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Maps on Beestation

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Outdated, removed, or not in rotation RuntimeStation, GlowStation, PubbyStation

FlandStation is the only active map entirely of Beestation creation. Developed by PigeonVerde in mid 2020, and first put in early rotation in late 2021. This map was intended to be an high population map with features from both Kilo and Pubby, alongside some homebrew additions, leading to an unusual yet unique design for each department leading to the rather atypical structure, alongside it's massive size.

Current Maintainer: PigeonVerde

Flandstation as of 2021-12-20. Click for full resolution.



  • One of, if not the biggest station currently in rotation.
  • A dedicated space on the port of the station with the monastery for the chaplain and curator, with the gateway for far off missions. Accessible by crossing the skybridge connecting the core of the station.
  • Multiple commissaries for setting up shop, two by arrival and one between EVA and medbay dedicated for food.

Command and Security

  • Security is located in the middle of the station, however it's permanent prison is located on the starboard quarter of the station which can act as a bastion in case things goes horribly haywire.
  • An ergonomic yet comfy setup for the bridge which bundles up all together with an easy to reach vault and AI.
  • The AI core is attached to the station instead of being off the station, same for the Telecommunication chamber.


  • Snazzy central cafeteria with a compact, yet well stocked food preparation facilities in both the bar and the kitchen.
  • Janitorial closet in an easy access by the arrival lobby.


  • Two entrances for medical, one next to Botany, the other one next to the departure.
  • A dedicated chemistry Factory lab to generate any kind of chem without clogging the corridors.
  • Reinforced virology lab within the station, with it's own dedicated Air distribution and disposals.


  • A rich ambient for your science projects, with a slightly larger Server room for speeding up your research capabilities without stealing xenobiology's dedicated kill room.
  • Toxins connected with atmospherics to have your cannisters refilled with ease.
  • A rest room in the middle of science.


  • An unusual L shape Atmospheric setting.
  • A wide foyer for your side experiments.
  • A big turbine room for your warcrimes Fusion engines.


  • Extensive hallways to traverse.
  • Big crew quarters for taking rest.
  • Hidden hobo hideaways in the deepest recesses of the maintenance shafts-abandoned speakeasies and other maintenance stuff.


History and Development

Numerous tweaks and refinements have been made since the map's creation by PigeonVerde and with the support of the Beestation community!


The development of the station began in late 2020, with a concept of hybridizing Pubby with the focus of having a big population before the popcap.


After a brief hiatus, the development of the map resumed very swiftly with the publishing on github and first playtest on the 25th of October 2021, after that many versions followed tweaking many oddities and broken stuff.


At the beginning of the new year, the map was merged in game, after that, 4 service packs happened, which where fixes related to the station and quality of life changes.