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Scientist generic.png
Jerry Scienmon, the Scientist says:
"Here, have a look through this eye piece. If you look at certain things while wearing this Medical HUD, you can automatically view how healthy a person is, just at a glance! Pretty cool right? Not to mention, we also have Security HUDs for the officers, Science HUDs for the Chemists and other Science department staff, Diagnostic HUDs, night vision versions of these, fancy sunglass HUDs..."

Did you mean the game window?

The abbreviation of heads-up display.
These icons show up if your character is either an antagonist, or wearing Security's Hudsunglasses.pngHUDSunglasses, a MedGlasses.pngHealth Scanner HUD or a Diag glasses.pngDiagnostic HUD.

Antagonist HUD Icons

These are the icons that display over some persons under certain circumstances.

Icon Description

Traitor Hud REAL.png

Traitor. Can only be seen during end game.


Incursion. Can only be seen during end game.


Changeling. Can only be seen during end game.
Hudrev.png Revolutionary. Can only be seen by other revs.
Hudrevhead.png Head Revolutionary. Can only be seen by other revs.
Hudcultist.png Cultist. Can only be seen by other cultists.
Cultmaster.gif Cultmaster. Can only be seen by other cultists.
Hudclock.png Clockwork Cultist. Can only be seen by other servants.
Hudsyndicate.png Syndicate Operative. Can only be seen by other operatives during Nuke


People who fell victim to brainwashing during the round. Can only be seen during end game.


Abductor. Can only be seen during end game.


Wizard. Can only be seen during end game.


Wizard's apprentices. Can only be seen during end game.


Ninja. Can only be seen during end game.


Heretic. Can only be seen during end game.


Hunters. Can only be seen during end game.


Fugitives. Can only be seen during end game.


Displayed over persons infected with a xenomorph embryo. Can only be seen by other xenos or by wearing Health Scanner HUD

Security HUD Icons

These are the icons that display over all persons while you are wearing a Security HUD. Personnel with a Mindshield Implant will have a flashing blue outline around their job icon.


Icon Description
Hudcaptain.png Captain
Hudhop.png Head of Personnel
Hudhos.png Head of Security
Hudcmo.png Chief Medical Officer
Hudce.png Chief Engineer
Hudrd.png Research Director
Hudactingcap.png Acting Captain
Huddetective.png Detective
Hudsec.png Security Officer
Hudwarden.png Warden
Hudbrigphys.png Brig Physician
Huddeputy.png Deputy
Hudprisonner.png Prisonner
Hudengi.png Station Engineer
Hudatmos.png Atmospheric Technician
Hudqm.png Quartermaster
Hudtech.png Cargo Technician
Hudminer.png Shaft Miner
Hudchem.png Chemist
Hudgen.png Geneticist
Huddoc.png Medical Doctor
Hudviro.png Virologist
Hudparamedic.png Paramedic
Hudrobo.png Roboticist
Hudsci.png Scientist
Hudexplorer.png Explorer
Hudbotanist.png Botanist
Hudjanitor.png Janitor
Hudbar.png Barman
Hudchap.png Chaplain
Hudchef.png Chef
Hudhonk.png Clown
Hudmime.png Mime
Hudlawyer.png Lawyer
Hudbook.png Curator
Hudhelp.png Assistant
Hudbarber.png Barber
Hudstagemagician.png Stage Magician
Hudvip.png VIP
Hudpsychiatrist.png Psychiatrist
Hudnoid.png The person isn't wearing an ID
HudU.png Unrecognized Rank
Hudcentcom.png CentCom Official or Death Squad Officer
Hudmindshield.gif Mindshielded crew.

Arrest Status

Icon Description
Hudwanted.png Arrest. A person set to arrest on sight.
Hudprison.png Incarcerated. A person currently incarcerated in brig.
Hudparol.png Parolled. A person that was arrested but released on parole.
Hudreleased.png Discharged. A person that was arrested but cleared of all charges.
Hudsearch.png Search. A person to be searched on sight.
Hudmonitor.png Monitor. A suspicious person under close watch by security.
Blinkhud.gif Tracking Implanted
Hudchemimplant.gif Chemical Implanted

Medical HUD Icons

These are the icons that display over all persons while you are wearing a Health Scanner HUD.

Icon Description


Health bar of the patient.


Patient is in critical condition.


No Viruses Detected.


Bad Virus Detected


Positive Virus Detected


Beneficial Virus Detected


Unknown Lifeform Detected


Defribrillation required.


Body decayed or the body has no brain.

Diagnostic HUD/Sillicons Icons

These are the icons that borgs and AIs see with sensor augmentations, or that you can see while wearing Diagnostic Hud.

Icon Description


Integrity of the unit (Cyborg, Bot or Exosuit).


Status of the unit's battery (Cyborg or Exosuit).


This is displayed by exosuits which have sustained internal damage.


This cyborg is offline (stunned). This happens most often after they are hit by an EMP.

Offline Borg.png

This cyborg or exosuit has shut down after sustaining heavy damage.


This bot is currently performing its assigned task (floorbots building floors, medibots healing patients etc.).


This bot is functional and currently on standby.


This bot has been dispatched to a specific location by the AI or a PDA and is on its way.


This bot is moving towards its target. This is most often displayed by mules when making their deliveries or returning to Cargo.


This bot is currently patroling the station.


This is displayed by Beepsky or an ED-209 when they are trying to arrest someone.


This bot is sentient (a player controls it).


This cyborg shell has been equipped with a B.O.R.I.S module and is being currently operated by the AI. These are commonly referred to as "AI shells"


This exosuit has been equipped with a tracking beacon. Allowing it to be monitored remotely by the Research Director. It is also displayed by AI shells not currently being operated.


This door is currently electrified and anyone who touches it without insulated gloves will get shocked.

Hudnanite ping.gif

This person is currently implanted with nanites.

Hudnanites 100.pngHudnanites 10.png

Status of the current volume of nanites inside a person. (100% on the left, 10% on the right)