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Legacy Maps

These are maps historically important to the codebase but never implemented into Beestation proper. Please do not alter this page greatly. It is meant to be mostly preserved in its historical state.


Donutstation as of 11-28-2018. Click for full resolution.


Donutstation is a faithful recreation of the original 2012 Goonstation map called, well, Donutstation. Keeping in theme with the original layout, most of the design stays the same while bringing it to a modern age and a different code branch.

Key points to note are that:

  • The map itself is based on a circular design, with one major hallway that connects every department.
  • A supermatter engine is placed in the middle of the station within it's own isolated satellite, making direct sabotage harder but the effects of engine destruction much more likely felt by the crew past Engineering itself.
  • Dual-prong escape wing with a custom shuttle to fit said design.
  • Disposals loop directly into the waste disposal room instead of having a mid-way at cargo. Better hope that the crusher isn't emagged.
  • Atmospherics uses gas miners for their gas production at a slower rate, meaning gas spills are more dangerous but won't ruin the station's entire supply if done once.
  • The distro/waste loop takes advantage of the layered piping mechanic for a cleaner pipe layout.
  • The AI core and Telecomms are separate satellites attached to the bottom section of the station.
  • The bridge is a larger section with their own emergency room, fit with tools and even a space-worthy suit for when shit inevitably goes down.

Further info regarding Donutstation can be found in this thread on the /tg/ forums, showing the initial progress and updates. Feedback is welcomed.

Planned Changes

To suggest changes, click here.


Updated 3-22-2019. The singularity engine was replaced with a supermatter, requiring a revamp of Engineering and the pronged arms extending off from the engine room itself.


AsteroidStationView High Quality Image
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/-codebase. #18661


AsteroidStation is a Nanotrasen facility embedded into a gigantic asteroid. AsteroidStation is a replacement for MetaStation, which was previously run on Badger, and is now the default map on the second official /tg/ server, It has not been play-tested very extensively, but has been generally well received. Due to this lack of play-testing, there some bugs, and gameplay changes and balancing still need to be made.

Key points to note are that:

  • The map plays best with 30+ players.
  • The only change is the layout - functionality is the same.
  • It feels much bigger and more open, attacks in public are harder to get away with.
  • It has a much larger maintenance system, useful for stealthier tactics.
  • The escape shuttle is larger, with a cargo hold for valuable gear.
  • All jobs have local maint. access to their nearest public hallway.
  • Atmos and Power have local "checkpoints" to make it harder to sabotage the entire station, but easier to sabotage specific departments.

Development news are posted in this changelog.

Feedback should be posted in this thread on the forums.


Birdboat Station
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/-codebase. #23754

Supermatter Engine Guide

You can do these steps in any order, but this order guarantees that the engine will not overheat while you are busy reading this text.

  • Step 0: Go get engineering goggles and make sure to wear them whenever you are near the supermatter engine.
  • Step 1: Locate the oxygen pipe in the supermatter room. It is a cyan colored pipe that enters the room from space. Find the oxygen pump that is turned off and turn it on. Notice that it is set to 2000kPa, do not increase this.
  • Step 2: Make note of all the other pumps that are already turned on in this room. Set these pumps to the highest possible pressure settings. Make sure to exclude the pump in step 1 or you will risk the engine exploding.
  • Step 3: Locate the filters in the room. They are close to the green colored pipes. Turn both of these on and set them to the highest possible pressure settings.
  • Step 4: Step over to the air alarm and unlock it (note that you do not need engineering access for this). Navigate to the vents menu and turn the bottom 4 vents on. Set the vent pressure limit to external only and set the pressure as high as possible. After this, navigate the scrubber menu and set the scrubber to syphon and the range to extended. Make sure that the scrubber is not set to scrub, or you will risk overheating the engine.
  • Step 5: Turn on the emitters. If you did everything correctly, the supermatter crystal will be able to handle all 3 and possibly more, but if you are not very confident, try 2. Only 1 emitter is not recommended as it will produce only minimal amounts of power.
  • Step 6: Go get 5 plasma tanks from the engineering equipment room, put them into the radiation collectors and turn them on.
  • Step 7: Configure the SMES. 100kW output from all SMES units combined is a good amount of power for the station.


CereStation, last updated 2017/05/31.
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/station-codebase. #30196


CereStation is a map with influence from MetaStation and DeltaStation, but with an attempt at creating isolation aspects even on larger crew populations.

