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-The last recorded message prior to the complete and utter vaporization of Space Station 08. 

The Space Wizard Federation is a collective of magic users, known to operate within the Spinward sector, and suspected of existing galaxy-wide. Wild claims have been made about their effects on human society, even before the age of spaceflight, with some claiming that every negative event, every dictator, and every freak accident can be traced back to the influence of a Wizard.

It is speculated as to whether or not Wizards actually can cast magic- the more cynical among normal humanity insist that magic does not exist, and that anything the Wizards do that appears to be magical is simply sophisticated technology masquerading as true spellcasting. Many do not care, however, as no matter whether it is real or fake, it works, and will kill just fine.

Recently, the Wizard Federation has been in a state of quasi-Cold War with Nanotrasen, for reasons that can only be speculated at. What does matter is that stations throughout the Spinward sector have been attacked by Wizards, and the sight of a blue hat and robes is rapidly becoming as dreaded by NT employees as the blood-red gear of the Syndicate. Survivors of these attacks could give no reasons as to why the Wizards were there, and what their true motives (should any exist) could be.

On a deeply classified level, Nanotrasen's higher ups try to maintains some contact with the Wizard Federation diplomatically, but very little has come of their efforts to talk, and the attacks ebb and wane with no relation to diplomacy. No one knows exactly what compels a Wizard into membership of the Federation, as not all magic users are members- occasionally, a friendly Wizard has been known to show up at station, performing parlor tricks and sharing tall tales of their adventures in exchange for the hospitality of the crew (which they seldom find, due to an uncompromising "shoot first, second, third, and last" policy on NT's part towards magic). Due to the actions of its members, many suspect that the Wizard Federation is joined only by the worst of the magic casting community- those who live for chaos, and will find any opportunity to wave their magic dicks at the powers that be.