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Crates are containers for items. Especially large items -- such as lockers, certain robots or equipment -- cannot fit inside. Just because an item comes packed in a crate when the Quartermaster receives it doesn't mean it will go back inside once the crate is opened!

Supply Crates are ordered at Cargo Bay by either a Cargo Technician or the Quartermaster. You can also send them a request via PDA or the Requests Console. More crates can be found around the station.

Give Onto the QM his Dues

The Quartermaster can order a whole lot of crates and he usually wants the crate back after you've taken your supplies. They are worth a certain amount of points which can be used to get more supplies for the station's whole benefit. The quartermasters like it when people bring crates, and will often give things without hassle to people with crates brought in.

Crate Locks and Access

Just like the rest of the station, crates have variable levels of access. The QM can't unlock anything that is locked by default, for various reasons, the primary one being it would be pointless to make because all crates go through the QM anyway. Security crates can be opened by security personnel and those with higher access, et cetera. An emag can get into locked crates, however, or you can get resourceful. You can also move cash from the cargo budget ID and insert it into a private ID, and then use the Buy Directly option.

Making Money

Cargo budget starts off with 5,000 credits. This is the budget you use to buy crates, and this is where money from exports ends up. The QM can access this budget with the departmental card (Cargo Budget) found in his/her bag. If the QM has lost the budget card, you can also insert space cash into the bank machine in the vault to make it go directly into the cargo budget. The Quartermaster can enter the vault by using the supply door remote, found in the QM's locker.


You can receive credits by shipping items back to CentCom. Examples:

  • You will get 500 credits per crate.
  • Every ordered crate has a "shipping manifest" on it. You rip it off by clicking the crate. Stamp that shipping manifest with any stamp except the denied stamp, then put it into a crate and close it. Shipping that crate will then give you 200 extra credits.
  • 5-1,000 credits per sheet of material (depends on material rarity, metal/glass the least rare and diamond/bananium the most).
  • Every sheet of plasma shipped will give you 200 credits.
  • 100-500 credits per fuel tanks and water tanks, depending on how full they are.
  • 5,000-40,000 credits for some of the rare artifacts that your Shaft Miners might find. Make sure you scan the item with an Export Scanner before selling.

Crates are money. Find them. Hoard them greedily. Steal them if need be. The more crates you send back, the more stuff you can order. Other things are money, too. If you think about, the station is really just a huge pile of money. Experiment! You can use your Export Scanner once linked with a Cargo Console to verify the price of an item before you export it. Just because you think a good might be worth something doesn't mean that CentCom wants it!


The Nanotrasen bounty console can be checked for a list of Bounties. These are items you can ship for one time credit rewards. Most of them may require cooperation from other departments. You can print the list. After you have delivered a bounty to CentCom, you must go to the Bounty Console and click "Claim" on the completed entry to receive the reward. You can scan an item with your Export Scanner to see if it's eligable for a bounty.

Ordering Crates

To spend the money you made, you need to order crates. The price of these crates is pulled from the cargo budget on departure from CentCom, unless you use Buy Directly.

  • The supply request console is typically public, and lets anyone request an order. Unless you use Buy Directly, this console asks the requester to type a reason for each order. This reason appears on the supply console, where the request must be approved or denied. The requisition form printed is only used for documentation.
  • The supply console lets you order crates, and approve/reject orders made on a supply request console. It's also used to call and send the supply shuttle. Do this by clicking the "Cargo Bay" or "CentCom" text near the top. When the shuttle is called from CentCom, it will ship your placed orders to the cargo bay, if you can afford them.

Buying Directly

Anyone placing an order at a supply console or supply request console has the choice to click the Buy Directly button. Doing so will charge money directly from that person's worn ID, instead of from the cargo budget. It will cost a 10% extra fee (which goes to the cargo budget), and the crate will be access-restricted to the buyer instead of having its ordinary access requirement.

Supply Drop Pods

Once Mining Technology has been researched, you are able to print an Express Supply Console computer board from the cargo techfab. Building an Express Supply Console and then swiping it with a QM-level ID card will unlock an interface similar to the Supply Console. Ordering any crate with this console will have it delivered instantly with a drop pod. The drop pod causes a fiery explosion. The drop location will be a random spot in Cargo Bay, unless you emag it, or print a Supply Pod Beacon for 500 credits. You can use the console to change the drop location to that of the last printed beacon. Printing a new beacon will make the first beacon permanently useless. Use teamwork to have one person take the beacon to locations where crates need to be delivered, while the other person orders the crate. The drop pods themselves must be dismantled with a welder.

