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Generic chaplain.png Chaplain.png
Access: Chapel office, Morgue, Crematorium
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: You are above such earthly concerns Head of Personnel
Duties: Hold services and funerals, cremate people, preach, etc.
Guides: Cult, Religion, Hacking potentially useful.
Quote: There's something about the vast infinity of space that turns men to prayer. Especially if they get thrown into it without a space suit.

As a chaplain, you would ideally proselytize whatever crazy religion you've made up for that round over your headset. However, besides your office, the hellish crematorium next to your office, and the rarely used morgue, you have no access.

It is vital that you use the radio to call people to the Chapel, because otherwise, it is less frequented than the Library.

Bare minimum requirements: Hold a funeral if someone asks. Cooperate with security in the event of a cult. Follow your religion.

Holy Artefacts

In your possession are several important items, including your Holy Book and the Null Rod. These items are powerful and should be kept in your possession at all times.

Holy Book

You have to set the name of your god and religion in the Character Setup window before the round starts, else you will be stuck with whatever the default is. The first time you interact with your book in a round, you can set its skin. The resulting Bible starts with a bottle of whiskey, and perhaps some other junk; you may want to store the holy water on your desk.

Hitting somebody in the head with your Bible has a 60% chance to heal them and a 40% chance to give them 10 brain damage unless the victim congregant is wearing robust headgear (helmets, certain hats, and any child of the helmet class.) You can even revive people who are in critical condition! But if you use the ability a lot, you will start to see diminishing returns, with a higher chance to cause brain damage, and a lower amount of damage healed.

- It should be noted that your book cannot be used by the non-believers, meaning: If someone steals your book and attempts to brain somebody over the head with it, the book will sizzle in that person's hands. However, others CAN access the content of the book itself.

Armaments beacon

This remote allows you to drop in a box with select chaplain-y clothes.

  • Templar set- Standard templar armor, Deus Vult! (Fun fact, deus vult means "Gods Will." and Deus Lo Vult for "God Wills It")

(50 melee, 10 bullet, 10 laser, 10 energy)

  • Stone sentinel- Like templar armor, but you look like a ancient guardian statue instead

(50 melee, 80 fire, 10 bullet, 80 acid, 10 energy)

  • Profane scholar- A student robe and a head cage
  • Followers of the chaplain- A cult leader hoodie and 4 follower hoodies. Make your own cult!

Mysterious Old Book of Cloud-Chasing

This is a black book that teaches one person the spell "Smoke". See: Magical Items

Null Rod

The obsidian rod will be your defense against the forces of evil. Having it in your possession will make you completely immune to the effects of cult-related magic. It will also destroy any runes/sigils and is an excellent weapon in general.

You can transform it into a holy weapon of choice by using it in hand! Options are:

