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  • Purpose: Cloning the dead and researching for superhuman abilities
  • Security level: Medium

Genetics is usually has purple RnD color tiles and a purple "GENE" sign. The lab contains two DNA scanners with consoles. These are maned by two geneticists who discover and distribute mutations. You can learn more about genetic manipulation here. Every lab comes with a pen of monkeys that is used for horrific genetic experimentation. But some pens are jungle themed! So, it works out you see. The main lab falls under the RD's jurisdiction.

The medical cloning pod "room" is usually nearby. The blue tiles and “CLONE” sign also signify that this part is in the CMO's domain. Mostly used by the M.D.s. Contains the DNA scanner with the cloning pod. When patients are too damaged or if the only thing left is the brain cloning is used to "revive” them. When a person is cloned, they forget the last 15 minutes of their life. Learn about medical here. It also usually contains a locker of spare clothes and a shower for easy plasma man cloning.


FlandStation's genetics department is split into the usual cloning and research divisions. It is located at North West of Medbay and enjoys relative tranquility from the gore and pain that happens in the rest of the department. To the North is the Genetics desk where the the crew can come to ask for superpowers that you will deny (or not). A Maintenance access can be found West in case you need to seek refuge or for friends to come visit you and ask you to reconsider about the powers you denied earlier. The cloning room has a shower, making it easier to clone plasmamen.

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