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Access: None
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Impossible
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Being immune to theobromine, being a liability, playing dress-up, causing station wide riots when a head of staff kills you
Guides: Chain of Command
Quote: Woof woof. Ruff, arf, au au. Yip, bow-wow. Bark.


  • Head:
    • Regular Helmet
    • Sunglasses
    • Captain's Hat (the one he spawns with)
    • HoP's Hat
    • Top Hat
    • Kitty Ears
    • Clown mask (honk)
    • Sheriff Hat (may not exist ingame, it's in the icons)
    • Detective's Hat
    • Sombrero
    • Nurse Hat
    • Beret
    • Pirate Hat (the one that looks like a pirate captain)
    • Wizard Hats (fake or real, they both look the same.)
    • Santa Hat (Yap, Yap, Yap!)
    • Bunny Ears
    • Ushanka (with the flaps up or down, doesn't matter.)
    • Chef's Hat. (Bone appetite!)
    • Hard Hats (The white CE's, or the regular yellow engineer's.)
    • Bedsheet (2spooky4me)
    • Police hAT (The warden's hat.)
    • A sheet of paper
    • Cargo baseball cap.
    • Cardborg Helmet
    • Reindeer hardhat (most likely admin spawnable only.)
  • Back:
    • Armor Vest
    • Station bound radio
    • Oxygen Tank (The big ones)
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Cardborg Suit (Yip. Yip.)
    • C4 (Rip)


It is Cargo's duty to get Ian laid. If cargo gets the corgi named Lisa, STEAL THAT DOG. Leave the two alone in a room and they will mate, producing the cutest thing ever. Corgi Puppies. These puppies will then be stolen by the chef and murdered by assistants.

Jobs on Beestation

Command Alpha Dog, Master
Security Bigger Dog, Pee On, Butt Sniffer, Smells Like Whiskey
Engineering Poly's Keeper, Yellow Dog, Smells Strange
Science Grrrrr, Trouble, Maker of Loud Buzzy Things
Medical Smells Like Cat, Smells Like Makefeelgood, Smells Like Dismemberment, Smells Like Bad, Smells Like Death, Smells Like Plague
Service Bag of Treets Keeper, Tastes Like whiskey, Keeper of the Foods, Smells Like "Plants", Smells Funny, Smells Blank, Barking, Lewd Dog
Civilian Corgi Orderer, Corgi Pusher, Outside Dog, Threat, Bark at constantly
Non-human Loudvoicefromwall, Loud Buzzy Thing, Loudvoicefromcube, Metal Bug, Loudvoicefromsmallbox, Is That a Ghost Shaggy?, G-g-g-GHOST!
Antagonist Smells Like Telecrystals, VERYloudvoicefromwall, Smells Like Everyone, Bad Dogs, Magic Dog, Removed Dog, Readded Dog, Smells Like Ayy, Spiney Dogs, Spider Dog, Angry Dead Dog, Anyone Else Smell That?, Guard Dog, Hungry Dog, Tasty Goo, Smells Like Brimstone, Smells Like Blood, Smells Like Brass, Smells Like Rum, Smells Like Mutagen, Forbidden Snack, Dogthinkers, Smells Like THE LAW, Smells Like Old Books
Special Bark, Sniff & Arf, Bigger Alpha Dogs, Dog Catchers!, Time Bark, Loudvoicefromskirt, Best Dog
Races Mans, Scale Mans, Buzz Mans, Fire Mans, Vegetable Mans, Rock Mans, DIRTY CATS, Glowy Mans, Strange Mans