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This is an index-page for finding guides related to aspects of development and contributing to the game. Guides will be linked with a short description of what they are about.

Feel free to add to this page if you have any resources that may help aspiring developers. It is recommended you keep guides within the bounds of this wiki.

For design direction and coding guidelines, see


Contribution guides
General Development, Downloading the source code / hosting a server, Guide to git, Game resources category, Guide to changelogs
Database (MySQL) Setting up the database, MySQL
Coding Understanding SS13 code, SS13 for experienced programmers, Binary flagsā€Ž, Text Formatting, Guide to signals
Mapping Guide to mapping, Map merger, Exploration Ruins
Spriting Guide to spriting
Wiki Guide to contributing to the wiki, Wikicode




  • Working with the database - Setting up a local database for testing purposes, very useful for testing persistence and reducing development time.
  • Guide to git - Using git command line, as well as dealing with merge conflicts and using mapmerge/dmimerge


  • Guide to spriting - How to create sprites for the game. This is fairly outdated, however.