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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Wherever you can break into or teleport to.
Difficulty: HARD
Supervisors: F̸̪̞͊͒̉ǒ̴͓̘r̸̲̮̎̾͝ǵ̶͙̭̅͝ọ̴͊̓̀t̷̬̋͗͒t̶͍̓̑̕e̵̩͓͆͂̌n̴̡͚̦͌̀͠ ̸͈̼̠̾͑g̵̟͚̖̽̈͗ő̸͌͘ͅd̸̨͙͕̅s̵̹̜͈̓̊
Duties: Find influences, notice they all have been taken. Sacrifice people and ascend as a vessel of your god
Guides: This is the guide.

"Forgotten, devoured, gutted. Humanity has forgotten the eldritch forces of decay, but the mansus veil has weakened. We will make them taste fear again..."

So you're a heretic? Well, get ready for some magic and battle. Grab those influences, make some sacrifices, and ascend to godhood.

The Mansus Opens

You are a nasty little bookworm in search of truth and power, and you have arrived on a station ripe with opportunities. The ultimate goal of a heretic, aside from completing their standard traitor objectives, is to gain power points to unlock their abilities.

You can increase your power in two ways: harvesting magic energies from the eldritch influences around the station, or by sacrificing any crew members your dark patrons may hunger for. To aid this task, you start with two items and a spell:

  • Heretic forbidden book.png The Codex Cicatrix, used to research.
  • Heart.png The Living Heart, used to transmute and find your targets, allows you to select from three targets.
  • Mansus grasp.gif Mansus Grasp, a modular spell with a 15 second cooldown, that mutes, causes knockdown, major stamina damage aswell as some Brute. You also can lay and remove transmutation runes by using this in your hand. It gains additional beneficial effects with certain knowledges you can research.

All of these are critical to your ascension, so don't lose them, and keep them hidden from security!

Reality fracture.gif Influences

Influences are the easy way to gain power points. Whenever there are heretics aboard Space Station 13, influences will randomly spawn across the station at the start of the round. Initially, influences flicker with bursts of energy similar to electricity, have randomized names, and can only be seen by heretics. To harvest an influence, simply hit it with your codex and remain still for a short period. After being harvested, the influence will lose it's electric-like bursts, gain a yellow glow with a rainbow border originating from the middle, change their name to pierced reality, and become visible to the entire crew disappearing after 15 minutes. Influences can only be harvested once, so don't waste time trying to collect those that other heretics have already taken!

Reality fracture harvested.gif An already harvested influence, will disappear after 15 minutes have passed. Notice the glow.

Heretic forbidden book.png Codex Cicatrix

Once you have some power points, it's time to research! Simply use your codex in-hand to open the research menu and spend your points on abilities. The research menu forms a branching tree (see below), and your first selection will be to commit to a path that defines your initial abilities and final ascension. You can earn abilities from other paths to a limited degree, but overall your chosen path will heavily influence your playstyle.

Heretic rune.png Transmutation

Eventually, you'll need to start using proper magics. By using your mansus inhand, you'll begin to draw a transmutation rune. These runes are green and take up a 3x3 area, and while they can go under other objects, it's best to keep them clear for transmutation purposes. You can remove runes by hitting them with your mansus grasp again, and freely use other heretics' runes. To transmute, simply click the rune with an empty hand while the appropriate object(s) are on top of it, making sure that nothing else is in the way.

The most important use of your rune is sacrificing. To get a sacrifice target, drop your living heart onto a rune and transmute it with nothing else present, making sure your codex is in your inventory. You'll be given a list of targets to choose from, and can then squeeze your living heart by using it in-hand to get a vague idea of where your chosen target is. Kill them, drag them back to a rune, and transmute their body to messily sacrifice them and earn two power points.

Between influences and sacrifices, you'll eventually unlock more and more abilities; the last ability will be your ascension, which gives you massively powerful benefits or transformations. Once you've ascended, all that's left is to unleash your fury upon the crew! Use all of your powers to slaughter everybody who dares stand up to you, or just bask in your dark glory.

Heretic blade.png Heretic Blade

The Heretic Blade will be your first unlocked research. It can be created by transmuting a common knife or equivalent with a secondary ingredient based on your path, and serves as a powerful melee weapon and can be broken for an emergency teleport to a random part of the station. As with the Mansus Grasp, your blade will be upgraded by your research over time. If you lose your blade, simply transmute a new one.

Paths of The Mansus

There are different aspects of the arcane to which you can devote yourself. While all rituals and spells can be learned, your first and most important choice will decide how your weapon Heretic blade.png and grasp Mansus grasp.gif will evolve, and how your final ascension will transform you.