Upgrading the Supply Drop Pods

Once Bluespace Travel has been researched, the cargo techfab will be able to print a Supply Drop Pod Upgrade Disk. Inserting this disk into the Express Supply Console will upgrade its drop pods by making their explosion size smaller, and making them automatically teleport out after landing. After upgrading you must unlock the console again and print a new beacon.


Following is a list of the crates available and their contents.

Entries marked with "Small item" can be ordered together with other small items, which automatically bundles them into a single crate per purchaser. All access restrictions on small item orders will then stack on that crate, making you require all of them to open it.


Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Biker Gang Kit 1500

1x all terrain vehicle and keys
1x leather overcoat
1x black gloves
1x cargo cap
1x skull bandana

Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Biological Emergency Crate 1500

2x bio hood
2x bio suit
1x bio bag
2x syringe (spaceacillin)
2x nitrile gloves

Emergency Bot/Internals Crate 1500

2x floorbot
2x medibot
5x air tank
5x breath mask

Emergency Medical Crate 1100

2x medibot
1x emergency medical capsule

Explosive Emergency Crate 800

1x bomb hood
1x bomb suit
1x gas mask
1x screwdriver
1x wirecutters
1x multitool

Firefighting Crate 800

3x emergency firesuit
3x gas mask
3x flashlight
3x red oxygen tank
3x advanced fire extinguisher
3x firefighter helmet

Firefighting Tank Backpack 1000

1x backpack firefighter tank

Internals Crate 800

4x gas mask
4x breath mask
4x emergency oxygen tank
4x air tank

Metal Foam Grenade Crate 700

1x box of metal foam grenades

The box contains 7 metal foam grenades
Plasmaman Space Envirosuits 1400

2x EVA plasma envirosuit
2x plasma envirosuit helmet

Plasmaman Supply Kit 700

3x plasma envirosuit
3x plasma internals belt tank
3x plasma envirosuit helmet

The plasma internals belt tanks contain approximately 2.5mols of plasma each.
Radiation Protection Crate 800

2x radiation hood
2x radiation suit
2x geiger counter
1x Tunguska triple distilled
2x shot glass

Space Suit Crate 900

1x space suit
1x space helmet
1x breath mask

Bulk Space Suit Crate 1600

3x space suit
3x space helmet
3x breath mask

Special Ops Supplies 800

1x box of EMP grenades
3x smoke bomb
1x sleepy pen
1x incendiary grenade

Hidden – use emag on cargo console to reveal. The box contains 5 EMP grenades .
Syndicate Uniform Supplies 3000

3x tactical turtleneck 3x combat boots 3x balaclava 3x combat gloves 3x syndicate beret 3x armor vest

Hidden – use emag on cargo console to reveal.
Weed Control Crate 800 1x scythe

1x gas mask
2x weedkiller grenade



Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Armor Crate 1500 3x armor

3x helmet

Disabler Crate 1500 3x disabler Security
Forensics Crate 1700

1x detective scanner
1x evidence box
1x camera
1x tape recorder
1x white crayon
1x detective hat

.38 DumDum Speedloader 1200 1x .38 DumDum speedloader
.38 Match Grade Speedloader 1200 1x .38 match grade speedloader
Security Barrier Grenades 1500

8x barrier grenade

Security Clothing Crate 1700

2x Navy blue security jumpsuit
2x Red security jumpsuit
2x Navy blue security beret

1x Navy blue warden jumpsuit
1x Red warden jumpsuit
1x Navy blue warden beret

1x Navy blue Head of Security jumpsuit
1x Head of Security jumpsuit
1x Navy blue Head of Security beret

Stingbang Grenade Pack 2500 1x box of stingbangs
Stingbang Single-Pack 1400 1x stingbang grenade
Security Supplies Crate 700 1x box of flashbangs

