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Battle Royale Partipant
Access: None
Additional Access: Wherever you can teleport to
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Nobody
Duties: Thank the shuttle pilot, drop too early and land in space, find no loot, die.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: we like fortnite

Battle Royale is a special gamemode that can be only started by admins, usually for when the round end is delayed due to admin related issues.

The goal of Battle Royale is very simple: Be the last person vertical, however achieving this is very difficult due to the sheer number of players competing.

Battle Royale normally will take place on the same map that the round ended with, in the same state of disrepair.

Being the victor of battle royale grants 200 beecoins.


Starting Out

Battle Royale starts with the setup, and a large message in chat. The setup phase usually takes some time, as it involves loading the battle royale map.

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The drop zone

Once loaded, players will spawn on a shuttle 'the robusting rocket'. While on the shuttle other players cannot be interacted with, however you can pick up items on the shuttle (not that there is anything of use).

At the edges of the shuttle is the drop zone. This will slowly progress through the station over time. Exitting the shuttle will cause you to parachute in at the locatino you drop off at, so be sure not to jump off while the shuttle is over a space tile.

Upon landing you will start with some basic items.

- The harvesting tool

- Night vision goggles

- An agent ID

However, these alone will not be enough to secure a victory royale.

Changes from normal combat

Battle Royale includes a couple of minor changes to how the game normally functions.

Firstly all players do not have to worry about hunger, cannot be peirced by syringe guns, cannot be infected with viruses, cannot be dismembered, are always clean and cannot be affected by phobias.

On death all items on a player will be randomly flung outwards and the body dusted. This makes looting players significantly easier, as you simply need to pickaxe them to death to see their items.

Finally projectiles will only deal 60% of the normal damage.


Loot Crate

To gather extra equiptment, loot crates will spawn around the world.

To open a loot crate either attack it with an item until it breaks, or simply left-click it with an open hand.

Loot crates have 5 different unique drop configurations, each taking 4 items from a pool of random items. Each configuration has equal weight. different configuratinos of loot inside of them contain items from different random pools.

Loot Table
Group Contents
Group A 1x Random Tool, 1x Random Healing Item, 1x Random Armor, 1x Random Weapon
Group B 1x Random Ammo, 1x Random Healing Item, 1x Random Armor, 1x Random Tool
Group C 2x Random healing items, 1x Random Ammo, 1x Random Weapon
Group D 1x Random Weapon, 3x Random Ammo
Group E 2x Random Weapons, 1x Random Healing Item, 1x Random Tool
Special Loot Drops
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Command loot drop message

Additionally, as well as normal loot crate, special loot drops can spawn. These loot drops will have their positions sent via a central command message to all players in the game.

These happen pretty frequently and provide some powerful items.

Extended Supply Materials (Accounts for 60% projectile damage reduction)
Item Descrption
Brass Bow A brass bow that self recharges and has infinite ammo. Relatively weak compared to most weapons
Antique Laser Gun A powerful self recharging laser gun. Deals 12 damage.
Mateba Revolver A cool looking version of the revolver. Holds 7 rounds which each deal 36 damage.
Katana A 40 damage sword that can block projectiles.
Duel energy-saber A two-handed melee weapon that deals 34 damage, penetrates 35% of armour and reflects laser projectiles.
20 Telecrystals 20 telecrystals which can be used in an uplink if you found one.
L6 Saw A light machine gun holding 50 rounds each dealing 27 damage.
Elite Syndicate Hardsuit A powerful armour suit that provides 60% resistance to melee, bullet and energy damage as well as high resistances to other types of damage.
Superweapon Items (Takes 90 seconds to arrive and only dropped end-game)
Item Description
Energy Katana A 40 damage, projectile blocking katana with the ability to teleport its user to any tile in view.
Shielded Syndicate Hardsuit A strong hardsuit with a self-recharging shield capable of blocking up to 3 attacks completely.
His Grace A toolbox that grants the user with stamina resistance and slow regeneration, however will consume the user if they fail to kill enough people.
Mauler A mech suit with incredibly powerful weapons and tools. If you get this, you have basically won.
Holoparasite Injector Allows the user to summon a Holoparasite.
Pulse Rifle An incredibly powerful weapon capable of firing pulse, electrode or laser shots. DESTROY mode deals 30 damage and can instantly break walls.
Mjollnir A 25 damage hammer that will throw and stun people hit by it.
Self-recharging pie cannon. A pie cannon that automatically refills with pies, capable of instantly stunning an opponent.
Nuclear Uplink A charged uplink allowing you to purchase any nuclear operative items you want.



