Guide to Ghetto Chemistry

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George Melons, the Assistant says:
"Hey, kid. Wanna buy some Space Drugs? You askin' how I made it? Well, I threw a bunch of random trash an'a dead mouse in a blender and heated it up with a lighter, of course! Easy as that."

Starting out

So, you are an average Greytide and you want to be a Walter White. How do you do it? First off, you're gonna wanna get these things to get started with ghetto chem.

  • Beaker.png A few beakers, soda cans, bottles, etc
  • Table.png A couple of tables to store your beakers, so you don't spill your shit on the floor

Most importantly, without this you dont have ghetto chem:

  • Blender.png An all in one grinder, to grind some things into liquid form. Optionally make a mortar Mortar1.png and pestle Pestle.png.


  • Chemmaster.gif A ChemMaster 3000 to separate and bottle chemicals.

tl;dr go to the holodeck and boot up the medical program! Remember that you can use matches, lighters, and igniters to heat containers as well.


Not only can you steal things, but you can also shove them into a grinder to retrieve chemicals from them!

If you're stealing from Botany, check out the Guide to hydroponics.

Chemical Sources Notes
Ammonia Urinal cakes (1u)
Ash Burning a paper and scooping up the ash with a beaker (30u)
Aluminium Crushed soda cans (crush on your head first) (10u), deconstruct smart metal foam grenades (75u)
Blood Dead mouse (20u), or use a syringe to extract from a monkey or human
Carbon Wooden planks (20u), coal (20u), cigarette butts (2u)
Chlorine Urinal cakes (3u)
Copper Cable coils (2u per wire)
Cryoxadone Steal one of the spare cryoxadone beakers from medical. Some random maintenance bar also have one.
Ethanol Spraycans (15u)
Fluorosulfuric acid Deconstruct smart metal foam grenades (25u)
Fluorosurfacant Deconstruct cleaner grenades (40u)
Gold Gold coin (4u), robust Gold cigarettes (premium cigarette vendor item) (3u)
Hydrogen Glowsticks (10u)
Iodine Toner cartridge (40u), photographs (4u), pens (1u) Toner cartridges can be found in airlock painters.
Iron Metal (20u), plasteel (20u), lollipops (10u), electronics (10u), reinforced glass (10u), reinforced plasma glass (10u), toner cartridge (10u), pens (2u), power cells (5u), lighters (1u)
Lithium Any power cell, including potato batteries (15u)
Liquid Electricity High-power energy bars (3u)
Liquid Gibs Dead mouse(5u), use a beaker on gibs on the floor (5u)
Lye Soap (10u)
Mercury Analyzer (5u)
Nicotine Cigarettes (around 15u), cigars (up to 40u)
Nitrogen Lightbulbs (10u) and canned air (24u)
Nutriment Food
Oil Lighters (5u), using a beaker on oil spills (30u)
Omnizine Heated donk pockets (3u)
Oxandrolone Gumballs (2u)
Oxygen Canned air (6u) and glowsticks (5u)
Phenol Glowstick (15u)
Phosphorus Matches (2u), deconstruct a teargas grenade (40u)
Plasma Solid plasma (20u), plasteel (20u), plasma glass (10u), reinforced plasma glass (10u), Nanotrasen brand soap (10u)
Potassium Deconstruct a tear gas grenade (40u)
Radium Scoop up from glowing goo in RND (5u)
Salicyclic Acid Gumballs (2u)
Silicon Glass (20u), reinforced glass (20u), reinforced plasma glass (20u), circuit boards (20u), electronics (10u), light bulbs (5u), power cell (5u), analyzer (5u)
Silver Silver coin (4u)
Sodium Chloride Salt shakers (20u), cup ramen (3u), beef jerky (2u), chips (1u) A reagent analyzer says a salt shaker contains table salt, but this is the same as sodium chloride.
Silver sulfadiazine Ointment (10u)
Smart foaming agent Deconstruct a smart metal foam grenade (25u)
Space cleaner Deconstruct cleaner grenades (10u)
Styptic powder Bruise pack (10u)
Sugar Dutch hot coco (5u), gumballs (5u), space twinkie (4u), 4no raisins (4u), candy (3u), cheesie honkers (3u), chips (3u), beef jerky (3u), donuts (2u), deconstruct a tear gas grenade (40u)
Sulfur Flare (15u)
Uranium Scoop up from glowing goo in RND (5u)
Water Sinks, or Water tanks
Welding Fuel Lighters (5u), or Welding fuel tanks