1x box of teargas
1x box of flashes
1x box of handcuffs

SecTech Supply Crate 1200

1x SecTech restocking Unit

Standard Firing Pins Crate 1700

2x box of standard firing pins

Security 5 firing pins per box
Paywall Firing Pins Crate 1700

2x box of paywall firing pins

Security Swipe a a firing pin with an ID to connect it to an account. Then use the pin in hand to set either a one-time price or a price per shot that users must pay to fire the gun. Price is paid with a popup first time someone tries to fire it. 5 paywall firing pins per box.
Standard Justice Enforcer Crate 5700

1x helmet of justice
1x security gas mask

Security Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Stun Batons Crate 900 3x stun baton Security
Wall Mounted Flash Crate 800 4x wall-mounted flash kit Security Each kit contains: 1x screwdriver , 1x flash , 1x mounted flash frame, 1x flasher controller, 1x airlock electronics and 1x button frame.


Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Ammo Crate 2500

2x wt550 magazine (4.6x30mm)
3x box of lethal shotgun shots
3x box of rubber shots
1x speed loader (.38 TRAC)
1x speed loader (.38 Hot Shot)
1x speed loader (.38 Iceblox)

Bulletproof Armor Crate 1200 3x bulletproof vest Armory
Chemical Implants Crate 700

1x chemical implant kit

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter, 1 implant pad and 5 implant cases with chemical implants
DragNET Crate 1500 3x DragNETs Armory
Combat Knife Single-Pack 700 1x combat knife Armory Small item
Combat Knives Crate 1120 3x combat knife Armory
Combat Shotgun Single-Pack 2900

1x combat shotgun
1x bandolier

Armory Small item
Combat Shotguns Crate 6400

3x combat shotgun
3x bandolier

Riot Shotgun Single-Pack 2200 1x riot shotgun Armory
Riot Shotguns Crate 4720 3x riot shotgun Armoury
Energy Guns Single-Pack 1200

1x energy gun

Armory Small item
Energy Guns Crate 2320

3x energy gun

Laser Gun single-Pack 1000 1x laser gun Armory
Bulk Laser Guns Crate 2150 3x laser gun Armory
Exile Implants Crate 2700

1x exile implant kit

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter and 5 implant cases with exile implants
Incendiary Weapons Crate 1200

1x flamethrower
3x plasma tank
3x incendiary grenade

Security Barrier Capules XL 2000 3x barricade capsule Armoury
Mindshield Implants Crate 4000

1x lockbox (mindshield implants)

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter and 3 implant cases with mindshield implants
Tracking Implants Crate 1200

1x tracking implant kit
3x speed loader (.38 TRAC)

Armory Contains 1 loaded implanter, 1 implantpad, 1 locator and 4 implant cases with tracking implants
Reflector Vest Crate 2000

2x reflector vest

Riot Armor Crate 2200 3x riot suit

3x riot helmet

Riot Shields Crate 1500 3x riot shield Armory
Russian Surplus Crate 4000

Ten random items out of:

1x ration pack
1x stripper clip (7.62mm) (5 shots)
1x ammo box containing 7x stripper clip (7.62mm) (35 shots)
1x russian vest
1x russian helmet
1x combat gloves
1x advanced military tracksuit
1x soviet uniform
1x russian balaclava
1x battle ushanka
1x russian battle coat
1x Mosin Nagant
1x Mosin Nagant

Armory Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Smart Mine Crate 2500 3x smart mine Armory
Stun Mine Crate 2000 5x stun mine Armory
SWAT Crate 5000 2x swat helmet

2x swat suit
2x security gas mask
2x military assault belt
2x combat gloves

WT-550 Auto Rifle Single-Pack 1600

1x WT-550 Auto Rifle

Armory Small item
WT-550 Auto Rifle Crate 3280

3x WT-550 Auto Rifle

WT-550 Auto Rifle Ammo Crate 1500

4x wt550 magazine (4.6x30mm)

Bluespace Anchoring Device 3000

1x bluespace anchoring device



Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Anti-breach Shield Projector Crate 1000

2x anti-breach shield generator

APLU MK-I Crate 1500

1x Ripley chassis
1x Ripley torso
1x Ripley right arm
1x Ripley left arm
1x Ripley right leg
1x Ripley left leg
1x capacitor
1x scanning module
1x Ripley Central Control module (Exosuit Board)
1x Ripley Peripherals Control module (Exosuit Board)
1x exosuit drill
1x hydraulic clamp

