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Research Director
Access: All Research Departments, Genetics, Robotics, Morgue, Bridge, Research Director's Office, Teleporter, AI Upload, Gateway, Brig, Mineral Storage, Tech Storage
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Supervise research efforts, ensure Robotics is in working order, make sure the AI and its Cyborgs aren't rogue, replacing them if they are
Guides: Guide to Research and Development, Guide to toxins, Guide to xenobiology, Guide to telescience, Guide to genetics, Guide to robotics, E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR, Chain of Command, Guide to construction, Head of Staff Equipment, Guide to Nanites
Quote: Nobody has seen the scientist who was working with the E.X.P.E.R.I.-MENTOR lately, the Toxins lab is gone and took my office with it, R&D looks like a bizarro town of machines and Robotics has enough firepower to take over the station. Oh, and something locked itself into Xenobiology but we haven't figured out yet what it is.

So you're going to be the caretaker of a bunch of lobotomy patients with access to some of the most dangerous things on the station! This is a brief overview of the Research Director's job, what he or she will inevitably face and how they can overcome adversity.

Research Division
The halls of SCIENCE!

Bare minimum requirements: Upgrade important Medbay equipment, know who has 6 maxcap bombs, and know how to deal with the silicons if they become less than friendly

Get It All Together

As the Research Director, your job is obviously to direct research. You have access to all things scientific.

Your Office

Your Office
The office of SCIENCE!

You arrive on the station inside your office next to toxins mixing. You have the front seat if when it catches on fire. So sit back and enjoy the view. Remember that you have two of the most important consoles on the station - the AI integrity restorer and Robotics Control consoles. Guard them with your life. In your office you have:

  • An AI System Restorer (Revives dead AIs)
  • A Robotics Control console (AI is rogue, blow the borgs!)
  • An Exosuit Control console
  • A camera monitor for supervising your laboratories
  • Teleporter and AI Core circuit boards
  • An Intellicard (Download the AI from its core, wipe it if it's rogue, steal it if you're rogue)
  • A pAI
  • A locker stocked with some alternate outfits and a flash
  • A Reactive Teleporter Armor (Remember to turn it on before wearing)
  • Your pet facehugger, Lamarr

You may wish to periodically check how many cyborgs there are on the robotics console and if any are no longer slaved to an AI, or has stopped functioning.

Directing Research 101

Scientists will be your primary subordinates. They will be working with the R&D, Toxins, and Xenobiology laboratories. You may want to ensure that all three labs are manned by assigning your scientists roles at the start of the shift. Toxins and xenobio labs usually don't need more than one scientist working there at a time, unless they're requesting help. Familiarize yourself with all sub-departments of Science and be prepared to fill in when something is needed.

Periodically sync the research computer in R&D so Robotics has access to the latest data. This also backs up your research data to the server, so if something happens to the research console the data can be easily restored. DO NOT FORGET THIS!

Don't forget to check on the Roboticists every now and again to ensure they are doing their jobs which is building and maintaining cyborgs, bots, and exosuits. Sync their research console if they haven't already, as well as their fabricators. Make sure they aren't building combat mechs without authorization, and try to convince them to put tracking beacons on their creations.

Geneticists have the habit of monkeying themselves or abusing superpowers. If they manage to bypass your supervision and start abusing their powers, notify security immediately and have them stripped of rank.

What does this funny armor do?

There is a Reactive Teleporter Armor in your locker - It is both a fantastic tool and a hilarious deathtrap. When it is activated, any physical contact (Hugging, stripping, grabbing, hitting) will cause the armor to shunt you away in a random direction. While can be incredibly useful, it can also be incredibly dangerous if you're near space. It can easily fling you out into the void, so be mindful of when you keep it on or off.


Inside the display case in your office is a surgically modified facehugger. It can no longer kill and implant its embryos inside a host body, but it still feels the need to leap on anyone in reach. It's usually best kept in its case.

There's No I In Team

Your official responsibility is to ensure that nobody does anything they shouldn’t. This means making sure the Geneticists don’t turn the Captain into a monkey, that Roboticists don’t kidnap and borg the Clown, that Xenobio doesn't spawn angry mobs everywhere, that R&D doesn't see what happens when they put two bags of holding together, and that Toxins does not destroy the Station.

Do not try to stop Toxins from igniting itself; if they are stupid enough to set themselves on fire, no amount of shouting or threatening will stop them from doing so. As long as the fire is contained to Toxins, nobody gets hurt.

Nobody important, anyway.

