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Station Goals are special long-term objectives for the crew to pursue, which result in very special and powerful machines.

The Station Goal for each round is random, and communicated in the Blue Alert report at every communications console.


Bluespace Artillery

BSA cinematic.png

To complete this station goal you'll need to build a functional Bluespace Artillery!

Steps to Complete

  1. To start with, you'll need to order the circuit boards from cargo; the crate costs 15000 credits and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. It can be ordered multiple times.
  2. Next you need to set up three machine frames horizontally, and another machine frame below the middle, forming a T. When positioning it remember the cannon will destroy everything in front of it, so point it at space and not towards the station. The cannon will also require a 10 tile wide horizontal space to complete.
  3. Start building the machines. The Artillery Generator is the back part, the Artilery Bore is the front, and the Artillery Fusor goes in the middle. The machine frame below will be the console, and requires no parts.
  4. Collect the materials to make the machines. The Generator requires 5 Quadratic Capacitors, the Bore requires 5 Femto-Manipulators, and the Fusor requires 20 Bluespace Crystals.
  5. After you complete all the parts, use a multitool to link both ends of the artillery to the fusor in the middle. Then use the console to finalize the construction; if the full sprite appears, you now have a functional bluespace artillery.


Building the Bluespace Artillery will let you fire it at will! To do so it'll need a lot of power, drawn from the room's APC. The target is chosen with the console, which can aim at any GPS signal. Firing the Artillery will then obliterate the target and anything around it. The BSA is not limited by Z-Levels, and can be used towards lavaland or even CentCom, if you manage to get a GPS in there.

Remember to not stay in front of the artillery when it fires, unless you enjoy being vaporized!

DNA Vault

Dna vault cinematic.gif

To complete this station goal you'll need to build and stock a DNA Vault!

Steps to Complete

  1. To start with, you need to order the circuit boards from cargo; the crate costs 12000 credits and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. It can be ordered multiple times.
  2. Build a machine frame where you want the vault to be located. It corresponds to the top part seen in the image above. Ideally this should be built on a public or semi-public area to allow anyone to deliver DNA and to get the reward. Insert the board, 5 super capacitors and 5 pico-manipulators, then use a screwdriver on it to build the vault.
  3. Order at least a DNA Vault Samplers crate from cargo. Each costs 3000 credits and contains 5 DNA probes, which are reusable.
  4. Use the probes to collect DNA samples! You need:
    • 15-20 animal samples, obtained from scanning simple animals like Ian or slimes. Animals have to be of different species. Xenobiology is extremely helpful for this
    • 20-25 plant samples, obtained from scanning hydroponic trays with ready-to-harvest plants. Plants need to be of different species too; you'll have to mutate them to reach the quota.
    • 75% of the station's roundstart population in human samples. The samples do not necessarily have to be of the initial crew, and monkeymen can be used as well.
  5. Upload the samples onto the DNA Vault by using the samplers on it.
  6. When all the requirements are fulfilled, the DNA Vault will become active, fulfill the goal, and give genetic upgrades for free!


When a DNA Vault is complete, everyone who uses it receives a choice between two of these. Picking one will apply that upgrade permanently. This has no cost and can be done on anyone who visits the Vault.

  • Toxin Adaptation: Makes the user able to breathe toxins harmlessly, and gives total virus immunity.
  • Lung Enhancement: The user no longer needs to breathe. As a side effect, they'll take brute damage instead of oxygen when in crit.
  • Thermal Regulation: Makes the user fireproof while also causing them to take half burn damage from any source.
  • Neural Repathing: Halves stun times.
  • Bone Reinforcement: Gives a 30% armor bonus to all forms of damage.
  • Leg Muscle Stimulus: Move faster, less effected by slowdowns from wearing things that slow you down when worn
  • Arm Muscle Stimulus: Act faster, less cooldown between actions taken. Powergamer choice

Station Shield

Meteor shield.png

To complete this station goal you'll need to build a ring of meteor defense satellites!

Steps to Complete

  1. To begin, you will probably want to grab a hardsuit from either EVA storage, or engineering department
  2. As with most other station goals, the supplies you will need are going to need can be ordered from cargo.
    • The satellite crate, which comes with 3 satellites can be ordered for 3K points
    • The satellite board crate, which comes with the required computer board can be ordered for 5K points.
  3. I would recommend starting out with the satellite crate as it is both cheaper, and requires some moving around.
  4. Inside the satellite crate you will find 3 meteor point defense satellites which can only be activated in space, and will act as the shield to protect the station.
  5. Take the satellites into space, and activate them around the station. Some recommended locations are:
    • Near the AI sat, to protect the AI
    • Near to armory, to protect from being open to space
    • Near SM, to make sure it doesn't delaminate
  6. Feel free to order more than one sat crate. You can have many satellites online at a time.
  7. Next, you will need to get the board crate which, contains the board
  8. In a secure space, such as your office or the brig, construct a machine frame, wrench it down, add the board, and screwdriver it.
  9. ( It is worth noting that this is definitely the easiest station goal to get, you require nothing expect cargo points. )
  10. Finally, the console should be online, and you will be able to use your newfound point-defense satellites!


  • Fairly straightforward, you don't have to worry about meteors!
  • The satellites destroy meteors with pinpoint precision at a high range, no matter the speed or size!
  • They also generally reduce the chance of a meteor shower...
  • ...unless they're emagged, which will instead significantly increase the chance of meteors!