Electrical Maintenance

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Engineering Area
Electrical Maintenance
The Station Engineer's second hideout which is not as likely to be eaten by the Singularity.
Obvious exits Chapel maintenance west
Purpose Possible backup power for the station if the SMES cells are set up
Access level Engineering
Noteworthy contents Two SMES cells and a Power Monitoring Console (these need to be wired in order to function), Cyborg Recharging Station, Mech Bay Power Port, P.A.C.M.A.N.-type Portable Generator, high-capacity power cells, electrical toolbox
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer
Security level Low
Style Rundown Engineering
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
Locations on beestation

Located in the dark maintenance tunnels just above the Chapel, Electrical Maintenance is well-hidden from the tourists of the station. It is full of different tools and useful machinery. The two SMES cells are empty and not wired into the powergrid at shift start but can be wired and charged easily.

Doing this enables the engineers to use them as a backup power source e.g. if the Singularity got loose and ate the SMES cells in Engineering and nobody bothered still doesn't bother to wire the Solars.

Often a hive of scum and villainy.


  • Two SMES cells (needs to be wired in order to function)
  • Power Monitoring Console (needs to be wired in order to function)
  • Cyborg Recharging Station
  • Mech Bay Power Port
  • P.A.C.M.A.N.-type Portable Generator
  • High-capacity power cells
  • Power cell recharger
  • Electrical toolbox
  • Cables, rods, proximity sensor and other small stuff

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