Vacant Office B

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Engineering Area
Vacant Office B
Another empty office. It pays to have spare room!
Obvious exits North to Fore Primary Hallway
Purpose Anything you can think of!
Access level Construction Site
Noteworthy contents Tables and lamps
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Head of Security, Engineering Security Officer, Curator
Security level
Style Unfinished
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
Jobstemp.png Locations on beestation

Formery the Detective's office. Smaller than the other vacant office, the only advantage it holds over the former is that it sits right across the hall from the Brig, so you could reasonably expect a lower response time from the security team. As an antagonist, hiding right beneath the nose of security could be an excellent tactic, or a really stupid one. Experiment!

Possible transformations to make the room useful:

  • Break room
  • Arcade room
  • Clown Mart
  • Disposal pipe rides
  • A public autolathe room
  • Headquarters for a press agency
  • Non-departmental cornucopia of supplies in case of malf or rev
  • Surveillance room with all the possible computers
  • Ghetto surgery room
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