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NanoTrasen's legal department has compiled these following list of objects and items to enable local security forces to more easily and uniformly enforce the varying possession and theft charges across NT controlled space. While these lists are not exhaustive, they should be seen as guides for which charge is appropriate for possession or theft of said controlled objects and items. Modifiers such as elevated sentencing can still apply if appropriate to the situation.

Items which can be considered within the normal scope of an individual's jobs should not at any point be considered contraband.

Common sense needs to be used in their application - while a tank of plasma is certainly appropriate for possession charge on a Janitor, its not at all concerning or worth charging as crime when found on an Atmospheric Technician.

In some occasions, such as cargo bounties, items which may be considered contraband can be issued to crew. To avoid trouble with the law, signed and stamped permission slips should be given out in these situations.

For instance, if the CE wishes to lend out their blueprints to an engineer, said engineer should be given written permission to posses the item, so that no issues arise.

High Risk Items

High risk items are those items which are unique, and may prove extremely dangerous either if misused, or placed in the wrong hands.

High Risk Items
Picture Item/Object Name Description
Captain's Antique Laser Gun This is a special, engraved gun, made with real Assistant leather (which is odd because human skin makes terrible leather).

This gun is kept in a glass case in the Captain's Quarters, but is hooked up with an anti-theft system. Breaking the case will trigger a lockdown, shutting and bolting all the doors out of the room, and alerting the AI. Keep this in mind, and plan your heist before you carry it out.

What makes this gun so special? It automatically regenerates energy without any draw backs. Enemy agents would kill to steal this for research. They do exactly that a lot.

X-01 MultiPhase Energy Gun A Unique weapon held only by the Head of Security. Functions essentially as a more advanced energy gun, capable of firing in disable, ion, and lethal laser modes. If it's not in Head of Security's locker where it spawns, it's likely carried by the Head of Security.
Portable Teleportation Devices Any and all portable teleportation devices, including but not limited to the hand teleporter.
A functional AI unit A functional AI unit, held either in an intellicard or whole with case.
Plutonium Core The payload of the station's on-board nuke. Highly radioactive.
Supermatter Sliver A shard from the station's Supermatter Engine. Highly dangerous to most materials upon touch.
Nuclear Authentication Disk This disk contains the codes needed to unlock nuclear devices used to destroy the entire station.
Reactive Teleport Armor Experimental blue-space armor. While active, will attempt to protect it's wearer by displacing them away from physical harm. Due to its oversensitive sensors, it is not recommended for casual use.

Inherently dangerous equipment

These items are typically profiled by being inherently dangerous when used in their intended fashion.

Illegal Inherently dangerous equipment
Picture Item/Object Name Description
Krav Maga Gloves Using advanced NanoTrasen technology integrated into this pair of otherwise ordinary and slightly padded gloves the user is able to perform a few select Krav Maga techniques.
More than 30 moles of plasma Plasma mined by NanoTrasen is very rare to get in many places of the galaxy, and many people want it to make military grade explosives and rival plasma research. It is also highly toxic when ingested or inhaled.
Energy swords Energy Swords, including sabers and other variants, are not permissible equipment for any local force, though Central Command may issue them to Commanders, Admirals or Emergency Response Teams
Stechkin Pistols These Syndicate manufactured Pistols are standard issue for many Syndicate agents and their use is not permitted by NanoTrasen employees.
Throwing stars Having a primary purpose of causing harm in a cowardly way, these are not toys and highly regulated.
.357 revolver This extremely deadly revolver is not permissible equipment for any NanoTrasen employee, though similar (but technically different) revolvers may in some cases be issued to ranking Central Command forces.
Explosive Devices Having a primary use of causing destruction any explosive devices are not permitted on station outside of research or mining purposes.
Unused slime extracts with dangerous or severe effects Extracts that can stop time, serve as explosives or similar fall here. Not those that just materialize food.
Flamethrowers With the potential to make entire areas uninhabitable, the deadliness of this device depends on what you put in. Even just a basic tank of plasma makes for some spicy hot air though. Being potentially great at area denial, this device should be reserved for use in utter emergencies like the cult summoning their god.
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) devices Since large parts of the stations equipment, and its synthetic life forms, are vulnerable to harm by EMP, These types of devices should be considered destructive and dangerous.
Unauthorized implants which have a sole purpose of injuring others Such implants which have been seen are energy saws, Electromagnetic Pulse devices, and microbombs.
Equipment which has a primary purpose of causing harm to others, or large amounts of destruction This is a catch all for dangerous equipment that is not explicitly listed elsewhere. Primary use is the deciding factor here, not capability. This means that a spear falls here, but not a butchers knife - since the knifes purpose is not to harm but to cut meats in the kitchen.

