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Note: This page has been archived and is no longer used as official policy/documentation.

Warren Den says:
"Ah, hello there, potion seller. I require your strongest job specific guidelines. What's that? This page is too weak? I should go to Standard Operating Procedures instead?"

Job specific guidelines (RP SERVER ONLY)

Heads of Staff

  • Do not abandon the ship without a very good reason, e.g revolutionaries, nuclear bomb going off, or to recover something from space. Aka, do not derelict your duty.
  • Be active while playing a Head of Staff role. Do not go AFK in a locker, do your job, and in the event you must leave, ahelp so that your body may be offered to ghosts. Do not join a round as a head of staff if you are confident you cannot play the entire round.
  • Follow the ships law and standard operating procedure, along with the role specific rules of your staff members, and of your role.
  • You are expected to have a basic understanding of your department before playing a Head of Staff role.


  • Do not ask for obscene names, and in the event you receive one, ahelp it to have it edited. This also applies for setting your name.
  • While it is fun to loophole laws, do not obstruct the round on a default lawset. E.g, not letting people onto lavaland as it is harmful, when you are on base Asimov.

Head of Personnel

  • Do not hand out all access like it’s candy on Halloween. Notify a department’s Head of Staff if you give someone access to their department if possible. This does not apply during emergencies, or when giving Engineers and Scientists additional access for the purposes of repairing and improving ship hull or equipment. Just ask yourself “Does this person need access to this location?”
  • People should not be given additional access to do someone else’s job. For example, giving a Shaft Miner access to Science when Scientists are already working on research. This can lead up to said player powergaming.
  • You are not a member of security, and should not involve yourself in security matters unless it is an emergency or you are Acting Captain.


  • Do not actively steal job-specific items from workplaces. While you are the Captain, you are not entitled to the krav maga gloves of the Warden just because you are the Captain. Taking items for no actual reason can warrant a ban.


  • You are not some random mall cop, you are a trained soldier and should act like one at all times.
  • Know and follow Ship Law and Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Do not bucklecuff prisoners, except during searches or during evacuation aboard a shuttle or escape pod.
  • The armory is for emergencies only. Do not take any gear from the armory without a serious reason, and return it when finished. Confiscated weaponry should be stored in the armory, not carried around for personal use. No, you cannot give R&D a sniper rifle you confiscated from Sec.
  • If you have nothing better to do, try NOT to be a stone wall. Roleplay. Tolerate the lawyer, apply ship law in context, and so forth. This is more of a suggestion than a rule, but being a no-fun shitler can get you banned if it happens consistently.
  • You are not Judge Dredd, you are an enforcer of ship security. You follow ship law above all else, and have no authority outside of that.
  • Security Officers are held to a higher standard than John Q. Crewmember. Expect the other players/crewmembers to hold you responsible for the actions of Security as a whole. This does not mean you can fire the Captain because he wouldn’t give you extra access.


  • You are expected to tend to the Armory. In the event of a hostile event where weapons must be handed out, ensure they are distributed, and ensure that they are properly accounted for.
  • Ontop of that, you must also account for prisoners. The authority when it comes to this is the Head of Security/Captain as the top dog, the Warden, and then your normal Security officer. The Captain can authorise Executions, while only you or the HoS can authorise permabrigging.