Guide to the Antimatter Engine

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The Antimatter Engine has been removed

As of 22-11-23, the antimatter engine & its accessories have been removed from beestation. This page is maintained as a historical archive.
See the Pull Request here: github DOT com /BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet/pull/10038 #10038

So, you have gotten tired of the SM and the singulo, whats next? WELL KIDDIES, STEP RIGHT UP FOR THE FORGOTTEN (and sometimes necessary when all other options are not available) : ANTIMATTER ENGINE!

The antimatter was ported from /vg/station on October 10, 2016, that's why the sprites look a bit wonky

How to get the antimatter

For this spicy recipe, you will need:


Now, hop down to cargo and ask them for

  • An antimatter shielding crate
  • An antimatter control crate
  • And an antimatter jar crate.

With all this under your belt, lets get to building!

Building the antimatter

To construct this thing, ask your local CE or yourself where you can build.

Once you have found a suitable area, open all 3 crates and take a sip of your beverage.

Clear out an area and put a wire connected to the powernet in there like in this picture:

Then, drop 9 of the packaged antimatter reactor sections like shown in this picture:

After that, drag that controller down and wrench it. Take a sip of your beverage and make sure it looks like this:

Its really starting to take its shape now! And, thats how big the AME is.

Now, grab your multitool and click on the boxes in order like in this picture:

Once you have done that, your engine should look sick as fuck, like in the picture below:

Take a sip of your drink, and continue with your life and this tutorial

Grab an antimatter jar from the antimatter jar crate and put it in the antimatter engine controller.

Left click on the controller and you should see a screen like this:

Click toggle status, and its done!

By default, it should be generating exactly 800,000 Watts with just 2 units of antimatter being injected, 4 times more than what the station needs most of the time.

Enjoy your new engine, and dont forget to hook it into the SMESes or you will be probably killed by the crew.

To create more power after the fuel has run out, eject the fuel jar, place a new fuel jar inside, and set the mode to Injecting once more.


  1. Always set the injection rate to no more than two times the number of cores. By default (the base engine ordered from cargo), this is 2. Higher injection rates will not produce additional power, but will damage the integrity of the control unit. If integrity zero, it will explode causing severe damage.


  • AMR Parts can be ordered from Cargo for 2000 points. This crate will contain an additional 10 segments.
  • Fuel Jars cost 2000 points for a single jar.

Adding segments to the Antimatter Engine will increase the number of cores, in turn allowing you to safely increase injection rate. Remember that this will also cause the engine to deplete fuel faster.

The power produced by an antimatter engine as it is expanded has linear growth, and is given by the formula: (Injection Rate)^2 * 20000 / (Number of Cores). If you are injecting at the maximum rate, this can be simplified to Injection Rate * 40000. Eight cores should be enough to power the station fully at full injection. This will produce 320000 watts. Needs to be tested.