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Brig Physician
Access: Brig, Medbay, Operating Theatre, Morgue
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Head of Security
Duties: Heal prisoners and officers.
Guides: Guide to Medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Ghetto Surgery


Required Knowledge

Medical knowledge, of course. You should be qualified to play a Medical Doctor. Triage and preventing death are the main things here. Surgery and advanced medical procedures can be done at medbay. You may be in combat. You shouldn't be seeking it out, but the ability to defend yourself with stun batons and the like is a big help.

For Standard Operating Procedure for this role and other security roles, please see Standard Operating Procedure (Security).

Before You Begin

Before you begin treating people who may very well attempt to kill you, it's important to note one thing. YOU ARE NOT SECURITY. More accurately, a Brig Physician's only job is to treat officers and prisoners. They should not be:

  • Chasing criminals
  • Detaining criminals
  • Arresting criminals
  • Processing or brigging criminals
  • Investigating crime scenes
  • Using weapons (unless the situation is desperate)
  • Doing anything that is under the role of the Security department.


This role may seem mundane, yet is as important as a Medical Doctor. You basically have to do the job of a Doctor, yet in the brig with dangerous criminals and with limited supplies. As a Brig Physician, you begin your shift in the brig's medical facilities. You have a Sleeper that can deliver Ephedrine, Charcoal, Salbutamol and Saline-Glucose Solution. You have an advanced med kit in your hand, a few syringes labeled with their contents, a Medical HUD, a medical belt, a medical laptop, a box of latex gloves and a box of sterile masks, three roller beds and plenty of normal beds. You also have one of each basic First-Aid Kit in your locker. This is a Karma role that can be unlocked with 5 Karma Points.

Your goal as Brig Phys. is not to completely heal everything. It's to ensure people stay alive. Don't worry if they're in pain. Your sleeper can Ether (a Sleep-inducing chemical) just for that!

Once your patients are stabilized, verify with the Warden or Arresting Officer if the prisoner is clear to go get additional medical help in the Medbay, if required.

Since you lack some required components, you may go ask around the station for supplies. The chemist may provide medicine, Cargo can provide crates of medical supplies, and Engineering can build you operation tables. Use that grace period at the start of the shift to turn your small ward into a working Medbay!

It is strongly suggested that before playing this role, that you understand every parts of Medical. This role is basically a medical doctor at a specific part of the station that must do more with less.


Brig Physicians are ineligible for antag selection at the start of the round due to possessing a Mindshield Implant, with the exception of Blob.