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Maps on Beestation


In Use BoxStation, DeltaStation, MetaStation, PubbyStation, FlandStation, KiloStation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation RuntimeStation, CorgStation

PubbyStation was first added to /tg/station's rotation in late 2016. It was created by Pubby, who stated that his goal was "to create a lowpop map derived from my favorite parts of Box and Meta." It shares quite a bit in terms of layout with other popular maps while retaining a distinct identity thanks to its unique design and features.

Current Maintainer: Pubby

Feedback thread:

PubbyStation in its current state. Click for full resolution.



  • Secure tesla and singularity engine setup options
  • A sequestered space monastery for the chaplain and curator, accessible by shuttle or transit tube
  • An aesthetically pleasing, open-concept design

Command and Security

  • Easy-access transit tube between the bridge and AI satellite. Keep your friends close!
  • An ergonomic security office setup with workout facilities.
  • An inescapable permabrig


  • Snazzy central cafeteria with spacious food preparation facilities
  • Hydroponics wing with a public biogenerator and easy-access DNA scanner
  • Janitorial closet complete with living quarters and emergency public access shutters


  • Emergency smoke machine in chemistry
  • Humane jungle habitat for test monkeys in genetics
  • Reinforced virology lab, connected to the main station ventilation system for added security


  • Open-concept central experimentation room
  • Separate R&D, robotics and experimentation facilities
  • A sizeable asteroid fit for explosive excavation


  • Solars, singularities and teslas
  • Dual-access to the telecommunications satellite


  • Classy departures bay with an aesthetic statue garden
  • Public-access auxiliary base designer
  • Hidden hobo hideaways in the deepest recesses of the maintenance shafts- abandoned speakeasies and illegal animal fights galore!

History and Development

Numerous tweaks and refinements have been made since the map's creation by a number of contributors, including Pubby, ShizCalev, 81Denton and others.


In its original form, a number of jobs were missing, including chaplain, curator and lawyer. Pubbystation received two updates soon after its release. In addition to bug fixes and minor additions, these updates included the first appearance of PubbyStation's iconic space monastery as the home for the chaplain.


In mid-2017, a transit tube connecting the station to the monastery was added. Later that summer, PubbyStation received another major update that removed the theater stage during a revamp of the central mess hall. Most notably, the update added a curator wing to the monastery.


The departures bay was redesigned, making room for a law office and allowing people to play as the lawyer. Hydroponics received a public biogenerator, while the engineering department received a new storage room. The science department had a layout change, implementing a single large experiment room to serve as a central hub, with an extra large experiment room added to the xenobiology wing.


In the March of 2019, a controversial pull request that replaced PubbyStation's singularity/tesla engine setup with a supermatter was merged. Supporters of the change purported that it was necessary for game balance, while those opposed lamented the loss of the variety and excitement that the singularity and tesla brought to the game.