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The Voice of God is a vocal cord organ, dropped by the Colossus and implantable via surgery by targeting the mouth.


The Voice of God will add an action button that will allow you to enter a message to Speak. The same result can be achieved by talking normally with a .x, :x or #x prefix.

When Speaking, you'll talk with a HEAVY TONE, emitting an ominous sound.

Listeners, which means any mob not deaf or dead in view range, will react to certain codewords. For example, including STOP in the message, they'll be stunned for a few seconds. Only one codeword is used per message.

Including a codeword will increase the Voice of God's cooldown. More powerful commands, such as stuns, will have a longer cooldown, while joke commands have a lower cooldown. Even messages with no commands have a 15 second cooldown.


The Voice of God's effects have a multiplier, which is affected by a few circumstances:

  • Chaplains gain a 2x on every command they give, being used to speaking for the gods.
  • Command Staff gain a 1.4x on every command, being used to giving commands.
  • Mimes have a 0.5x penalty, since they aren't used to speaking.
  • Cultists and Servants of Ratvar gain a 2x on every command they give, since they're supported by their deities, but the text will resemble that of their deity, making it obvious that they are cultists.


  • Speaking the real name of someone at the beginning of a command will restrict the command to that person, but it will also multiply the effect by 2. If multiple people in range have that name, they will all be affected, although with a reduced multiplier (the formula is 1 + (1 / targets).
  • The above also goes for job descriptions, such as Scientist, Head of Personnel, and so on. Changing jobs through the HoP won't change them for the purposes of this focus.
  • The first word of someone's name is valid for focusing; this also goes for lizard names (e.g. James -> James Brown; Random -> Random-Lizard-Name).
  • The common abbreviations for jobs are also valid (e.g. HoS for Head of Security, Cap for Captain).
  • Speaking the true devil name of a Devil will quintuplify the effect. Devils are very averse to gods.


To avoid the effect of the Voice of God, one can:

  • Be deaf: what you can't hear can't affect you!
  • Earmuffs prevent the Voice's effect while keeping your hearing, although you'll lack a headset. You can make them at any Autolathe.
  • Hold a chaplain artifact such as a Null Rod; the chaplain cares not for false gods.
  • Silence the Speaker: anything that prevents speech will also prevent use of the Voice.

These, of course, on top of obvious methods such as being far away or killing the Speaker while the Voice is on cooldown.

Command List

Command Keywords Effect Notes Cooldown
Stun "stop","wait","stand still","hold on","halt" Stuns for 3 seconds. 120s
Weaken "drop","fall","trip","weaken" Weakens for 3 seconds. 120s
Sleep "sleep","slumber","rest" Causes sleep for 2 seconds. 120s
Vomit "vomit","throw up" Causes vomit. Multiplier increases the amount of nutrition drained. 120s
Silence "shut up","silence","ssh","quiet","hush" Silences for 10 seconds. If the speaker is a Mime or a Curator the duration is tripled. 120s
Hallucinate "see the truth","hallucinate" Makes the listener see mobs as carps, clowns, demons or other illusions for 15 seconds. Multiplier increases duration. Does not cause actual hallucinations. 60s
Wake Up "wake up","awaken" Listeners stop sleeping immediately. Does not affect stuns or paralysis. 60s
Heal "live","heal","survive","mend","heroes never die" Listeners are healed by 10 brute and 10 burn damage. Does not actually revive from death. 60s
Hurt "die","suffer","hurt","pain" Listeners take 15 brute damage. 60s
Bleed "bleed","there will be blood" Listeners start bleeding profusely. The bleeding will stop on its own eventually, even if not patched up. 60s
Burn "burn","ignite" Listeners are set on fire. Multiplier increases the fire stacks. 60s
Heat "heat","hot","hell" Listeners' body temperature rises. 60s
Cool "cold","cool down","chill","freeze" Listeners' body temperature lowers. 60s
Repulse "shoo","go away","leave me alone","begone","flee","fus ro dah","repulse" Listeners are thrown away from the speaker. Multiplier increases the throwing distance, not the range. 60s
Attract "come here","come to me","get over here","attract" Listeners are thrown towards the speaker. The speaker won't be hit if he doesn't move, but otherwise he risks being knocked down. 60s
Identify "who are you","say your name","state your name","identify" Listeners will say their full name. Devils will say their devil name if they hear this command. 30s
Say my name "say my name","who am i" Listeners will say the speaker's name. Listeners will state the visible speaker's name, so if the speaker is disguised, they'll say the fake name. 30s
Knock Knock "knock knock" Listeners will ask who's there. Finally a captive audience. 30s
State Laws "state laws","state your laws" Cyborgs will state their laws. They'll state their laws over the radio channel they've previously set. 30s
Move "move","walk" + direction(optional) Listeners will move five steps towards a chosen direction. If no direction is specified, they'll move randomly. Direction keywords: "up/north/fore","down/south/aft","left/west/port","right/east/starboard". 30s
Walk "slow down" Listeners will walk instead of running. 30s
Run "run" Listeners will run if they were walking. 30s
Help "help","hug" Listeners will set their intent to Help, then click on a random adjacent mob with whatever they're holding. 30s
Disarm "disarm" Listeners will set their intent to Disarm, then click on a random adjacent mob with whatever they're holding. 30s
Grab "grab" Listeners will set their intent to Grab, then click on a random adjacent mob with whatever they're holding. 30s
Harm "harm","fight","punch" Listeners will set their intent to Harm, then click on a random adjacent mob with whatever they're holding. 30s
Throw/Catch "throw","catch" Listeners will set their throw mode on. Throw mode on causes the listeners to catch items in midair. 30s
Flip "flip","rotate","revolve","roll","somersault" Listeners will flip. 30s
Speak "speak","say something" Listeners say something random. 30s
Get Up "get up" Listeners will get up. This also removes stuns. 60s
Sit "sit" If the listeners are on a chair, they'll buckle on it. 30s
Stand "stand" If the listeners are buckled onto something, they'll unbuckle. This also works on vehicles like the janicart. 30s
Dance "dance" Listeners will use the dance emote. 30s
Jump "jump" Listeners will use the jump emote. 30s
Salute "salute" Listeners will use the salute emote. 30s
Play Dead "play dead" Listeners will use the deathgasp emote. 30s
Clap "clap","applaud" Listeners will use the clap emote. 30s
Honk "honk" Plays a honk after a few seconds from the command. If the speaker is a clown, listeners will slip for 7 seconds. The command also accepts any length of hooooonk. 30s
Right round "like a record baby","right round" Causes listeners to slowly spin several times. 30s