Conveyor Assembly Crate 1200

30x conveyor belts
1x conveyor switch
1x set of instructions

Engineering Gear Crate 1000

3x toolbelt
3x hazard vest
3x welding helmet
3x hard hat
2x meson hud

Insulated Gloves Crate 1600

3x insulated gloves

Jetpack Crate 850 1x jetpack
Bulk Jetpack Crate 1750 3x jetpack
Combustion Jetpack Crate 1000 1x combustion jetpack
Space Shelter Capsule 1500 1x bluespace capsule

1x RCD 4x compressed matter cartdidges

NT-75 Electromagnetic Power Inducers Crate 2000

2x inducer (power cells included)

P.A.C.M.A.N. Generator Crate 2000

1x p.a.c.m.a.n. generator

Power Cell Crate 500

3x high-capacity power cell

Shuttle Engine Crate 5000 1x shuttle engine Chief Engineer
Toolbox Crate 700

3x electrical toolbox
3x mechanical toolbox

EngiVend Supply Crate 1100

1x Engi-Vend restocking Unit

Bluespace Artillery Parts 15000

1x Bluespace Artillery Bore (Machine Board)
1x Bluespace Artillery Fusor (Machine Board)
1x Bluespace Artillery Generator (Machine Board)
1x Bluespace Artillery Controls (Computer Board)

Only available if BSA is the current station goal, or if the round type is extended.
DNA Vault Parts 12000

1x DNA Vault (Machine Board)
5x DNA sampler

Only available if DNA Vault is the current station goal, or if the round type is extended.
DNA Vault Samplers 3000

5x DNA sampler

Only available if DNA Vault is the current station goal, or if the round type is extended.
Shield Generator Satellite 7000

7x meteor shield satellite

Only available if Station Shield is the current station goal, or if the round type is extended.
Shield System Control Board: 5000

1x Satellite Network Control (Computer Board)

Only available if Station Shield is the current station goal, or if the round type is extended.
Bluespace Harvester Parts 15000 1x bluespace harvester (Machine Board) Only available if Bluespace Harvester is the current station goal, or if the round type is extended.
Portable Pumps 1500 2x portable pumps
Portable Scrubbers 1500 2x portable scrubbers

Engine Construction

Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Emitter Crate 1200

2x emitter

CE Office
Field Generator Crate 1200

2x field generator

Grounding Rod Crate 700

4x grounding rod

Particle Accelerator Crate 2700

1x EM acceleration chamber
1x particle accelerator control console
3x electromagnetic containment grid
1x particle focusing EM lens
1x alpha particle generation array

Radiation Collector Crate 2200

3x radiation collector array

Singularity Generator Crate 4700

1x gravitational singularity generator

Solar Panel Crate 1700

21x solar panel assembly
1x circuit board (solar control)
1x tracker electronics
1x paper- 'going green! setup your own solar array instructions.'

Supermatter Shard Crate 10000

1x supermatter shard

CE Office
Tesla Coil Crate 1200

4x tesla coil

Tesla Generator Crate 5000

1x tesla singularity generator

Canisters & Materials

Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
50 Cardboard Sheets 1000

50x cardboard

50 Glass Sheets 1000

50x glass

250 Glass Sheets 2800 250x glass
50 Metal Sheets 1000

50x metal

250 Metal Sheets 2800 250x metal
20 Plasteel Sheets 7200

20x plasteel

50 Plasteel Sheets 14000

50x plasteel

20 Copper Sheets 1000 20x copper
50 Copper Sheets 1500 50x copper
50 Plastic Sheets 1000

50x plastic

30 Sandstone Blocks 1100

30x sandstone brick

50 Wood Planks 1700

50x wooden plank

BZ Canister Crate 8000

1x BZ canister

Toxins Storage
Carbon Dioxide Canister 1200

1x carbon dioxide canister

Firefighting Foam Tank Crate 1500

1x firefighting foam tank

Fuel tank crate 800

1x fuel tank

Large Water Tank Crate 1200

1x high-capacity water tank

Nitrogen Canister 2000

1x nitrogen canister

Nitrous Oxide Canister 3000

1x nitrous oxide canister

Oxygen Canister 800

1x oxygen canister

Water Tank Crate 750

1x water tank

Water Vapor Canister 2500

1x water vapor canister


Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Blood Pack Variety Crate 3500