  • Null rod.pngBasic Null rod: Fits in pockets, 18 brute damage on hit.
  • Godhand.pngGod Hand: Deals Burn damage instead of Brute, but you can never put it down, and it dissapears if your arm is cut off, should have taken chainsaw or armblade.
  • Staff red.pngStaff blue.pngRed Staff/Blue staff: Only fits on back, but high (50%) block chance. Very low damage. Projects a shield around you to represent the block chance.
  • Claymore.pngKatana.gifClaymore/Hanzo Steel: Deals normal damage, has a low (30%) block chance (not against projectiles), doesn't fit in bags but can be worn on the back or belt slot. Sharp.
  • Cult blade.pngChainsword.gifForce weapon.pngDark Blade/Chainsaw Sword/Force Weapon: Like above, but cannot be worn on the back slot.
  • ESword.pngLight/Dark/Nautical Energy Sword A weaker version of an energy sword. Cannot be sheathed like a typical energy sword, doesn't fit in bags. Doesn't deal more damage than a null rod, but it is sharp.
  • Scythe.pngHigh frequency blade.pngSpellblade.pngScythe/High Frequency Blade/Dormant Spellblade: Penetrates some armour, only fits on back. Same strength as the null rod. Sharp.
  • Possessed blade.pngPossessed Blade:Has the same statistics as a scythe. When used in hand, it will attempt to summon a ghost to possess the blade; if a ghost accepts, it'll become your talking sword. The ghost gets to pick the sword's name after that.
  • Multiverse sword.gifExtradimensional Blade: Deals 1-30 damage when attacking.
  • Sord.pngUNREAL SORD: Complete shit. Deals 4.13 damage.
  • Chap hammer.pngRelic Hammer: Same stats as a Null Rod, but can only be worn on the belt slot.
  • Chainsaw.gifChainsaw Hand: just a mounted chainsaw. Deals the same damage as a Null Rod, but cannot be dropped and is sharp.
  • Dark blessing.pngDark Blessing: Like the chainsaw hand, but it looks like a changeling's arm blade.
  • Honk render.pngClown Dagger: No damage changes, looks like a honkrender and honks on attack. It's sharp.
  • Hypertool.pngHypertool: Same damage as a Null Rod, but only damages brain.
  • Chain.pngWhip: No stat change, but can be worn on the belt slot. Has a small chance to knockdown and deals extra damage to vampires.
  • Fedora.pngFedora: Goes on your head. Does high(30) throwing damage. No melee damage. Sharp.
  • Carp plush.pngCarp-Sie Plushie: Less damage than null-rod, looks/sounds like a carp plushie. Using it in-hand makes the chaplain gain the carp faction. Wild carp will ignore him.
  • Bo staff.pngBo Staff: Has a 40% block chance, but deals slightly less damage than a Null Rod. Can be worn in the back slot.
  • Bdagger.pngArrhythmic Knife: Cannot be stored or worn anywhere. While holding it, it speeds you up and slows you down randomly.
  • Pitchfork.pngPitchfork: Same damage as a Null Rod, but it's sharp and cannot be put in pockets.
  • Pride hammer.gifPride-struck hammer: It resonates an aura of Pride, can only be worn on your back, does 16 damage and is pretty epic looking.
  • Ratvarspear.pngAncient Spear: An ancient spear made of brass, I mean gold, I mean bronze. Same damage as a null rod, but also has 10 armor piercing and is sharp.

You can only re-pick once.


Each chaplain is free to invent the details of their rituals.

  • Funerals: You have a stock of coffins and burial garments you can use for wakes and space burials (that is, launching them out of the mass driver). Some employees appreciate wakes being held for friends and loved ones. See below.
  • Psychological care. This includes counseling, pharmaceutical remedies (consult the chemist), and confessions. You have a confession booth; you and the confessor enter separate rooms and switch on the radio terminals. Most crew members rarely if ever submit to psychological care of their own initiative; offer to help when someone looks troubled. Prisoners are most often in need of attention.
  • Church Services. Give sermons and sing hymns.
  • Proselytizing. Most crew members are godless heathens; acquiring followers for your god(s) is your first priority. When you convince someone to join the church, you can perform a ritual of conversion (some elements you may want to include: drugs, glossolalia, sacrifices, drinking of [demon's blood], public announcements, prayer, lying naked on the altar, strikes with the holy book, confession, blood-letting).
  • Blessing Rooms. Your bible has the power to turn ordinary water into holy water by blessing smacking the container with it. Holy water stops any Evil Spirits or Magical Beings from Ethereal Jaunting onto the tile that you splash the holy water on, and can deconvert cultists. If a cult or wizard is discovered then it would be the best idea to bless a water-tank with your bible, give that to security, grabbing a fire extinguisher and blessing that too and then asking for the AI to let you in so you can bless his chamber from potential harm. The fire extinguisher will allow you to easily bless rooms because it will affect every tile that the water travels on. You can tell if a tile is blessed when it glows yellow after a little while.
  • Other possible activities: Investiture of new acolytes and paladins, dedication of mechs, gravitational singularities, psychical research and seances, and pilgrimages to the singularity/Clown Planet/the AI Satellite/the Derelict Station.


The Mass Driver's primary purpose is for burials-at-space; wooden caskets are provided for this purpose. Caskets function likes lockers; place the body in the casket, give a eulogy (over the radio if no one is present), move the casket into the driver and fire it.

Note that some crew members may seek to use the Mass Driver as a way to exit the station into space; for safety reasons, make sure they are adequately equipped before letting them through. This will send them towards the derelict station.

The Crematorium is used to turn bodies into ash, including those of xenos. Remember to strip the body before cremating it.

Propitiating the Gods

The Pray command is like an adminhelp, but is IC, and should be worded deferentially (e.g., "Oh Great and Wise Pelor, please grant your humble servant...). It is advised that you only pray later in the round; the gods have a habit of ignoring early prayers. You can increase your divine favor by making a sacrifice to your god(s) of choice; you can do this any number of ways (it is wise to state what you have sacrificed in your prayer). Prayers are more likely to be answered if they are somehow thematically appropriate: wishing for an RCD for no apparent reason is unlikely to be fulfilled, but performing an elaborate ritual to your chosen god may be more favorable!

