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Chief Medical Officer
Access: All Medical Departments, Bridge, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Brig
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Coordinate doctors and other medbay employees, ensure they know how to save lives and use the cryo chamber, check for injuries on the crew monitor.
Guides: Guide to genetics, Virology 101, Guide to medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Traumas, Guide to chemistry, Chemical recipes, Chain of Command, Standard Operating Procedure, Head of Staff Equipment
Quote: Oh wow, an unknown person in an unknown place is dead. Suit sensors save lives people!

Bare minimum requirements:

  • Know how to perform Surgery, and ensure all possible steps are taken to ensure procedures are successful
  • Know how to do at least basic Chemistry
  • Understand and enforce safety protocols in and around Virology
  • Know how to monitor crew via console and hound them to turn their suit sensors up
  • Ensure that the doctors and paramedics know how to care for the patients they receive, and teach them if they don't

House, MD

Depending on how busy the medbay is, you may have some spare time to dick around with now and then. You can spend this time pretty much however you want, whether you want to chill in the bar, or prompt people for genetic scans and experimentation.

At some point, you might have your Virologist ask you for a Virus Crate, since you're the only one who can unlock it. If you're feeling wary about their abilities, ask them to come up with a vaccine for a simple disease first, like the flu. After a little while, he might end up with a beneficial virus that he wants to release. Make sure you tell him to run this by you first, and double-check his work before giving him the green light. If he releases one without telling you, immediately take a blood sample from an infected person and scan it in the pandemic machine in Virology. If it only has good symptoms, commend them on their work, then yell at them to run it by you first in the future. If the disease has bad symptoms, tell the other heads immediately and start passing out the cure to people en masse.

Crew Monitoring

Thanks to recent technological advancements, the heads of staff and AI are no longer the only ones who can access the crew monitoring system. In addition to the stationary consoles at the bridge and your office, each med-vendor comes stocked with several portable crew monitors that can be used by anyone once grabbed from the vendor by someone with a medical ID. If people have their sensors turned on, you can check if they're alive or dead (if Binary Vital Signs are on), what their health levels are (with Vital Trackers on), and even where they are (with Tracking Beacons on). Periodically check these monitors for people to heal or clone and send one of your doctors to them. You may even catch a murder in progress with this! Medbay has plenty of these laying around, so if a crew member like the Detective asks for one, feel free to oblige them. Remember that there's a vendor in Virology that only you and the Virologist will ever really use, so feel free to raid it for monitoring consoles and other supplies.

If someone shows up as deceased but you don't know where they are, you can ask the AI to assist you.


This is your chance to shine. You have a biohazard suit inside of your office. USE IT. Then consult the Virologist and Chemist. The virologist should make vaccines, and the chemists should divide them into individual pills. Vaccinate the medical personnel and quarantine the infected. Administer the drugs, keep people alive. Make sure medbay and all its equipment are sterile and blood-free. Your Medical Doctors should be helping with this, if they're not all busy trying on costumes, getting drunk, or seducing each other.


This is your ultimate medical tool and your lifeline. Overall, it is an instant injector (dealing bursts of 1/5/15 units, with a fill limit of 30 units). It starts with 30 units of Omnizine, which heals all four main damage types (brute, burn, oxygen and toxin). The Hypospray is best suited for emergencies where you're too busy to dig around for patches and pills. You can empty the Hypospray by using a syringe to extract its contents, or alt-clicking it.

Compact Defibrillator

The Compact Defibrillator functions identically to the big bulky defibrillators that spawn in medbay storage with one key difference: Whereas the normal defibs are as big as backpacks and have to be put on your back to function, this is small enough to fit into a backpack and clips to your belt instead. This smaller size allows the Compact Defib to be much more versatile and useful than it's larger brother since you can deploy it on the spot anywhere, rather than dragging the body all the way to medbay for defibbing, or lugging a bulky defibrillator to the patient. Also like the normal defibs, this comes equipped with a 10kw power cell, which is enough for 10 charges. Make sure to recharge it from time to time, or bug R&D for a 30kw hyper-capacity cell so you'll (almost) never have to worry about charging it again. Whatever you do, don't lose it or leave it in your locker, since it is incredibly useful and doesn't take up much space.


Runtime is your pet cat who starts her day in your office, and most likely never leaves your office (unless R&D is fucking around with the E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR). She lounges around, sipping on expensive space milk, meowing and mewing all day long. It's the best life a space cat can have, and she is all yours to snuggle with and pet. Some say she is not important, as Ian is the most important pet they say (how dare they), but this is simply not true. While Ian may have more abilities like wearing things, Runtime is a space cat, who don't need no human. She is there because she allows it.


  • The Hypospray can hold any chem and doesn't need to be refilled with omnizine. Try placing orders for different healing mixes with your chemists.
  • You start with a defibrillator mount in your locker. Put it in near the stasis beds. The mount is super useful in that it means you don't have to equip it on your back to wield the paddles. You just have to click the mount, and ta-da, the paddles come out.
  • Runtime absolutely massacres mice, so if there's a horde of the buggers chewing up wires, just manhandle it into maintenance.
  • Consider dedicating one of your jumpsuit pockets to a Handheld Crew Monitor. As long as you keep the monitor equipped, the monitoring window will remain active on your screen
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