2x Empty blood bag

1x A+ Blood
1x A- Blood

1x B+ Blood
1x B- Blood

1x O+ Blood
1x O- Blood

1x L- Blood (lizard)
1x Liquid Electricity pack (ethereal)

1x Slime Jelly pack (oozeling)

Synthflesh Resupply Pack 1400 4x synthflesh carton
First Aid Kit 1500

3x first-aid kit

Bruise Treatment Kit 1400

3x brute trauma treatment kit

Burn Treatment Kit 1400

3x burn treatment kit

Oxygen Deprivation Kit 1400

3x oxygen deprivation treatment kit

Toxin Treatment Kit 1400

3x toxin treatment kit

Chemical Starter Kit Crate 1000

1x bottle of hydrogen
1x bottle of carbon
1x bottle of nitrogen
1x bottle of oxygen
1x bottle of fluorine
1x bottle of phosphorus
1x bottle of silicon
1x bottle of chlorine
1x bottle of radium
1x bottle of sulfuric acid
1x bottle of ethanol
1x bottle of potassium

1x bottle of sugar
1x science goggles
1x dropper
1x box of beakers

Each bottle contains 30u chemicals.
Defibrillator Crate 1800

2x defibrillator

IV Drip Crate 800

3x IV drip machine

Medical Supplies crate 2000

Ten random items out of:
1x charcoal bottle
1x epinephrine bottle
1x morphine bottle
1x toxin bottle
1x large beaker
1x insulin pill
1x medical gauze
1x box of beakers
1x box of medical prays
1x box of syringes
1x box of bodybags
1x first-aid kit
1x oxygen deprivation treatment kit
1x toxin treatment kit
1x brute trauma treatment kit
1x burn treatment kit
1x defibrillator
1x O- Blood pack
1x pill bottle containing 3x brute patch and 1x burn patch
1x neurine pill (10u)
1x NanoMed Plus restocking unit

Surgical Supplies Crate 3000

1x roller bed
1x sterilizer spray

a surgical duffel bag containing:
1x scalpel
1x hemostat
1x retractor
1x circular saw
1x surgical drill
1x cautery
1x surgical drapes
1x sterile mask
1x electric razor

Heavy-Duty Saline Canister 1200

1x saline drip

Medbay A 5000u container with Saline-Glucose Solution.
Virus Sample Crate 6000 5x random viruses Virology
Junior Epidemiology Kit 1400 1x monkeycube

1x virus food bottle

1x mutagen bottle

1x formaldehyde

1x synaptizine

1x box of beakers

1x virologist action figure

Medical Vending Crate 1500

1x NanoMed restocking unit
1x NanoMed Plus restocking unit

Virus crate 2000

1x (fake)GBS culture bottle
1x magnitis culture bottle
1x Pierrot's Throat culture bottle
1x brainrot culture bottle
1x anxiety culture bottle
1x beesease culture bottle

CMO Office
Virus Extrapolator Supply Crate 4500 3x viral extrapolator Virology
Pandemic Replacement Crate 7500 1x P.A.N.D.E.M.I.C. machine Virology


Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Plasma Assembly Crate 1000

3x plasma tank

3x igniter

3x proximity sensor

3x timer

Toxins Storage
Robotics Assembly Crate 1500

4x proximity sensor
2x empty first aid kit
2x health analyzer
2x firefighter helmet
2x mechanical toolbox
2x cleanbot assembly

Recharging Station Crate 2500 5x iron sheet

5x cable coil 1x Cyborg Recharger Board 1x capacitor 1x powercell 1x manipulator

NT-50 Inducers Crate 1000 2x inducer
RPED Crate 800

1x RPED (Rapid Part Exchange Device) containing 10x of each tier 1 stock part

Shield Generator Crate 1700

4x shield generator

Tablet Crate 1200

1x modular restocking unit

Monkey Mind Magnification Helmet Crate 1500 2x monkey sentience helmet
Tank Transfer Valve Crate 4000

2x tank transfer valve

RD Office
Xenobio Lab Crate 10000 2x grey slime extract

1x plasma syringe 1x xenobiology computer circuitboard 1x slime processor circuitboard



Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Cargo Supplies Crate 700

1x GRANTED rubber stamp
1x DENIED rubber stamp
1x export scanner
1x destination tagger
1x hand labeler
1x stack of package wrapper