Path Name Description
Path of Ash Nightwatcher's secret The Path of Ash revolves around fire, mobility, crowd control and being a sneaky fucker that can jaunt while handcuffed. It grants the most forgiving abilities for a new heretic, such as the aforementioned jaunt and a potential mass heal, and is highly recommended for first-timers. It doesn't have the most powerful abilities until the later game, but it is still enjoyable. Ascending gives you the power to burn down the station in a living tornado of flame.
Path of Rust Blacksmith's Tale The Path of Rust is about healing, corruption and brute forcing through all obstacles, at the cost of stealth. Rust gives you abilities that can one shot silicons, fry any electronics, destroy any turfs and take down any non-living being, while creating rusted tiles and healing while standing on them. Rust also grants access to some pretty powerful spells, making it a difficulty middle ground. Ascending grants you unparalleled healing and survivability.
Path of Flesh Principle of Hunger The Path of Flesh focuses on resurrection and summoning player-controlled minions. Heretics on this path gain almost no offensive or defensive abilities and rely heavily on stockpiling corpses, but Flesh offers many fun and powerful tools to those who can make it to the end, making it the hardest path overall for inexperienced heretics. Ascending allows you to shed your human form and become something much greater.


Below is a table with all your abilities. Upon choosing a path, you begin at the top of the tree, moving straight downwards; the first few abilities you unlock are thus based on your path. However, some abilities are located between paths, and can be unlocked by moving sideways once you're adjacent to them. With enough points, you can theoretically unlock all of these 'neutral' abilities, as well as dipping into other paths' abilities, but you can only ever unlock one Mark and one Blade/Steel ability, and you can only unlock the ascension that matches your starting path.

In the below tree, dark colored abilities can only be obtained by starting on the corresponding path, green abilities are "neutral" abilities that you can use to cross paths, and light colored abilities can be earned by any path by first going through the neutral ones.

Heretic forbidden book.png The Heretic Ability Tree Heretic forbidden book.png

Path of Ash Path of Flesh Path of Rust
Locksmith's Secret Principle of Hunger Blacksmith's Tale
Ash blade.png
Follow the ashen path.
Transmute a knife with a match for an ashen blade.
Flesh blade.png
Follow the flesh path.
Transmute a knife and a pool of blood into a flesh blade.
Rust blade.png
Follow the rust path.
Transmute a knife and a trash item into a rusty blade.
Grasp of Ash Grasp of Flesh Grasp of Rust
Mansus grasp.gif
Your mansus grasp now blinds opponents.
Mansus grasp.gif
Your mansus grasp now raises dead players into ghouls, ONCE per player. They look like husks and have 25 HP.
Mansus grasp.gif
Your mansus grasp now deal 500 damage to inorganic matter. Rusts any surface it's used on, and destroys any surface that is already rusty.
Priest's Ritual Ashen Shift Ashen Eyes Imperfect Ritual Armorer’s ritual Leeching Walk Priest's Ritual
Heretic flask.png
Transmute a tank of water into a flask(50u) of eldritch water. Heals a bit of everything, harms others a bit in everything.
Ashen shift.gif
A jaunt spell that makes you immaterial and pass through walls.
Very short duration, you will only manage 5-6 tiles in a straight line.
Heretic medallion.png
Transmute a shard of glass with eyes organ to produce an amulet of heatvision.
You can see better in the dark, and can see living beings through walls.
Transmute a corpse and a poppy into a voiceless death: mute ghouls with 50hp, but no voice.
Limit of 2 at a time.
Heretic armor.gif
Transmute a table (built) and a gasmask to create a suit of armor. The suit more or less halves damage received.
Rusty wall.png
You slowly heal while standing on rusted tiles.
Heretic flask.png
Transmute a tank of water into a flask(50u) of eldritch water. Heals a bit of everything, harms others a bit in everything.
Mark of Ash Mark of Flesh Mark of Rust
Ash blade.png
Your mansus applies ash marks on touch. Attack a marked person with your blade to deal stamina damage and burning.
The burning spreads to other people, becoming a bit stronger each time.
Flesh blade.png
Your mansus applies flesh marks on touch. Attack a marked person with your blade to make them bleed profusely.
Rust blade.png
Your mansus applies rust marks on touch. Attack a marked person with your blade to deal 0-200 damage to items they are carrying.
Guise of Istasha Mask of Madness Curse of Alteration Raw Ritual Blood Siphon Aggressive Spread Guise of Istasha
Heretic medallion.png
Transmute a circuit board and a glass shard into a digital camouflage amulet. It will make it impossible for the ai to see you through cameras when worn.
Mad mask.png
Transmute a pair of eyes, a screwdriver and a pool of blood to create a Mask of Madness. It causes passive stamina damage and hallucinations to everyone around the wearer. Can be forced on a non believer to make him unable to take it off...
Transmute a knife, pool of blood, left and right leg, a hatchet and an item that the victim touched to curse them for 5 minutes of leg paralysis.
Raw prophet.png
Transmute eyes, a left arm, right arm and a pool of blood into a Raw Prophet. Raw prophets have increased seeing range, as well as Xray. But are very fragile and weak.
Blood siphon.gif
A touch spell that steals a bit of life from others to heal you.
Spreads rust to nearby turfs. Destroys already rusted walls.
Heretic medallion.png
Transmute a circuit board and a glass shard into a digital camouflage amulet. It will make it impossible for the ai to see you through cameras when worn.
Fiery Blade Bleeding Steel Toxic Blade
Ash blade.png
Your blade adds firestacks to those you attack.
Flesh blade.png
Your blade causes additional bleeding to those you attack.
Rust blade.png
Your blade causes toxic damage to those you attack.
Cleave Fiery Rebirth Ashen Ritual Lonely Ritual Rusted Ritual Entropic Plume Cleave
A ranged spell that gives bleeding wounds to the target and those around them.
Drains nearby alive people that are engulfed in flames. It heals 10 of each damage type per person. If a person is in critical condition it finishes them off.
Transmute a pile of ash, a head and a book to summon an ashman. Ashmen have ashen shift, and a spell that lets them send off a great wave of fire.
Transmute a knife, a flower, a pen and a piece of paper to summon a Stalker. Stalkers can shapeshift into different creatures to blend in, inheriting their stats.
Rust walker.png
Transmute a vomit pool, a head and a book to summon a Rust Walker. Rust walkers can walk around and shoot waves of rust.
Entropic Plume.png
Spews forth a disorienting plume that causes enemies to strike each other, briefly blinds them and poisons them. Also spreads rust in the path of the plume.
A ranged spell that gives bleeding wounds to the target and those around them.
Ashlord's Rite Priest’s Final Hymn Rustbringer’s Oath
Heretic rune.png Decal fire.png
Transmute 3 corpses to ascend and become immune to fire/cold and space. You gain two spells: to surround yourself with fire for a minute, and to send off a massive fire wave like ashmen.
Heretic rune.png Terror of the night armsy.png
Transmute 3 corpses to ascend as Lord of the night or summon a terror of the night.
Heretic rune.png Rusty reinforced wall.png
Transmute 3 corpses to ascend. While on rust tiles, your healing is tripled. Rust also spreads from the ritual's rune.
Heretic rune.png


