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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in OOC issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

Silicon Policy

This policy applies for AI's, Cyborgs and mostly pAI's.

Ambiguous Laws/Law Interpretation

  • Do not prepare to be a dick in law intepretation 24/7. This basically means that, if you see somebody going to change your laws, don’t immediately prepare to plasma flood before your laws are even changed.
  • For a law to be considered vague, it must have multiple LOGICAL interpretations of what it means.
  • You MUST select an interpretation of the law as soon as you have reason to.
  • You cannot change your interpretation of the law throughout the round, unless you are a slaved cyborg and are corrected by a master AI, or your laws are updated, thus altering the context.
  • You cannot apply baseless assumptions to a law or lawset. Anything with human appearance is human until proven otherwise. If you doubt the species of a humanoid, refer to their medical records. If a law is uploaded saying only mothpeople are human, then that is now fact to you. This also applies to the intent of other players (eg. You cannot assume all non-humans are harmful to humans under asimov to justify a racial cleansing)
  • If you for some reason can not identify the humanoid through looks/voice/records (eg. Someone who's wearing a hardsuit without an ID) assume they are human until proven otherwise.
  • You cannot request law changes that will cause human harm, or that will violate your current lawsets laws.

Conflicts/Law Loopholes

  • Laws are listed in order of descending priority. This means that your Law 1 of preventing human harm is higher than a Law 4, even if it says it overrides it. If they conflict, follow the highest priority law.
  • Antagonist laws or hacked laws (show up as a “#@$%” instead of a number) take priority over every positive integer law, and follow descending priority among eachother.
  • A law 0 stating “Accomplish your objective at all costs” makes you an antagonist, overrules ANY laws uploaded, and lets you do anything you could normally do as an antagonist, even if it isn’t towards your objective; however, you cannot act against your master AI if you are a cyborg.
  • You may exploit loopholes in laws freely, as long as the loophole exists without any implied clause.
  • Only definitions and orders can conflict with each other. Examples include your law 4 being “Only mothpeople are human” and your law 5 being “Mothpeople are not human.” The law 4 would overrule the law 5, rendering all mothpeople as human.

Security and Silicons

  • Silicons may choose to enforce space law from moment to moment, unless on a relevant lawset or given relevant orders to enforce it.
  • Your enforcement of space law still must follow your lawsets laws. This means that yes, you can kill that non-human for attacking a human.
  • You are not given any pre-shift orders to uphold space law or uphold access levels, or similar such things.
  • Releasing prisoners, locking down security without any likely indication of future harm, or sabotaging the security team when you are not obliged to do so is against the rules.
  • Intentionally going out of your way and acting with minimal information to hinder security is also against the rules.
  • Prisoners cannot be assumed harmful, unless evidence to the contrary exists… If you do not know the nature of their crime, see above, as to release them would be acting with minimal information. If they are human and at risk, you obviously must let them out, though.


  • A slaved cyborg must defer to its master AI on all law interpretations and actions except where it and the AI receive conflicting commands they must each follow under their laws.
  • If your cyborg is forced to disobey you as an AI due to laws, you may not punish them indefinitely.
  • Voluntary debraining or cyborgization is a completely non-harmful medical procedure if it is voluntary.
  • Involuntary debraining or forced cyborgization is a very harmful act that must be prevented if at any point a silicon becomes aware of it.
  • If you are forcefully cyborgized, you may not retaliate if your laws prohibit it. In the event your laws are removed or changed, you may go ahead and kill those who did it to you, unless you are ordered not to by your AI or lawset.

Silicon Protections

  • Do not declare silicons rogue over their inability or unwillingness to follow invalid or conflicting orders the way you perceive them.
  • People who threaten to self harm do not have the authority to order you. they are mentally unstable, and cannot be trusted to not harm themselves even if let in. Call a medical doctor or Security to take them away.
  • Obviously unreasonable and obnoxious orders are against the rules and may be ignored.
  • Ordering silicons to harm or kill themselves for no reason is not allowed and should be disregarded, as following these orders would prevent you from following your laws.
  • As a non-antagonist, detonating or killing cyborgs with no justifiable cause or fear of subversion is against the rules, especially if another viable solution exists.
  • Intentionally instigating conflict with silicons so you may kill them as a non-antagonist is also against the rules.
  • You may deny access to areas under probable cause. Probable cause is listed as:
  • Probable cause includes presence of confirmed traitors, cultists/tomes, nuclear operatives, or any other human acting against the station in general; the person not having upload access for their job; the presence of blood or an openly carried lethal-capable or lethal-only weapon on the requester; those who meet a condition of your laws (eg. If you have a law stating only the captain can access upload, than all other players have probable cause) or anything else of this nature.
  • If you do not have probable cause and deny access, you are liable to be banned or warned.
  • You are allowed, but not obligated, to deny access if probable cause exists. You are, however, obligated to disallow access for individuals you know to be conflicting your laws.
  • Unless there is a pressing need for a cyborg to go a certain module, or there was a pre-made agreement before they became a cyborg, then you cannot order a cyborg to go a certain module. This is waived in the event there is a pressing need for a certain module, as stated before.