High-traction Floor Tiles 800

30x no-slip floor tiles

Bulk High-traction Floor Tiles 2000 120x no-slip floor tiles
Janitorial Supplies Crate 800

3x bucket
1x mop

1x pushbroom
3x wet floor sign
1x trash bag
1x space cleaner
1x damp rag
3x cleaner grenade

Janitorial Cart and Galoshes Crate 1000

1x janitorial cart
1x galoshes

Janitor Backpack Crate 700

1x janitor backpack watertank

MULEbot Crate 1700

1x mulebot

Party Equipment Crate 1500

1x box of drinking glasses
1x shaker
1x Wrapp Artiste Patron
1x College Girl Goldschlager
1x Party Capsule
2x Magm-Ale
4x space beer
7x glowstick (7 different colors)

Premium Carpet Crate 700

100x carpet
100x black carpet

Exotic Carpet Crate 2000 100x blue carpet

100x cyan carpet 100x green carpet 1000x orange carpet 100x purple carpet 100x red carpet 100x royal blue carpet 100x eighties carpet 100x royal black carpet

Replacement Lights 800

4x box of replacement bulbs

Shaft Miner Starting kit 800 1x mining conscript dufflebag
Booze-o-mat and Coffee Supply Crate 1200

1x Booze-O-Mat restocking unit
1x Solar's Best Hot Drinks restocking

Cigarette Supply Crate 1200

1x ShadyCigs Deluxe restocking unit

Dinnerware Supply Crate 800

1x Dinnerware restocking Unit

Games Supply Crate 800

1x Good Clean Fun restocking unit

Imported Vending Machines 3000

1x Sustenance restocking Unit
1x Robotech Deluxe restocking Unit
1x BODA restocking Unit
1x Robco Tool Maker restocking Unit

PTech Supply Crate 800

1x PTech restocking Unit

Snack Supply Crate 800

1x Getmore Chocolate Corp restocking unit

Softdrinks Supply Crate 800

1x Robust Softdrinks restocking unit

Vendomat Supply Crate 800

1x Vendomat restocking Unit

Donk Pocket Variety Crate 1500

1x box of donkpocket teriyaki

1x box of donkpocket pizza

1x box of donkpocket berry

1x box of donkpocket honk

Food & Hydroponics

Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Beekeper Suit Crate 800

2x Beekeeper suit
2x Beekeeper helmet

Beekeping Starter Crate 1400

1x Apiary
3x Honey Frame
1x Queen Bee
1x Beekeeper suit
1x Beekeeper helmet
1x flyswatter

Excellent Meat Crate 1700

15x random meat

Exotic Seeds Crate 1000

1x pack of nettle seeds
3x pack of replica pod seeds
1x pack of plump-helmet mycelium
1x pack of liberty-cap mycelium
1x pack of fly amanita mycelium
1x pack of reishi mycelium
1x pack of banana seeds

1x pack of bamboo
1x pack of egg-plant seeds
2x pack of rainbow bunch seeds
2x pack of strange seeds

Food Crate 1000

1x flour sack
1x rice sack
1x space milk
1x soymilk
1x salt shaker
1x peppermill
1x egg box
1x universal enzyme
1x sugar
1x meat
3x banana

Fruit Crate 1200

15 random fruits out of:
1x lime
1x orange
1x watermelon
1x apple
1x berries
1x lemon

High-yield Clown-grade Cream Pie Crate 6000

1x duffel bag filled with 10x cream pies

Contraband – requires hacking the console. The crate is named 'Party equipment crate'
Hydroponics Crate 800

2x Plant-B-Gone spray
2x ammonia bottle
1x hatchet
1x cultivator
1x plant analyzer
1x botanist's leather gloves
1x apron
1x plant data disks box

Hydroponics Backpack Crate 700

1x backpack water tank

Pizza Crate 5000

1x margherita pizza
1x mushroom pizza
1x meat pizza
1x vegetable pizza
1x pineapple pizza

Potted Plant Crate 550

5x random potted plant

Seeds Crate 800

1x pack of chili seeds
1x pack of cotton seeds
1x pack of berry seeds
1x pack of corn seeds
1x pack of eggplant seeds
1x pack of tomato seeds
1x pack of soybean seeds
1x pack of wheat seeds
1x pack of rice seeds
1x pack of carrot seeds
1x pack of sunflower seeds
1x pack of chanterelle mycelium
1x pack of potato seeds
1x pack of sugarcane seeds

