Thermo-Electric Generator

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MiniStation Power Area
Thermo-Electric Generator
An exotic engine, this burning hellfire powers the small station.
Obvious exits Hallway north, maintenance north-west, singularity south, space north-west
Purpose Powers the station
Access level Engineering
Noteworthy contents
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer, Head of Personnel
Security level Medium
Style Engineering
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
Locations on beestation

The MiniStation gets its power from a different source than other stations. The thermoelectric generator gets its power from the thermal difference of the two pipes going through it. The left side is the cold side, and the right side the hot side. Cold pipe is filled with magic-space-cooled CO2 which is cooled down to 23 kelvin by default and the hot pipe is super hot CO2 warmed up with a mixture of 2:3 air + plasma, which is ignited in a burn chamber.

Here's the guide for setting it up:

  1. To the top right is a room full of canisters; to the bottom there is a room full of pipes.
  2. Connect C02 canisters to the pipe room's top connector ports.
  3. Connect 3 plasma and 2 oxygen canisters to the bottom ports of the pipe room.
  4. Turn on all the pumps and valves in the room except for the one connected to the yellow pipe and red pipe, no adjustments to the pump strength needed.
  5. Look into the camera monitor to see the burn chamber. When it is full of plasma, press the igniter button.
  6. Setup the SMES cells in the North West of Engineering and set an input of half the max; and an output that is half the input.
  7. Well done, you should have a functioning generator generating power. If the right side of the generator stops working, it means there is too much pressure and you need to turn on the pump that is connected to the red and yellow pipes to release the pressure.
  8. Make sure you don't take out too much pressure though.

Thermo-Electric Generator optimizations

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