Corporate Showroom

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Command Area
Corporate Showroom
Obvious exits North and South to Central Primary Hallway
Purpose Show off the wealth and knowledge of the corporation that feeds and clothes you, space peasant!
Access level Bridge Access
Noteworthy contents A nuclear bomb replica, cigars, drone fabricator, mech and combat cyborg replicas, cyborg parts, the red phone, mixed goodies
Clearance Captain
Security level Maximum
Style Vault
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
Jobstemp.png Locations on beestation

Located in the center of the station, the Corporate Showroom's main purpose is to inspire you to achieve greatness and motivate the crew to be excellent, and grow human knowledge about the cosmos.

Of course, as the crew is mainly composed of shaved monkeys and talking iguanas the station will inevitably degenerate into a barren metal husk of rusted iron and foaming chemicals. Luckily, CentCom is mildy iffed by how many stations they have recently had to replace, so a repair drone assemler has been delivered. Unluckily, it was deployed here, out of access from most of the crew.

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