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Maps not listed here can be found at the amalgation page.

Map Rotation

The Map Rotation system currently works on a combination of voting and checking the amount of people on the server to choose a suitable map.

The current, and next selected, map information are located in the 'Status' tab.

Maps In Rotation

These maps are currently in rotation, and can be selected and played on, the numbers in the brackets show how many people must be on the server for the map to be considered in rotation.

BoxStation (0-60 people)

Map Image Information Additional Points
Box Station is widely regarded as the "official" map of SS13. It may be confusing at first, but it is actually neatly organized, so that every department gets their own wing. The Command Sector is in a centralized location, holding the Bridge, the Gravity Generator and the AI Upload. Other departments extend out into various wings around the command sector. Notes
  • The station is heavily central on the starboard wing -- all the action happens there.
  • There are several small crevices to perform distasteful acts.
  • Maintenance is designed to provide an outer shell to most of the station.
  • All locations information on this wiki is sourced from Box station.

MetaStation (0-100 people)

Map Image Information Additional Points
MetaStation is a fully-functioning map available on the beestation codebase. Various edited versions have run on NoxStation, /vg/, and Paradise Station. It is largely maintained and updated by the community, it is one of the oldest maps in the code but its general layout has stayed the same Notes
  • It is geared towards higher populations than BoxStation.
  • Key areas are more evenly spread to reduce local overcrowding.
  • It feels much more open, attacks in public are harder to get away with.
  • It has a large maintenance system covering most of the station, useful for stealthier tactics.
  • The escape shuttle has more seats, a large cargo bay, and larger medbay, brig, and bridge.

PubbyStation (0-50 people)

Map Image Information Additional Points
Pubby Station is a map inspired by Box and Meta but smaller and pure, it was created by pubby. Notes
  • The map plays best with 20-40 players.
  • The Chaplain and Curator get an entire space monastery.
  • The Supermatter is forced to use a TEG.

DeltaStation (40-inf people)

Map Image Information Additional Points
Delta Station is a map heavily influenced by Meta and Box, with a large centralized bridge area. Intended for higher populations, the map features a more fleshed out and spacious interior lushly decorated and accomodating a large number of potted plants. A large maintenance with a number of useful half-built rooms and areas give antagonists a large variety of spacious areas to make their on station bases and hiding places. It is currently maintained by Okand37. Notes
  • This map is best suited for 50+ players.
  • An expansive maintenance is included with this station, largely recognized as a 'second station' with a number of areas, tools, items and machines.
  • The Supermatter is located in Atmospherics.

FlandStation (40-inf people)

Map Image Information Additional Points
A former Syndicate outpost that Nanotrasen took over.

Fland Station is a map designed with high population in mind. This station's departments are pretty spread out, the map featuring large common areas and hallways for the crew to enjoy.

It also features unusual designs that aren't shared by any other stations, such as the Prison Wing being on an asteroid and the Brig being located at the core of the station.

This map was created and is being maintained by PigeonVerde.


KiloStation (0 - 50 people )

Map Image Information Additional Points
Kilo Station is an old model Nanotrasen station, built into the side of an asteroid.

It is a tight and compact map, featuring expansive maintenance and detail-packed areas. Rusted walls, boarded up maintenance rooms and areas with cosmetic damage are common. An abandoned freight dock in a nearby asteroid provides a good spot for any entrepreneurial cults or antagonists needing a base of operations. It was created by Okand37.

  • This map is best suited for 0-50 players.
  • An abandoned freight dock is located in an asteroid north-east of the station.
  • Many low traffic areas such as the bar, chapel and library are in the center of the map rather than the edges, to boost their use and visibility.
  • Arrivals and Departures are connected.