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About Me

my name is Deantwo, just call my Dean ^^

i am dyslexic and can therefor write rather slowly some times...

BYOND Profile


Forum User


GitHub User


Personal Achievements

  • Be taken hostage. Completed
    • Bonus: Secretly calling for help. Completed
    • Bonus: Survive. Completed
  • Convince your assassin to spare you. Completed
    • Bonus: Let the assassin go in return. Completed
  • Get captured by traitor and forced at gunpoint to complete the their objective. Completed
    • Bonus: Complete the objective. Unsure
    • Bonus: Survive. Failed

Favorite Roles

IC Résumé

When playing Assistant, i like to ask for a job the real way. Plus, making the résumé was a lot of fun too.

Dean Amanodel[br][/large][/center]
[*]Advanced Paperwork
[*]Advanced Atmospherics
[*]Average Construction
[*]Average Solar Power Management
[*]Average Chemistry
[*]Average First-Aid
[*]Average Hacking
[*]Basic Journalism
[*]Basic Telecommunications Management
[*]Basic Singularity Engine Management
[*]Basic ID Management
[b]Former Positions:[/b]
[small]sorted by confidence[/small]
[*]Atmospheric Technician
[*]Station Engineer
[*]Medical Doctor
[*]Chief Engineer
[*]Head of Personnel

Made a little guide for interested people: Guide to Simple Résumés.