Feedback thread: https://tgstation13.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8831


Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/-codebase. #15069


DiscStation, last updated 2015/10/15.

DiscStation is a partially-functioning map available on the bee codebase as an alternative to the default map. It is currently maintained by JackHunt.

The map is based around large, 5-wide corridors and spaced out departments to distribute traffic evenly. For speedy transportation around the station, transit tube stations are arrayed around the inside and there is a transit hub on the tip of the Starboard arm. Escape pods are located at the top of each arm, at arrivals on the base of the Starboard arm and below recreation at the aft of the station. Maintenance is much less angular than on other maps and often bends and twists making it hard to keep track of targets and hard to navigate speedily.


Dreamstation, last updated 2015/10/22.
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/-codebase. #22305


Dreamstation This map is no longer used as a default included map on bee

Feedback regarding Dreamstation should be posted in this thread on the /tg/ forums.

TODO: Description and important points here

TODO: Write own wiki page instead of cribbing from Metacide



Efficiency Station 3.1.1b
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/station-codebase. #22306

The main idea behind Efficiency Station was to make mining the central part of the station, and to surround it with all the departments that immediately need it (robotics, R&D, chemistry, cargo, etc.) to minimize transport times. This design has changed over time, as well with what should directly border that central market area. Furthermore, I made sure to put the main departmental connections side-by-side (chemistry's acid to R&D, R&D to robotics, hydro to kitchen). After that it was just a matter of figuring out where to put security, the bridge, and engineering as medical and science would always be near the center.

-WJohnston, the developer

Efficiency Station is a map developed by WJohnston throughout 2013. Its multiple iterations have been trial run on the second server, Basil/Badger. Since its initial creation it has been rebuilt several times to become what it is today.

The project was officially abandoned in 2014, until it was once again picked up by Allura.

Development news is posted in this thread on the forums.

Efficiency Station Theory

Simplified layout of the Efficiency Station

Penned by Anna Day, annotations by Selene Avery, theory by Selene Avery & Anna Day

Efficiency Station is the most recent station to make the Nanotrasen roster.

The station stands out from other because of its large and complex maintenance. Avery: Closer inspection and cartography indicates they may not have been maintenance at all originally; large portions have lighting fixtures, space observation decks, and the like.

Observation of these maintenance shafts reveal large amounts of burn damage, and if you look carefully enough, you might even find a forgotten corpse. Avery: Our working theory is that the Nanotrasen portions of the station were built on top of an already existing base; there are many reasons to suspect this.

1) Plasma-reinforced, or 'plasteel,' walls appear almost nowhere in maintenance. Furthermore, they appear almost strictly in plasma-related areas: the Gateway, a piece of plasma-catalyzed Bluespace technology; the Teleporter, another such piece of equipment; Engineering and the Solars, both of which use plasma-based collection methods in the singularity engine or photovoltaic cells; Xenobiology and Miscellaneous Research and Containment, an area for securing the slimes - whose effects are plasma-catalyzed - as well as captured xenomorphs; Toxins (and the Incinerator burn chamber) for obvious reasons; and lastly, the security areas (Armory, Brig, etc.) are reinforced for obvious reasons, as well, but their design and placement indicates that they were added to the station later. There is also a chemistry lab in the maintenance sector with plasteel reinforcement. I have hypothesized that, in this location, early alternatives and variations on plasteel were tested, ultimately resulting in them testing a variant of it for their own walls. Lastly, a pair of other rooms in maintenance - a monkey pen of some sort and an undisclosed secret position - appear to have been reinforced later, for their own reasons.

Why has Nanotrasen built a new station on top of an old one? What happened to said station? The following is several shifts worth of guessing and observations.

Examination of maintenance shows several rooms that would not be commonly found on a standard research station, among them are: markets, extended dorms and a strip club. Avery: I'm telling you, it's a brothel. Also, there are even more unsavory things to be found, like several drug labs and an old prizefighting ring. The dried blood, crusted vomit, and wads of cash are still there.

Evidence supports the fact that the station may not have been a research station, but rather a civilian colony station, maybe even a trade outpost. Avery: Main evidence of this is a lot of paper currency and a ton of civilian housing.

