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Brig Physician
Access: Holding cells, Courtroom, Medical, Morgue, Maintenance, Surgery, Cloning Lab, Mineral Storage
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Keep security and prisoners' nice and healthy
Guides: Guide to security, Guide to medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Traumas
Quote: “Okay, Mime. This should stop you running away so easily, and hey, even makes you slip less.”

Your workplace

You are, effectively, a glorified medical doctor. You act as the Security team's medic and it is your job to cut off prisoners legs so they cant run away make sure the prisoners and security staff are all healthy.

You are not a security officer, nor are you mindshielded. You are similar to the Lawyer - a civilian who works in Security and does a job to assist them, unless you are promoted to the same role as a Security officer.

Bare minimum requirements: Heal prisoners and the Security Officers.

Glorified Doctor

Your main duty is to ensure that all members of Security and that all prisoners are healthy. To aid you in this endeavor, you are equipped with Medical HUD Sunglasses, and a standard Medical Kit. In addition, your workplace contains a locker with a defibrillator, and 4 medical kits for each damage type. Due to your nature as a glorified medical doctor, you also have the same access as one - including Medical Storage - if you require more advanced treatment options.

As Security has a tendency to get lost in Maintenance, you are gifted full Maintenance access, and can assess the type of damage they have via the crew monitoring console.


This is where you will do your surgery!

In the event you are required to perform surgery, you have your own surgical room in the Brig, along with all the tools required to do so. Straight jackets are supplied in the event a prisoner is uncooperative, along with morphine for putting them under.


As the Brig Physician, you have a variety of tools at your disposal for treating the injured and sick.

Here is a list of your torture devices unique tools:

  • DefibrillatorDefib.png - for when you inevitably fail.
  • Brute trauma kitBrutefak.png - for healing the clown after a security officer beats him.
  • Burn treatment kitBmed.png - for healing burn wounds.
  • Toxins kitTmed.png - for healing your patient after you accidentally overdose them on morphine.
  • Oxygen deprivation kitO2med.png - for healing prisoners that got left in a cell without air.
  • Security radio headset Secheadset.png, so the security officers can let you know that they have found a clown all beat up in the hallway.
  • Pepper sprayPepperspray.png , for self defense.
  • Flash Flash.gif, for self defence.
  • Your PDASecuritypda.png, This little thing gives you access to both security and medical records, and has a built in Med scanner.
  • A pair of latex glovesLGloves.png , used to cover your tracks after you fail to give the warden a cybernetic arm.
  • A pair of handcuffs Handcuffs.png for detaining the assistant after he uses your own tools against you.

For a more detailed look at your equipment go to Medical items.

Light Bulb.png Tips

  • Always keep an eye on the chat for when you are called to heal a prisoner or security officer.
  • Have a look at the crew monitoring console every now and then - if a security officer gets killed in maintenance you can go and help him.
  • You are not a cop, don't go arresting people.
  • If all is calm at the brig go to med bay to see if you can be of some use.
  • Have a look in the morgue for any bodies with potential weapons on them, then hand them in to the Warden.
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Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
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