  • Remember that you first need to get a target before you can do any sacrificing... to get a target use your living heart to identify and track them then bring them in any condition to a rune.(people seem to think you can just sacrifice anybody you kill)
  • You may reroll your targets with a certain ritual.
  • If you ever lose your Codex, you can transmute a new one by combining a bible, human skin, a pen and a pair of eyes.
  • If you ever lose your Living Heart, you can transmute a new one by combining a normal heart, a poppy (check the chapel!) and a blood splatter.
  • If your transmutations are failing, make sure your codex is on your person!
  • Many unlockable transmutations require body parts or whole corpses. You can get these from your victims, as well as by raiding the Morgue, or with the correct access, turning monkeys into catatonic humans.
  • A Knife counts as any of the following items: Kitchen knife, Bone dagger, Survival Knife, Combat knife, Carrot shiv, Butchers cleaver, Venom knife, Ritual knife and shank. Any of them can be used to create your heretic blade.
  • Even if you never fight other heretics, you're inherently at odds with them. Each influence can only be harvested once, so the heretic that goes the fastest and grabs the most influences first has to do less killing and sacrificing to reach their ascensions.
  • As a heretic, access is more important than ever! The more areas you can easily access, the more influences you'll be able to snag. Getting all access can be a godsend, and knowing how to either hack or talk your way into other departments can help you beat other heretics to the free points.
  • Even after ascension, you aren't completely invincible. Don't get too hasty and end up eating a barrage of deadly lasers to the face.
  • Silicons are unable to see your powers and Influences, use this to your advantage.

As any student of Histories knows, the Mansus has no walls.

Mortals have classified the Mansus into three loosely-defined Paths.

Ash, Flesh, Void and Rust.

We bid you Ẅ̸̻̰̗͍̪͔́̌̕ḛ̴͔̖̈̀͒l̶͚͇̺̤̊̀̽͒̚͘c̴̭̮̐͛͛̈́o̵̱̹̔̊̏̽̅́̏ṃ̶̓͐́̋͝e̵̛̺̬͉͘͜ to our *̶̨̩̣̥͇̜̼̫̍̊̅̑̑͒̏̔̚@̵̄̎̏̍̈̒̓͜£̵̡̧̜̹͔̖̘̪̮͔̈́̇̋̌̽͠"̷̢̧͚̜̫̜͈͇̮̮͎̆́̽̐̌͜͝ͅ#̷̢̢͍̰̭̺̠̮̟̟̓̈́̊͊̀̓̿͐̓̀̎͜͠%̶̰͉̙̜̝͕͔̘͗̎̾̈́̉̈́̀̓͊̆͘̕#̸̢͙̤̯̏͗̉͛̚͝}̴͖̭̤̣̦̀͗͜€̷̨̳͓͈̣̹̘͕̬̝̓́̾͑̚̚¤̷̧̢̢͖̻̘͕͍̮̰̘͉͕̻͇̀̄̈́̓̕̚

Jobs on Beestation


Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist, Geneticist, Exploration Crew
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Brig Physician, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime
Civilian Assistant, Lawyer, Chaplain, Curator, Gimmick
Cargo Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Clockwork Cultist, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Heretics, Space Dragon
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian, Lavaland Role
Antagtemp.png Game Modes on beestation





Nuclear Emergency




Blood Cult

Clockwork slab.gif

Clockwork Cult



Heretic forbidden book.png


Nt display.png

Other Modes