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Maps on Beestation


In Use BoxStation, CorgStation, DeltaStation, MetaStation, PubbyStation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation AsteroidStation, BirdboatStation, CereStation, Discstation, Dreamstation, EfficiencyStation, KiloStation, MiniStation, OmegaStation, RuntimeStation, Donutstation


CorgStation is a fully-functioning map available on the bee codebase. It is currently the only map unique to beestation, not taking any major inspiration from another map. It has some unique features not seen as well. Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the BeeStation forums.

File:Https:// o.png
Corgstation before the Multi-Z update

Key points to note are that:

  • The armory is located deeper inside the station next to the bridge. You will have to break through multiple reinforced walls to get inside.
  • Cargo bay gets two sets of mining hardsuit at the start of the round.
  • There is an Asteroid satellite that only has maintenance rooms.
  • AI upload is located in the AI satellite and is easier to break in.

Click here for a guide to setting up the SM on CorgStation