Exploration Shuttle

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This is the exploration shuttle, this is what the explorers operate out of and contains everything an explorer needs to do their job besides their hard suits which they need to grab from their dock first. In most stations the shuttle is fairly standard and repeated unless you are on pubby in which case the exploration shuttle is massive as fuck. It contains a few vital things you need to keep safe in order to do your job, The plasma refiner that fuels your engine so your ship can function, and the exploration shuttle console, if either of these are broken by an asteroid or by an asshole. If you have the small and compact exploration shuttle you can expand it by destroying all the walls and doors not directly connected to the airlock or the outside of space. I say it is highly recommended that you destroy the exploration shuttle console that is at station so that people cannot strand you there at a ruin. I also recommend taking your vendor with you on your missions so you can use your points immediately.

In the event of the station becoming uninhabitable you may want to do the as before mentioned things if you want to be able to progress and actually do shit.