare ID, the Nuclear Authentication Disk, and the corresponding Pinpointer. Picking up the Hand Teleporter never hurt anybody as well, considering it makes for a powerful escape tool in emergency situations. Do not forget that you will, in fact, need to up your access (preferably to Captain levels) to do so. The Pinpointer is often best left in the hands of the Head of Security or the Warden so that they can find your battered corpse or the perpetrator of your murder -- or track you down if you give them a reason.

Don't take too long to secure the Captain's items, or else the Head of Security or some Assistant will take the mandate of Acting Captain upon themselves. Either way, it's a fight you'll have a hard time winning.

Headheadset.png Crew Relations

Due to your low workload compared to other heads, it's a good idea to always pay attention to general radio. People will often try to use this to summon you to your office when they need an ID upgrade. Aside from that it never hurts to have an awareness of what's going on around the station. Chat with the crew so they know you're not the stereotypical helmeted all-access mute that has come to epitomize the position.

Ian.PNG Ian

Just so we're clear. Ian is your little buddy. Protect him from the various dangerous criminals, and make sure he escapes on the shuttle alive. This is your most important job of all.

Gas mask.png Taking a Stroll as John Doe

The Head of Personnel's ID can be used to manage access levels for ID cards. Picture the biggest set of crosshairs you can imagine, and then picture them on your back. At the first mention of a potential Revolution, 'get the hell outta dodge as soon as you can.

Thankfully, when Revolution abounds, you will be one of the more well armed and threatening heads. A tendency for disappearing acts makes the Head of Personnel usually the hardest head to kill. You first move should be to deconstruct your ID console and reassemble it somewhere more secure (probably security). Leave an ID computer ID in it so security officers, heads and the implanted can give themselves all-access.

If shit hits the fan and you need to hide, pick a job where it's natural to be wearing a mask that hides your face. Scientist, engineer, mime and clown are all good examples. Make yourself a Captain ID with that job title and a false name. Travel to where the equipment lockers for that job are kept and get dressed. Put your old clothes and equipment in your old backpack and put it into the locker, locking it after you're finished. If you leave your Head of Personnel's jumpsuit lying beside an open Engineer locker, anyone who sees it will figure out what you're disguised as. If you want to be an even more stealthy HoP, head to genetics and turn a monkey into a human. Proceed to stab yourself with the UI+UE of said monkey. Then just go and use your ID console to get an all-access ID with your new name on it.

If you're the last remaining head, in the interest of fair play, you should try to escape the z-level instead of extending the round for your own benefit at the expense of all the dead people stuck sitting out. This will cause the revolutionaries to win, but you will survive. Self-preservation is a valid reason for ending the round. Fuck that shit, grab the nearest blunt object or gun and go out in a blaze of glory.

Ritual knife.png EZIC Knocking

Reports of a potential Blood Cult? Not a good sign for you, being a Head of Staff.

You have the ability to mass produce all-access IDs, and you do not start the round mindshield implanted. As a result of this, you are a prime target for conversion. As soon as you hear that a cult has been discovered, move your ID console to security and get yourself implanted, assuming security hasn't been compromised.

On the flip side, if you are a starting acolyte for the Cult, you can easily set up some fake job changes to hand out all access to your brethren.

Light Bulb.pngTips

  • Different permissions on an ID let you edit different types of access:

ID Console - Can edit any access, including command, and lets you change assignments/jobs.
HoS Office - Can edit any security access.
CMO Office - Can edit any medbay access.
RD Office - Can edit any research access.
CE Office - Can edit any engineering access.
HoP Office - Can edit any general and supply access.

  • As a fail-safe, you can remove your own ID console access after granting it to a special blank card. This should slow people down who attempt to use your stolen ID to hand out all-access.
  • A good tactic is to have three ID cards on you. One ID is you general ID card (but with ID Console access removed), a second blank card is your hidden all-access ID card (with ID Console access removed), and the final card is you actual ID Console access card. Hide or place your two special access cards somewhere (one of your ID Card boxes helps) and shuffle the deck. This will make it extremely hard for anyone who killed you to figure out which card is the all-access.
  • Another tactic to avoid antags from getting all-access is to first: make an ID specifically with ID console access. Then, take ID console access out of your ID. Place the ID console ID, once you're done with it, in the box of IDs you spawn with. This makes it extremely difficult to find the ID.
  • Asking for paperwork will defeat most all access asking shitters. It will also teach them the joys of asking the department's head of staff instead of you for menial access additions.
  • You can heal Ian by applying bruise packs to him.
  • Watch your doors in case people want to break into your office while you are giving out access.
  • Don't open the front windoor, just use its auto open function so it closes before the greytide can climb onto the table and steal your ID from the console.

Doubleagent.gif Inhuman Resources

NOTE: By default, the Head of Personnel cannot be an antagonist.

Short of a Chief Engineer tasked with stealing his own blueprints, traitor HoP is the easiest traitor job on the station. Give yourself all-access, use cargo for free guns, try to become acting captain and turn the station into your personal playground of terror.

You can do a few fun things:

  • Voice Changer can allow you to fake any kind of crisis if the AI isn't a problem. Come up with 5 names, switch between the IDs, have them yelling about nuclear ops/wizard/blob for a quick shuttle call.
  • If you manage to become a Captain, buy an Emag, swipe it along the communications console and send a message to the Syndicate for special Captain Traitor objectives.
  • If you depose the Captain you can all but put Security under your thumb. But be wary to not get on the nerves of the Head of Security, he's the only person on the station who would dare to confront the Captain and win.
  • Buying a Syndicate Encryption Key can be an easy way to cause chaos, as the HoP speaking with other syndicates and giving them all access can easily let them take over the station.
  • Don't be too obvious in giving other traitors/antags all access. The moment security/the Captain finds someone with all access they will instantly figure out who gave it to them, AKA you!

Jobs on Beestation


Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Brig Physician, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Civilian Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Assistant, Lawyer, Gimmick
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Clockwork Cultist, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Sentient Disease, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Heretics
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian, Lavaland Role