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Death Squad Officer
Access: Everywhere
Additional Access: The pulse rifle does the talking
Difficulty: Depending on the situation at hand
Supervisors: Nanotrasen
Duties: Imposing Nanotrasen's will through force of arms
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: "Remember, no witnesses."

The death squad is a special admin event, one that is usually started when the station is completely and utterly fucked. This is usually because changelings, cultists or something more sinister have replaced the entire crew. They're sent into cause death as implied by the name. They're armed to the teeth, (supposedly) highly trained and are armed with the best weapons and equipment Nanotrasen can offer.


The death squad is by far the most well prepared and well-armed force that you will ever see in your time on the station, the chances of winning against these Officers is almost nothing, pray quietly that they are incompetent enough to accidentally shoot themselves with their own weapons. You'd be hard pressed to find anything more robust than what these men carry around as standard issue.


They are armed with many different weapons of all shapes and sizes. They carry energy swords for melee, the ever-deadly pulse rifle for ranged combat and a mateba revolver as a backup. The pulse rifle is the primary, and the strongest weapon that they are equipped with. It has 3 different settings, stun, kill and destroy. A pulse rifle provides everything the officer needs. Stunshots to drop opponents non-lethally, high damage lasers when they don't want to make a mess and heavy pulse lances to disintegrate anything they touch. Their backup revolver, the mateba is not to be trifled with either. A large cylinder, high damage and quick fast firing speed make it a deadly weapon in it's own right. In melee, their energy swords cut through flesh like butter and can eliminate even the strongest of foes with just a few swipes.

In addition, they are armed with Energy Shields, both handheld varients and built directly into their armor. These shields deflect incoming laser-based projectiles and reduce the damage of physical ones. Many melee attacks will bounce right off.

They are also given a box of flashbangs for crowd control and room clearing. Getting caught in the blast of one of these will make you blind, deaf and you'll collapse onto the floor for almost a minute before getting up. The officer's armor completely negates the effects of them so don't think to use them against them.

However like all weaponry, their pulse rifle and mateba have limited ammunition/charges. If they run dry they'll have to find a way to recharge at a recharging station or scavenge new ammo for their revolver.


They are issued a first-aid kit, a pair of optical thermal scanners and a C4 Explosive. Their first-aid kit contains a state of the art hypoinjector packed with healing nanites that can patch up even the worst of gunshot wounds in seconds. The optical thermal scanners provide both perfect night-vision and the ability to see people through walls, so don't think to hide from them in a locker or otherwise. Their C4 charges can blow a man-sized hole through almost anything, though their pulse rifles can melt down a wall or bolted airlock in a few shots.

In case they need to destroy the station and anyone on it, they are given pin-pointers that point to the nuclear authentication disk.

Death Squad operatives are also given access to their robust power armor, the best one in the game. It also doubles as EVA gear. However, the armor suffers from some minor slowdown equivalent to the Captain's space suit meaning an unencumbered crew member could outrun them given the chance.


The Death Squad is sometimes granted usage of the military grade mechs, Seraphs and Marauders. These are only used in case of extreme danger and when augmenting the already powerful Officers, the Squad becomes nearly unstoppable. The mechs are very dangerous and are armed with high precision laser cannons, AC 10 scattershots, pulse cannons and a wealth of other equipment. Including fail-safe systems, automatic repair drones, internal oxygen tanks, and a self destruct mechanism.

Duties as Deathgivers

  • Establish a plan with your fellow Officers. Usually, some sort of objective will be delivered to you via a CentCom Admiral or similar.
  • Prepping yourselves, assume roles. There's plenty of extra equipment in the starting armory and if the emergency armory is opened, feel free to grab whatever extra goodies are there.
  • Travel to the station via your shuttle, it will land in Arrivals. Clear the area, then move out. Stick together, and remember. No witnesses.
  • Accomplish whatever objective you've set out to do, eliminate any crew members who cross your path. Many may try their hand at attacking you, show them the error of their ways.
  • When your objective is complete (usually nuking the station into high orbit) return to the shuttle and then to CentCom. Congratulate yourselves on a job well done.


  • If you need to clear a room, throw in a few flashbangs first, their stunning effect makes anyone caught in their radius easy targets. The stun functions on your rifles can drop someone in a single shot even with armor. Your pulse lance setting will melt anyone in just a few shots so use it to your advantage.
  • If you are ordered to destroy the station, use the pinpointers supplied to find the nuclear auth disk normally held by the Captain. Proceed then to the Vault which contains the Nuclear Explosive, insert the disk, set the time and hold the door until it's time to evac.
  • If you take too many casualties, do your best to return to CentCom and ask for Emergency Armory access or reinforcements.

Nuke it from Space

You are sent to blow the station sky-high to kingdom come. You can do this using the on-station nuclear fission explosive, you are provided with instructions to using it, and also are given the code to activate it. Of course, you have to use the nuke authentication disk found on the captain's person or in his quarters.

In Conclusion

If you see something roaming the halls, run through this quick checklist.

1. Is it a fellow Officer? If so, proceed to Step 4.

2. Is it Ian? If so, proceed to Step 4

3. Shoot it until it stops moving, and then some.

4. Carry on, soldier.

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