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Integrated Circuit

The integrated circuit is the foundation for all circuits. Shells can be implanted with integrated circuits and removed with a screwdriver. You can't add components to an integrated circuit whilst it is in a shell, but you can rewire it with a multitool.

Batteries can be removed from an integrated circuit with screwdriver. Integrated Circuits are always off and do not process inputs when not in a shell. You can interact with an integrated circuits by using it in your hand, and you can attach components to it by hitting it with a component.

Each component has ports that input and output information. The component acts as the processor and the ports act as the input/outputs. An input can only be connected to one output but an output can be connected to many inputs.

Whenever an input receives a value, it drains 1 unit of energy from the attached battery cell There are currently no components that can interact with the physical world except a built-in component for the drone shell that allows it to move.

Signal ports are number ports, but are used to trigger the execution of a component. Each component will usually have an input signal port and an output signal port.

Circuit Multitool

The circuit multitool is used to mark entities. Using it in hand will clear the current marked entity, allowing you to mark another entity. A marked entity can then be uploaded to a circuit port with the "any" or "entity" type by pressing the upload button on it.


  • Compact Remote - A remote with one button. Click on it to trigger it.
  • Controller - Remote with 3 buttons. Normal clicking, alt-clicking, and right-clicking when in your hand will trigger one of the three ports.
  • Bot - A structure that cannot be picked up but is not dense. The most generic container as it has no special inputs or outputs.
  • Drone - A mob that moves about when fed input commands by the circuit.
  • Server - A structure that cannot be picked up and only operates when anchored. Can hold an enormous amount of components.