You have candles and crayons in your locker. Candles can be set anywhere and lit (they eventually burn down). Crayons can be used to draw runes (commonly placed in front of the podium), as well as graffiti (not really your style) and letters (allowing you to write out messages across the ground).

Do not expect any prayers to be answered. Gods are fickle beings. Nobody knows what they are going to do next in their great designs.


During a cult invasion, you will suddenly find yourself a vital part of the station's security force, and also a target. You will want to ensure Security has a stock of holy water to deconvert cultists -- remember that your bible can bless any water it comes into contact with -- and Security may want your null rod as well. Your bible can be used to detect nearby hidden runes by hitting the floor with it. This can be invaluable in finding suspected cult bases. Finally, you are immune to cult magic, which will help you if you decide to go BATTLE PALADIN and valid save everyone. For more information, go here.

If your god hates you enough, you may also encounter a Revenant, an undead ghost creature that wants your souls. Again, your null rod is incredibly robust against these creatures.


You should find Altar of the Gods in your local chapel. To interact with it and start you sect first hit it with your bible and choose the sect you want to start. Choosing a sect will make you able to offer sect specific items to your God and perform rites that cost favor to obtain rewards.

Sects you can currently choose:

  • Puritanism - this is you basic sects. They have nothing special and have no rites.
  • Technophile - a sect oriented around technology. They sacrifice powercells and get favor based on how much power the cells contained. Their rites include: synth conversion - converts single person to synth.
  • Ever-Burning Candle - a sect dedicated to candles. They can sacrifice burning bodes and candles. They rites include: fireproof - makes a piece of clothing fully fireproof, infinite candle - grants you 5 ever burning candles.


  • Setting your religion's name to certain presets will give your holy book a special name, as well as dispensing 100 brain damage to you. For example, naming your religion 'Homosexuality' will name your bible 'GUYS GONE WILD!!'
    • Other notable examples include: Christianity, Satanism, Cthulhu, Islam, Scientology, Chaos, Imperium, Toolboxia, homosexuality, lol, wtf, gay, penis, ass, poo, badmin, shitmin, deadmin, cock, cocks.
  • You can use your starting bible in your hand to change its sprite.
    • Alternative sprites include a Quaran, a white Bible, a clown bible, the Necronomicon and more!
  • Your bible, despite starting with some useless junk, can be emptied and filled with a complete set of tools or other similarly sized items only one small item because coderbus hates fun. Best of all, it fits in your hoodie's suit storage!
  • Healing en-masse during blob rounds is extremely effective, as you can get people back into the fight quickly and easily. Besides, who needs proper cognitive function to fight the blob?

The Inquisition

As a traitor, your curse of being ignored by everyone becomes a valuable asset. The chapel is a relatively secluded part of the station, and odds are the AI won't be keeping an eye on it. You have a null rod, WHICH IS ROBUST AS FUCK. Also don't forget that your bible is a useful storage compartment that won't attract suspicion, and if you hit someone in the head with a bible a few times they get brain damage and then it's a lot harder to yell for help. You can drag around bodies, as well as both space and cremate bodies without looking suspicious: it's your job, after all.

Also remember that the morgue tray in the crematorium can store bodies, items and even whole crates (such as the syndicate surplus crate). It's not a bad place to hide stuff (especially if the camera suffers from an "accident"), but keep in mind the light on the tray turns orange if anything other than a body is inside of it.

Another sneaky idea as a traitor is to host one of the chaplains universally renowned "Kool-Aid" parties. Make sure you purchased a toxins kit, then, go to the bar and ask for 10 glasses of grape or orange juice. Put all of the glasses on your table in the chapel then dump anything and everything from the toxins kit into each drink Jim Jones style, break into the captains office tell the captain to make an announcement saying that chaplain is hosting a party, and everyone on the station is required to visit (someone might actually be stupid enough.) you may not get your target, but you might get everyone else.

Jobs on Beestation


Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Brig Physician, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Civilian Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Assistant, Lawyer, Gimmick
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Clockwork Cultist, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Sentient Disease, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Heretics
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian, Lavaland Role