Item Weight Damage Ammo Additional Notes
Combat Knife 15 20 Unlimited
Poison Knife 5 12 Unlimited Can be loaded wtih reagents that will inject into a target.
Throwing Star 10 28 1 Reusable.
Disabler 10 21 (Stamina) 25 Rechargable using a weapon recharger.
Energy Gun 7 Disable Mode: 21 (stamina)

Lethal Mode: 12

25 Disable

10 Lethal

Rechargable using a weapon recharger.
Hybrid Taser 3 Disable Mode: 21 (stamina)

Stun Mode: 40 (stamina)

25 Disabler

5 Stun

Stun mode knocks targets down. Rechargeable using a weapon recharger.
Laser Gun 6 12 10 Rechargable using a weapon recharger.
Revolver 5 36 7
Detective's Revolver 3 15 6 Rarer but worse in every way to the normal revolver.
Deagle 2 36 7
Gyrojet pistol 2 30 + Explosion 8 Fires Missiles will which most likely kill in few shots.
Supressed Pistol 6 18 8
Double Barrel Shotgun 4 32.4 point blank. 2 Requires pumping after each shot.
Shotgun 5 32.4 point blank. 4 Requires pumping after each shot.
Combat Shotgun 1 32.4 point blank. 6 Does not require pumping after shots if fired with 1 hand.
NT-ARG Boarder 2 21 30
Bolt Action Rifle 4 36 1 Requires racking after each shot.
Magnetic Spear Gun 1 Depends on the item 1 Throws magnetic spears which deal insane damage.
Mini Uzi 5 12 32
Laser Cannon 1 3.6 + (4.2 per tile) 10 Deals increased damage the further you are away from a target.
Nuclear Energy Gun 1 Disable Mode: 21 (stamina)

Lethal Mode: 12

25 Disable

10 Lethal

Self recharges. May experience a nuclear meltdown when exposed to EMPs.
Saber SMG 4 12 21
C20 SMG 2 18 24
M90 SMG 1 21 30
Dragnet 4 0 10 Can either crate teleportation traps which will activate 1 second after hitting a target, or ensnare targets slowing them down.
Hybrid Energy Gun 1 Lethal Mode: 12

Stun Mode: 40 (Stamina)

100 Lethal.

50 Stun

Stun mode knocks down targets. Requires 2 hands to fire. Fully automatic.
Decloner 4 12 (Cellular) 10 Low damage, however the damage caused is almost impossible to fix.
Mind Flayer 1 20 (Brain) 10 Deals brain damage, which will give targets traumas however will not slow them down.
Kinetic Accelerator 7 24 Unlimited Recharges after 1 second, deals increased damage in low-pressure environments.
Advanced Plasma Cutter 6 8.4 0 Requires plasma to shoot, comes unloaded.
Wormhol Projector 1 0 Unlimited Can create an orange and blue portal allowing teleportation.
Security Auto Rifle 4 12 20
Bulldog Shotgun 2 32.4 point blank. 8 Fully automatic.
Grenade Launcher 1 A lot 1 Fires explosive grenades.
Golden Revolver 1 36 7 Fires slightly faster than the normal revolver.
Sniper Rifle 1 42 6 Requires 2 hands. Causes 10 seconds of paralysis and penetrates 50% of armour.
Rocket Launcher 1 A lot 1 Fires a missile which is basically an instant-kill in most cases.
Medbeam 4 -4 Unlimited Can be used to heal yourself if you aim at mouth.
Scatter Laser Gun 1 Scatter: 75 (Point Black)

Laser: 12

Gravity Gun 5 0 Unlimited Throws all items and people away from the detonation point.
Ion Rifle 2 0 10 EMPs on hit.
Switchblade 10 20 Unlimited Can be concealed to fit in pocket.
Tail club 10 14 Unlimited
Tribal Knife 7 18 Unlimited Randomises the wielders speed. Cannot be stored.
God Hand 4 18 Unlimited Cannot be dropped.
Stun Baton 16 75 10 Significantly weakened by armor.
Ghost Sword 4 1 + 4 for each ghost Unlimited Allows ghosts to orbit you, increasing the damage by 4 for each ghost up to a maximum of 75 damage.
Power Fist 7 20 Depends Damage setting can be altered, however requires a source of gas.
Energy Sword 6 30 Unlimited Can be concealed to fit into pockets. 35 armour penetration.

Healing Items

Tactical First Aid Kit - Contains a combat defib, 2 burn patches and 2 brute patches.

Bandage - Heals 15 brute and burn damage. Works through armour.

Medkit - Heals 80 brute and burn damage. Works through armour.


Soap - Slips when walked over.

Syndicate Glue - Will prevent an item from being droppable when applied.

EMAG - Allows doors and other machinery to be hacked.

EMPs - EMP grenades which will disable electronics.

Gorilla Cubes - Spawns gorillas when sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

Tear Gas - Tear gas grenades that blind and cause victims to drop items.

Syndicate Toolbox - A toolbox containing combat gloves and tools.

Bee Grenades - Grenades that spawn bees, which inject random reagents into individuals.

Centcom Costume - A centcom uniform, does nothing.

Chameleon Kit - Allows you to change the appearance of the clothes you are wearing, however does not provide the effects.

Chemical Kit - Contains a bunch of poisonous reagents.

EMP Implant - An EMP implant.

Adrenal Implant - An implant that will remove all stuns and increase the speed of the user for some time.

Freedom Implant - Removes handcuffs and legcuffs.

Stealth Implant - Turns the user invisible.

Storage Implant - Allows the user to store 2 small items in a bluespace pocket.

Uplink Implant - Allows purchasing items from the syndicate store, if you find some TC.

Origami Bundle - Contains damaging paper planes.

Throwing Weapons - Contains throwing stars and other thrown weapons. Bolas are especially good at stunning targets.

Bundle A/B - Syndicate bundles containing different gear.

RCD - Allows construction and deconstruction of walls.