If this is the case, why has the old station been destroyed by a plasma fire, when such a material never would have been available to a civilian population? A small pile of bones was found in the mysterious maintenance shaft, examining these bones showed signs of damage, a cracked skull, fractured femurs. This seems to be evidence of hostile actions on the station. Avery: Heaven and hell. Just found the old medbay's morgue. Blood and brains on the floor. And a tThis part of the text has been scribbled out

The question is: Who would attack a defenseless trade outpost, and why did Nanotrasen move in afterwards?

Perhaps Nanotrasen destroyed the station themselves? Maybe their deathsquads killed the inhabitants, and burned the evidence. But the question still remains, why? And why build a station on top of it?

More answers need to be found, and we may never truly know what happened. But, this is our theory. Avery: If you look at the spread of what you find, it looks like a squad entered at the fore starboard area and worked counterclockwise, ending with the station's last living people making a stand at the medbay; this is where there's the highest abundance of uncleaned remnants of the dead anThis part of the text has been scribbled out. Avery: The final answer we can give is "We have civilian areas to grow things, have recreation areas galore, and have medical. What was in the area where our main station is now? The answer is likely a combination of the local power core and a very large hangar for handling major amounts of shipping and other shuttle traffic. What we can't answer is why here, and why on the bodies of the civilians who lived here before us?


Simplified version of the MiniStation map.
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/station-codebase. #22453

What is it?

A mod of tgstation 13 that is modified for low population servers; with simplified jobs, maps, duties and command structure.

How do I get it?

Checkout the repo before the revert pr (see notice) and download it from then, you will need to update it to whatever modern standards you might be using

How do I run it?

Simply navigate to the _maps folder and tick ministation.dm, and only that file in the _maps folder, then compile and you will be running MiniStation.

Who is the target audience?

Server hosters who want to host a server for a player count of around 5 to 20 people.

What about the map?

The map has been created from the ground up with population size in mind. You can see the map to the right.

I need help

Giacom, the creator, can be found in #coderbus on irc.rizon.net if you require help.


Many jobs have been combined or just plainly cut out. These are the remaining jobs with their duties next to them.

  • Captain - Make sure your station is running.
  • Lieutenant - You're second in command, protect the Captain and be his right hand man.
  • Cargo Tech x3 - Running cargo bay and mining minerals for the station.
  • Bartender - Keeping the bar, serving drinks and food. Hire the unemployeed to grow food for you, or do it yourself.
  • Janitor - Cleans the station, removes litter and empty trash bins to be recycled by the crusher.
  • Station Engineer x4 - Keeping the power running and fixing station damage.
  • Security Officer x4 - Protecting the crewmembers and serving space law.
  • Detective - Using forensic science to help security officers catch criminals.
  • Scientist x4 - Research and development of new technologies and create bombs.
  • Medical Doctor x4 - Healing the crew, performing surgeries and cloning dead crew.
  • Chemist - Creating useful chemicals for the crew to use.
  • Clown - Create laughter and boost the morale of the crew. Honk!
  • Assistant x∞ - Not in charge at all.

There will be 26 job slots (not including Assistant) available on MiniStation; the HoP can add more from his ID computer. There is a more simplified command system, with the Captain being the big boss and the HoP being second in command. The heads will have control over all departments and jobs.

What else has changed?

Changes to the uplinks were made to discourage murderboning, the rest is much the same.

Station Power Source

MiniStation has an exceptional power source, called the Thermo-Electric Generator or TEG. See here how to set it up.


OmegaStation in its current state. Click for full resolution.
Note: This map has been removed from the /tg/-codebase. #40352

OmegaStation is a map created by Okand37. It is designed to be a lowpop map akin to the defunct MiniStation.

Heads of staff are limited to one Captain, one Head of Personnel, and one AI. Jobs such as medical doctors and engineers have their available slots reduced to accommodate the smaller station size.

Due to the small size and lack of head offices, many traitor target items are either inside regular department lockers, the vault or engineering secure storage.

OmegaStation has suffered from a history of poor maintenance, leading to despate spessmen committing HoPline suicide en masse after arriving here.

Removed jobs:

  • Head of Security
  • Warden
  • Lawyer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Quartermaster
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chemist
  • Geneticist
  • Virologist
  • Research Director

Removed departments/areas:

  • Gulag shuttle
  • Permabrig
  • Law office
  • CE/CMO/HoS/RD/QM offices
  • Genetics
  • Virology
  • Toxins
  • Circuitry

The feedback thread can be found here.