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Mood & Sanity

Mood reflects how happy your character is in Space Station 13, and changes dynamically based on things that happen to or around you that would realistically impact it. Mood has significant effects on gameplay; as bad mood will decrease, and good mood will increase your sanity. Sanity has various effects depending on its state. Good sanity has effects such as making you hungry less fast, and allowing you to perform certain actions faster. However, if your sanity is low, you might have trouble focusing, perform actions more slowly, and even walk at a shuffle.

Sanity changes by 5% of your mood every second, meaning high mood will give you high sanity, and vice versa. Sanity also has a modifier, referred to as "Natural Change". Natural change simply nudges your sanity to move towards just below neutral, at varying speeds, in practice this just means you need very low mood to reach very low sanity and vice versa.

You can see the current status of your character by clicking on the HUD icon on your screen which resembles a face.



A mood event is called a moodlet. In simple terms, your overall mood is directly related to the moodlets you have. Each moodlet has a modifier and sometimes a time; modifiers are the amount of mood that the event will add or remove, and it will do these for as long as its time has not expired, or the event hasn't ended. For instance, if a moodlet has a modifier of +1 for 3 minutes, you will have that slight boost to your mood for three minutes, but once this time has ended, you will not, or if you enter an ugly room, you will gain a bad moodlet until you leave the room.

Many actions and factors play into different moodlets, from something as simple as petting a corgi to something more complex like how filthy your surroundings are. As a rule of thumb, taking care of yourself and treating your body well will make you happier, while neglecting needs such as hunger and getting very hurt will make you sad.

Some traits also modify moods in some way. Jolly and Depressed will make you randomly happier or sadder with no prompting, and Apathetic will reduce all mood impacts by 20%.

Mood Thresholds

There are nine different mood thresholds that allow you to see your general morale state as an icon on your HUD:

Icon Name Threshold
MoodDepressed.png Depressed <=-20
MoodVerySad.png Very Sad -20 to -15
MoodSad.png Sad -15 to -10
MoodMeh.png Down -10 to -3
MoodNeutral.png Neutral -3 to 2
MoodHappy.png Content 2 to 6
MoodPleased.png Happy 6 to 10
MoodVeryHappy.png Very Happy 10 to 15
MoodEcstatic.png Ecstatic >=15

Sanity Thresholds

Similar to mood, Sanity has 6 thresholds which can be reached.

Name Threshold Natural Change Description Ingame
Crazy 25 to 50 0.6 I'm freaking out!!
Unstable 50 to 75 0.3 I'm feeling a little bit unhinged...
Disturbed 75 to 100 N/A I have felt quite decent lately.
Neutral 100 to 125 -0.2 I have been feeling great lately!
Great 125< -0.4 My mind feels like a temple!

Sanity Effects

Sanity has notable effects on your character:

  • Very sad characters will move more slowly.
  • The screen will become progressively more blurred as you become more sad, to represent inability to focus.
  • Action speeds vary with mood, up to a maximum of -25% speed for the severely depressed and +10% speed for the very happy.
  • Hunger rate is proportional to mood. Depression will spurn you to eat more, while contentedness will make you eat less.