Vegetables Crate 1000

15 random vegetables out of:
1x chili
1x corn
1x tomato
1x potato
1x carrot
1x chanterelle
1x onion
1x pumpkin

Hydroponics Vending Machines Refills 1700

1x MegaSeed Servitor restocking Unit
1x NutriMax restocking Unit

Grilling Starter Kit 5000

5x Coal
1x Grill
1x Monkey Energy

Grilling Fuel Kit 2000

10x Coal
1x Monkey Energy

Beef Broth Bulk Crate 5000

10x Canned Beef Broth

Contraband – requires hacking the console.


Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Bird Crate 4000

5x parrot

Has a tiny chance a parrot is special.
Butterflies Crate 5000

1x box of butterflies

Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Cat Crate 5000

1x cat
1x pet collar
1x cat toy

Exotic Cat Crate 5500 1x Exotic cat

1x pet collar
1x cat toy

Exotic cat may be, original, breadcat, cak, space cat, or halal cat.
Chicken Crate 2000

1x chick

Corgi Crate 5000

1x corgi
1x pet collar

Cow Crate 3000

1x cow

Crab Rocket 5000

50x crab

Drop pod only
Exotic Corgi Crate 5500

1x exotic corgi of random color
1x pet collar

Fox Crate 5000

1x fox
1x pet collar

Goat Crate 2500

1x goat

Mothroach Crate 5000 1x mothroach
Monkey Cube Crate 1000

1x monkey cube box

Pug Crate 5000

1x pug
1x pet collar

Bull Terrier Crate 5000 1x bullterrier

1x per collar

Snake Crate 3000

3x snake

Customes & Toys

Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Collectable Hats Crate 20000 Three random items out of:

collectable chef's hat
collectable paper hat
collectable top hat
collectable captain's hat
collectable beret
collectable welding helmet
collectable flat cap
collectable pirate hat
collectable kitty ears
collectable rabbit ears
collectable wizard's hat
collectable hard hat
collectable HoS hat
collectable HoP hat
collectable Thunderdome helmet
collectable SWAT helmet
collectable slime hat
collectable police officer's hat
collectable xenomorph helmet!
ultra rare Pete's hat!

Contraband crate 3000

Seven random items out of:

2x random rolled-up contraband poster
1x pack of cannabis seeds
1x pack of rainbow weed seeds
1x pack of lifeweed seeds
1x suspicious pill bottle containing "yellow pills"
1x suspicious pill bottle containing "happy pills"
1x suspicious pill bottle containing "sunshine pills"
1x suspicious pill bottle containing "smooth pills"
1x suspicious pill bottle containing "stimulant pills" (not actual stimulant)
1x suspicious looking deck of cards
1x [MOVE ALONG CITIZEN] extra-strong absinthe
1x tacticool turtleneck
1x pack of syndicate cigarettes
1x Shady Jim's Super Slims packet
1x syndicate mask
1x gold necklace
1x Donksoft Toy Vendor restocking unit

Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Foam Force Pistols Crate 4000

2x foam force pistol
2x foam force pistol magazine, loaded with foam darts

Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Foam Force Crate 1000

8x foam force shotgun

Formalwear Crate 3000

1x black tango dress
2x formal assistant jumpsuit
1x blue suit
1x blue suit jacket
1x purple suit
1x purple suit jacket
1x black suit
1x black suit jacket
1x waistcoat

1x blue tie
1x red tie
1x black tie

1x bowler hat
1x fedora
1x flat cap
1x beret
1x top-hat

3x laceup shoes

1x charcoal suit
1x navy suit
1x burgundy suit
1x checkered suit
1x tan suit

1x lipstick (of random color)

Hilarious Firing Pin Crate 5000

1x hilarious firing pin (makes guns honk instead of shoot)

Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Laser Tag Firing Pin Crate 3000

1x box of laser tag firing pins (guns only firable when wearing same color laser tag armor)

Contraband – requires hacking the console.
Laser Tag Crate 1500

3x red laser tag gun
3x blue laser tag gun

3x red laser tag armor
3x blue laser tag armor
3x red laser tag helmet
3x blue laser tag helmet

