Space Monastery

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Recreational Area
Space Monastery
A holy, quiet place for those who seek a life of intellectual solitude.
Obvious exits North shuttle to dormitories, north-east transit tube to arrivals, east to a space-walk leading to maintenance, south-west to space through airlock or mass driver
Purpose For the chaplain and curator to pursue a life of relative isolation, for regular crewmembers to rarely visit
Access level Chapel, Crematorium, Library, Maintenance
Noteworthy contents Crematorium, mass driver, null rod, a kitchen, a garden with botany supplies, a book binder, two scanners, two library computers and many cosmetic clothing items
Clearance Chaplain, Curator, Captain and Head of Personnel to the private offices. Anyone to the chapel, library and garden.
Security level Low
Style Chapel
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
Locations on beestation

The space monastery is one of PubbyStation's most unique features. Combining the chapel, library and garden into one relatively isolated megastructure, it is home to the chaplain and the curator, who each have their quarters and vocational paraphernalia located on-board. The space monastery is quite large, boasting the facilities necessary to make it nearly self-sustaining.


The following notable features can be found on the space monastery:

  • A public chapel with communion wafers and a confessional booth
  • Sandy, but spacious exterior grounds for meditation and art projects
  • Chaplain's office, with adjacent crematorium
  • Public-access garden, complete with an apiary and seeds, including those for holy-melons
  • Dining room and kitchen, containing everything needed for cooking and basic botany
  • Funeral chapel, containing six caskets and two mass drivers
  • Two dorm rooms, each with a private bathroom
  • A small library, with seating area
  • A larger library, containing a museum, role-playing game supplies, and the curator's personal equipment.
  • A maintenance room containing the monastery's power storage, atmos system, tools and water/fuel tanks.


  • Given the prevalence of station destruction by careless engineers, you may find refugees flocking to the monastery in times of peril. One might be wise to stock up on medicines and space suits to prepare for this.
  • The space monastery is visited even less often than the chapel or library on other stations. This is good for pursuing personal projects undisturbed.
  • Be wary of visitors. Not everyone who shows up has benign intentions, and security is usually minutes away when seconds count.
  • If you tend to the garden, you will easily amass a surplus of produce. The crew may appreciate it if you delivered some to the station.
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