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Maps on Beestation


In Use BoxStation, DeltaStation, MetaStation, PubbyStation, FlandStation, KiloStation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation RuntimeStation, CorgStation
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DeltaStation as of 2018-01-23. Click for full resolution.


DeltaStation is a map heavily influenced by Meta and Box, with a large centralized bridge area. Intended for higher populations, the map features a more fleshed out and spacious interior lushly decorated and accomodating a large number of potted plants. A large maintenance with a number of useful half-built rooms and areas give antagonists a large variety of spacious areas to make their on station bases and hiding places.

Key points to note are that:

  • The Central Area of the station is laid out very similarly to that of Metastation, with the addition of Telecomms being placed in this area.
  • The Supermatter Engine is accessed only by going through Atmospherics. There is still a hall to install a singularity or tesla engine. There is also some advanced tools in front of the gravity generator.
  • The Maintenance areas are very large, with many abandoned rooms to be explored.
  • There are over 7 boxes of donuts scattered around the station in publicly accessed areas.


DeltaStation was first released on the /tg/station github by Okand in the winter of 2016.

A vacant commissary was added to the station after economy was implemented in 2018.