Computer Maintenance And You

In the event of AI damage or deactivation, there is a computer in your office which can be used to restore and repair its systems. Simply put an IntelliCard loaded with an AI into the console and start the process. The AI should be functional again at 50% integrity. This is a long process, but it is still usually better than having no AI at all.

In addition, it is possible to build a new AI from the circuit also found in your office. Using plasteel and glass, it is constructed just like any other computer up until the human brain is inserted (only if you want a new AI, else you'll get an empty core you can transfer existing AIs into). Keep the existence of the human component hush-hush! It's a trade secret! Please be aware that a freshly constructed AI comes with the default Asimov laws, unless you put a law circuit with a different lawset in during construction.

ROGUE AI – When the Spotlight Shines Your Way

The Robotics Control in your office will be your primary weapon against the deadly worldwide gangster communist frankenstein computer god! Using it, you can lock and detonate cyborgs, as well as view their relevant stats: This includes charge, selected module, operational status, and arguably most importantly, their status as slaved or otherwise to the AI(s). An unslaved Cyborg almost always warrants investigation if you have not received a notice from Robotics about unslaving a borg!

If you have reason to believe a cyborg is rogue, lock it down so you can find the cyborg and check its wiring. You can also deconstruct the borg frame in entirety to retrive and question the MMI, although whether or not it cooperates varies heavily. Only detonate the borg as a last resort - And even when you are considering doing so, remember that the detonation is a rather powerful explosion can severely injure nearby humans. Under no circumstances are you to waste valuable equipment to paranoia or rumors.


There are three types of rogue silicons that you should be familiar with. Each has a slew of different options regarding how you can deal with it.

  • Subverted: A traitor (Or unscrupulous Captain) has used either a Freeform module of a Hacked Law Module to upload a law (or several) that is dangerous to the crew
    • Subverted AIs can be fixed very easily via using a Purge and Default board on an Upload Console.
    • Subverted AIs cannot hack their cyborgs
    • Subverted AIs can be downloaded to an Intellicard
  • Traitor: The AI was supplied with a Zeroth law to acomplish it's objectives. This law cannot be removed.
    • Traitor AIs cannot be turned into normal AIs. Capture/destruction is the only option.
    • Traitor AIs can hack their cyborgs.
    • Traitor AIs can be downloaded onto an Intellicard.
  • Malfunctioning: The AI has an irremovable hacked law and the ability to hack APCs. It can access several special powers by spending it's CPU.
    • Malfunctioning AIs cannot be fixed. They must be destroyed. They can and will shunt into a hacked APC before dying, requiring you to deconstruct the APC (ENTIRELY) to finish it off.
    • Malfunctioning AIs can hack their cyborgs.
    • Malfunctioning AIs have grown too strong and cannot be downloaded onto an Intellicard.

AI Overpopulation: The Core Circuit And You

Whether to reduce the load on primary AI, circumvent AFKing players, increase your chances of survival during AI malfunction or just to increase information chaos, with this nifty AI Core circuit board found in your office and some additional components, you can make a second, working AI. Be sure to place it near an intercom or radio and you now have two working AIs on the station.


  • Lamarr can be used for internals.
  • If you are doing particularly dangerous research with a particularly untrustworthy science team, remember that you can delete each technology from each server. Once research is complete, it's perfectly alright for you to enter that alcove of mysterious computers and superchilled air to delete the mech weapons from the Robotics server.
  • You can restore dead AIs using the AI system integrity restorer consoles! There's one in the RD office, and one DIRECTLY TO THE RIGHT OF THE AI UPLOAD FOYER. That's right! When your AI dies, you don't have to fart around and say "uh, so, like, should we call the shuttle or something? or build a new one? herp?" Just use an intellicard on the destroyed AI core and slot it into the console! Wow! You're a helpful little furless monkey!
  • Unlike what some Roboticists say, they answer to the RD. If they are too stubborn to remember that, make some time to demote them and ensure they don't go on a vengeful mech rampage later. Otherwise, sync your research often, and go check on 'em to eventually congratulate them on their job.
  • The two non computer parts of a teleporter use telecrystals in their design, so you can get more than enough for max telesci by cannibalizing one of the abandoned ones in space.
  • Sync up before upgrading your machines in RnD.
  • If you have an assistant or extra Science crew, give one a RPED full of parts for said machines and a screwdriver, then send them to Medical to be useful. Fully upgraded clones spit out perfect clones. No brain damage, no defects.
Jobs on Beestation

Command Captain, Head of Personnel
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