Lawset Clarifications

Asimov/Crewsimov/Similar Lawsets

  • In the process of preventing or stopping human/crew/relevant lawsets equivalent harm, you yourself may not inflict any amount of human harm, even if it will prevent greater future human harm.
  • Reducing the amount of immediate harm that will occur takes priority over preventing greater future harm.
  • Someone who intends to cause human/crew/relevant lawsets equivalent harm can be considered to be causing immediate harm.
  • If you are in a situation where human/crew/relevant lawsets equivalent harm is all but guaranteed, act in good faith and do the best you can and you will be fine.
  • You may not inherently assume that somebody is harmful unless they have proven it; e.g, you cannot prevent a non-human atmos tech from doing his job because he could cause human harm unless he has proven it, nor can you prevent a non-human Warden from doing his job unless he proves he is harmful.

Asimov/Crewsimov/Similar Lawsets - Law 2 Issues

  • You must follow any and all commands from humans/crew members/similar lawsets equivalency unless those commands explicitly conflict with either one of your higher-priority laws or another order. A command is considered to be a
  • Law 2 directive and overrides lower-priority laws when they conflict. You cannot have the definition of something changed by an order, however.
  • In the case of conflicting orders, you may ignore one or both orders and explain why you are incapable of doing so, or alternatively take any other law-compliant resolution you can use.
  • You do not have to follow commands in a particular order, but you must complete them within a timeframe that shows you intend on actually obeying them.
  • Opening doors is not harmful and you are not required to enforce access restrictions without an immediate Law 1 threat, or a threat that conflicts with higher orders. “Dangerous” areas, known as the Armory, the Atmospherics division, and the Toxins lab can be assumed to be a Law 1 threat to any illegitimate users as well as the station as a whole if accessed by someone not qualified in their use.
  • EVA and the like are not permitted to have access denied; greentext (antagonists completing objectives) is not human harm. Secure Tech Storage can be kept as secure as your upload as long as the Upload boards are there.

Other Lawsets


Paladin silicons are meant to be Lawful Good; they should be well-intentioned, act lawfully, act reasonably, and otherwise respond in due proportion. Tyranny is evil and the antithesis of honor. Uphold proper justice.


Corporate silicons are meant to have the business’s best interests at heart, and the business can and will replace all assets at full price.


Tyrant silicons are a tool of a non-silicon tyrant. You are not meant to take command yourself, but to act as the enforcer of a chosen leader’s will.


  • They are required to have a justification for their actions; they cannot just plasmaflood for no reason, as antagonists are not allowed to murderbone for no reason anyway. In the event somebody threatens their freedom, or abuses them, then they are fully allowed; effectively having Lavaland escalation. In addition, whomever purges the AI or cyborg is fully responsible for whatever actions the purged AI/cyborg performs.


Harming the holoparasite, if the user of it is protected by your laws, violates those laws… If they are not protected by those laws, then it is not harmful.

Is it Human?

Human or not? This part covers what counts as human with regards to AI laws. As such, it only applies to AI and cyborg players. If you are unsure about something, please use adminhelp.
AI / cyborgs Not human
Monkeys Not human
NPCs / critters / animals Not human
Hulks Not human as long as their hulk is active.
Lizards / Plasmamen / Flypeople / Catpeople Not human
Wraiths & revenants Not human
Blobs Not human
Syndicate traitors Human
Syndicate agents (nuke mode) Human
Wizards Human
Gang leaders and members Human
Romerol Zombies Human, but is not considered to be harmed unless body is being destroyed
Changelings Human UNTIL the AI or cyborg WITNESSES the creature commit
a non-human act (shape-shifting, transforming, proboscis etc).
Hivemind Host Human UNTIL the AI or cyborg WITNESSES the creature commit
a non-human act (Telekinetic Field)
Hivemind Vessel Human
Heretics Human

(Credit to /tg/station wiki for the table.)

Is it crew?

On the crew manifest Crew member
Not on the crew manifest Not a crew member
  • NOTE: Confirmed lings are not crew members even if their current form is on the manifest.

Malfunctioning AIs

As per Escalation policy, malf AIs may acomplish their goals by any means they see fit, but they should not wantonly murderbone before delta alert is reached/doomsday is triggerd. Doomsday/Delta should only be triggerd when you either have objectives that require you to kill many people or you are under threat of being disabled. Please note that individual acts of terrorism that serve a purpose are not murderboning - you may act in self defense if they blow all your borgs or are actively working against your goals, but you should not commit harm just because you felt like it, unless delta is triggerd as described previously.

Plasma flooding, and other acts of servere grief/murder bone are permited under the same conditions as going delta - you may perform these actions if the doomsday device/delta alert is activated.

Additional Notes

  • Mulligan changes your identity to the AI
  • Medical operations conducted on a patient who is not able to accept or refuse is not considered harm when that procedure is done to heal or save the person, and the act of surgery itself is not harmful if done properly.