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Manfred Hayden, the Atmospheric Technician says:
"Hey, you should probably read the Guide to Atmospherics!"

This is atmospherics, Atmospheric Technicians work here. This great city of pipes and gas, also known as Atmosia, tries to ensures that the station stays filled with breathable air. Here, you will find pipes, computers, more pipes, atmospheric equipment, the Fireaxe, even more pipes, large gas reservoirs and canisters. All gasses on the station are stored here and later redistributed. Most systems, like the distribution of air to the station and the collection of waste gasses from the scrubber are automatic, with only a few that need looking after. However, these system are far from being optimized!

The only people that should be here are the Chief Engineer, Atmospheric Technician or the Engineer on skeleton crew.

Yet, some people do come here for other reasons, like to dump bodies, charge a bomb's O₂ tank, plant a power sink, get O₂ for jet packs, steal CO₂ canisters to manually flood the station, bunker down during a revolution, start a cult, build a computer forest, try to do fusion or flood the station with harmful gasses.

In case you don't aspire to do anything like that, make sure to check out the Guide to Atmospherics!

Yonder Atmosia

The city of pipes and air, a peaceful place often left to its automatic work. You get here either through through the engineering foyer to the west or maintenance from the north. It is surrounded by space to the south and east. There is an airlock in the lower right corner which heads into cold, dead space. You can quickly get to the AI Satellite to the south with it, though. You will find the canister storage to the left of Atmospherics.

The Turbine is seperated on this map from the rest of Atmospherics. You can reach it by going north into maintenance, then go east and travel further down south until you reach the turbine. Since it is not often visited, it makes for an ideal hideout for certain individuals.

Functionally similar to BoxStation

While functionally similar to Box, it is worth noting that the Engineering Foyer up north separates the Supermatter from atmospherics, making atmospherics relatively safe from outside damage. You have a small canister storage in the north west corner, which also contains consoles for air alarms and such. In the upper right corner you will meet the part of Atmosia that actually supplies air to the station. Or, depending on who you are, any other (harmful) gas of your choice.

On this station, the turbine is located south west, where the black pipe is leading to. This is also the only other entrance next to the Foyer up north. The gas reservoirs to the east and south are located in space.

This station also comes with a half built auxilliary gas chamber, reached through the airlock to the south east. Who build it and why is unknown. Only real atmosian masters actually know its possible uses, if any.

Stuck between Engineering and a hard Crystal

Delta's Atmospherics is, unlike in other stations, not seperated from Engineering but rather surrounded by it. One of only two ways to enter the Supermatter to the north is by heading through Atmospherics, the other one leading through maintenance to the east. To the south is the engineering foyer and the CE's office.

Atmospherics is quite big on this station, with a lot of room to fulfill all of your pipe dreams. In the middle of it you will find a small room with a suit storage unit, Atmospheric Technicians lockers and the fireaxe. The distro loop and waste input are in a seperate room to the south west. The waste loop flows in a counter-clockwise fashion through Atmosia.

The turbine is in the upper left corner. You can directly feed it from atmos and thus, it can quickly be set up as an emergency generator in case things go wrong with the Supermatter. In the south east corner you will find the canister storage, aswell as consoles to monitor air and power alarms. You can also check the status of the Supermatter on the upper console.

A small department for a small station

On this station, the cozy and compact department is arranged in a counter-clockwise manner. Starting in the top left with the nitrogen miner and ending at the bottom right with the waste input pipe and the distribution pipe. You can enter from the engineering foyer on the upper right, where the canister storage is located. Before you enter Atmosia proper, there is a small room with suit storages and the lockers for the Atmospheric Technicians. Or you can enter through maintenance in the upper left corner.

Like on Pubby, the turbine is right next to atmospherics. It is accessed through the bottom left airlock. Right next to it there is an airlock through which you can head into Space.

The Supermatter chamber is situated directly to the right of the department. If it were to delam, which is something our competent engineers would never allow, expect damage to the distribution and waste loop as well as superficial damage on some gas reservoirs, mainly the mix chamber and plasma.

Now with EVEN MORE space!

You can access Atmospherics through the north foyer, from the right or through maintenance in the lower left corner. The NT Station Engineering Division came up with the grand innovation of not putting the gas reservoirs in space, but rather building them into the station. As such, any breach will lead to Atmospherics being flooded. The turbine is situated east accross a hallway (just follow the black pipe).

The distro output is located in the North-East, which can quickly be accessed from all sides. This differentiates it from other stations, where the distro output is usually isolated from the rest of Atmospherics to make it harder to access for unwanted guests. The Waste input comes from the red pipe to the west and flows through Atmospherics in a clockwise fashion.

South of Atmospherics you will find vast maintenance tunnels. These can be used for a variety of reasons and people.

Lonely at the top

Corg's Atmospherics are found north of engineering, with only the AI satellite being more northern. It is quite isolated from the rest of the station, being surrounded by space from everywhere but the south. This makes it a good place for discrete actions. The waste loop enters Atmospherics from the right and flows to the left. The distro loop is on the far right, under the turbine. To the south of Atmosia is the canister storage and a Thermo-Electric Generator. You can either power it with a burn chamber or combine it with the Supermatter. Experiment!

Limitless Possibilities

You can enter Atmosia from the left through the engineering foyer. You will be greeted by a Thermo-Electric Generator and a big, empty hall. This can be used to really let you get creative and come up with new ways of powering the TEG or to do other projects. To the far right is the turbine and canister storage. Maybe you can even come up with a way of combining both systems to make even more power!

The distro and waste loop are found in the lower right section, with the waste loop following a counter-clockwise direction. At the lower end of Atmospherics you can head into Space through an airlock. Interestingly enough, atmospherics also has a engineering protolathe to the north, giving engineering a secondary one in case the first one breaks.