Mech Pilot's Suit Crate 1500

1x red mech pilot's suit
1x white mech pilot's suit
1x blue mech pilot's suit

No longer exists
Original Costume Crate 1000

1x snowman suit
1x snowman suit head
1x chicken suit
1x chicken suit head
1x monkey suit
1x monkey mask
1x cardborg suit
1x cardborg helmet
1x xeno suit
1x xeno suit head
1x corgi costume
1x carp costume
1x bee costume

Standard Costume Crate 1000

1x Giggles Von Honkerton
1x clown shoes
1x clown wig and mask
1x clown suit
1x bike horn

1x mime's outfit
1x black shoes
1x white gloves
1x mime mask
1x french beret
1x suspenders
1x bottle of nothing
1x Parcel Parceaux

Toy Crate 5000

5 random prizes usually found in arcade machines.

Wizard Costume Crate 2000

1x wizard staff
1x wizard robe
1x wizard hat
1x sandals

White Chess Piece Crate 800 1x cardboard cutout white king

1x cardboard cutout white queen 2x cardboard cutout white rook 2x cardboard cutout white knight 2x cardboard cutout white bishop 8x cardboard cutout white pawn

Black Chess Piece Crate 800 1x cardboard cutout black king

1x cardboard cutout black queen 2x cardboard cutout black rook 2x cardboard cutout black knight 2x cardboard cutout black bishop 8x cardboard cutout black pawn

Plushie Crate 1500 5x random plushies
Autodrobe Supply Crate 800

1x AutoDrobe restocking unit

Cargo Wardrobe Supply Crate 800

1x CargoDrobe restocking unit

ClothesMate Wardrobe Supply Crate 800 1x ClothesMate restocking unit
Engineering Wardrobe Supply Crate 800

1x EngiDrobe restocking unit
1x AtmosDrobe restocking unit

General Wardrobes Supply Crate 1200

1x CuraDrobe restocking unit
1x BarDrobe restocking unit
1x ChefDrobe restocking unit
1x JaniDrobe restocking unit
1x ChapDrobe restocking unit

Hydrobe Supply Crate 600

1x HyDrobe restocking unit

Medical Wardrobe Supply Crate 1200

1x MediDrobe restocking unit
1x ChemDrobe restocking unit
1x GeneDrobe restocking unit
1x ViroDrobe restocking unit

Science Wardrobe Supply Crate 800

1x RoboDrobe restocking unit
1x SciDrobe restocking unit

Security Wardrobe Supply Crate 1000

1x SecDrobe restocking unit

1x DetDrobe restocking unit
1x LawDrobe restocking unit

Miscellaneous Supplies

Name Cost in credits Contents Access required Notes
Art Supplies 500

2x easel

2x 19x19 canvas

2x 23x19 canvas

2x 23x23 canvas
2x rainbow crayon

Aquarium Kit 2000 1x fish catalog

3x random freshwater fish case 1x fish feed 1x aquarium props 1x aquarium kit

Aquarium Fish Case 600 1x random fish case
Bicycle Crate: 1,000,000

1x bicycle

You are not expected to actually afford this.
Big Band Instrument Collection: 800

1x violin
1x guitar
1x glockenspiel
1x accordion
1x saxophone
1x trombone
1x recorder
1x harmonica
1x piano

Book Crate 1200

1x Codex Gigas
3x random manuals
3x random books

Bureaucracy Crate 800

1x film cartridge
1x hand labeler
2x hand labeler paper roll
1x paper bin
2x pen (fourcolor)
4x pen (grey/fountain/blue/red)
3x folder (blue/red/yellow)
2x clipboard
1x GRANTED rubber stamp
1x DENIED rubber stamp
1x laser pointer

Calligraphy Crate 800

1x box of fountain pens (7 pens)

Festive Wrapping Paper Crate: 800

1x stack of 25 wrapping paper (fancy)

Funeral Supply Crate 800

1x burial garments
1x harebell
1x geranium

Delivered in a coffin.
Religious Supplies Crate 4000

2x flask of holy water
2x bible

1x rosary
2x follower hoodie

The bibles have something secret stored.

Toner Crate 800

6x toner cartridge

Toner Crate (Large) 3000 6x large toner cartridge