Contraband Equipment

These items are not authorized for use by Nanotrasen employees which would not normally have access to the equipment to perform their assigned duties. This includes non-registered, non-harmful implants, security equipment for non-security crew, non-approved posters, guides for illegal activity, and most non-Nanotrasen origin equipment.

Contraband Equipment
Image Object/Item Name Description
Captain’s Jetpack The Captains Jetpack is a special model not approved for use by lesser ranking crew
Medal of Captaincy The Captains medal is a sign of his legitimacy and thereby not to be possessed by anyone that is not the captain.
Advanced Magnetic Boots The advanced MagBoots are not intended for use by anyone besides the Chief Engineer due to their advanced technology
Station Blueprints The Station Blueprints are not meant to be carried or used without the express written permission of the Chief Engineer due to the large potential for bureaucratic nightmares involved with messing up station designations
Secret Documents These are not be held by anyone unauthorized since they are secret. Please note that possession of NanoTrasen corporate secrets by personnel without appropriate security clearance is also reason to charge for Corporate Espionage if appropriate.
Station blackbox recorders These are meant to remain in place so they can record the events that lead to a station's possible downfall for later recovery and analysis. Y'know, like a blackbox. Please note that possession of these by personnel without appropriate authorization or security clearance is also reason to charge for Corporate Espionage, when appropriate.
Unused slime extracts with benign or superficial effects Crew should not be carrying these without a good reason to. Anything benign (harmless) like spawning food goes here - more dangerous extracts like those that explode are considered Inherently Dangerous Equipment.
Hypospray This cutting edge technology should only be held by the assigned Chief Medical Officer, or a user authorized by the CMO until it can become widespread.
Contraband posters Posters not authorized by NanoTrassen are prone to causing thoughts that NT would rather their employees avoid, and are as such strictly regulated.
Reflector Vests This vest excels in protecting the wearer against energy projectiles, as well as occasionally reflecting them.
Cryptographic Sequencer While not inherently Dangerous, these devices are intended to bypass various security or safety features of station equipment and can cause equipment to become hazardous.
Blood-red syndicate hardsuit The natural sign of the Syndicate elite forces, such as nuclear operatives. Please note that non-space worthy replicas are exempt from regulation.
Syndicate space suit While not as striking as the Syndicates hardsuits. Please note that non-space worthy replicas are exempt from regulation.
PDA cartridges of non-nanotrasen origins NanoTrassen issued PDAs are not cleared for use with any non-corporate issued equipment due to security concerns. Please note that due to the danger inherrent to them, detomatix cartridges go should be charged as Inherently dangerous equipment.
Radio encryption keys Most radio channels are encrypted for good reason, and bypassing encryption for channels one is not meant to have access to is not authorized.
Unauthorized implants Implants which serve little, limited, or no harmful purpose when used in their intended fashion. These implants may be registered either through a doctor in medical records, or by security in security records.
Power sink Causing Massive Issues Station-wide, these devices cost everyone time and money and lower work efficiency.
Radio jamming equipment The Station's communication equipment should not be disrupted. Devices to do this, be it by direct jamming or filling the channels with useless noise, are not permitted.
Standard security equipment Only member of Security, or Deputies, should posses security equipment. That's why it is called "security" equipment.
Voice changing equipment Any equipment that allows the changing of one's voice
Ritualistic equipment of non-standard religions All equipment produced or employed specifically by banned religious congregations and other heretical practitioners.
Equipment of non-NanoTrasen origin. This is a catch-all for all equipment not produced by NanoTrassen or its subsidiaries.