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This page is outdated and not actively maintained.

This list contains all the active admins of Beestation.

Contact them on the discord here.

Current Admins


Ruediger4 • HeadAdmin

CthulhuOnIce • ProjectLead

Qwertyquerty • HeadCoder

CrossedFall • Host

AsciiSquid • Council

GreenTea98 • Council

Arrfur • GameAdmin

MiniMeatwad • Council

Lagomorphica • GameAdmin

SuperDork55 • GameAdmin

Mark Suckerberg • Council

Swindel • GameAdmin

DocZanos • Council

Xlyana • Council

Zeskorion • GameAdmin

ZodrakDovah • GameAdmin

OnePlusOne • GameAdmin

SaintHusky • GameAdmin

Piterskiy • GameAdmin

AzlanonPC • Council

Sinbues • GameAdmin

Bastian0930 • Council

Kerbin_Fiber • TrialAdmin

Moccha • TrialAdmin

WhyIsCaeciliusTaken • TrialAdmin

baldirodenson • TrialAdmin

AlbertBlackwell • TrialAdmin