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Gavel.png Space Law is a guideline.

Security is required to follow Space Law to a reasonable standard. There is leeway, but security should not issue sentences completely out of scale.
if you get 6 minutes instead of 5 or any other minor deviations, talk to the lawyer as it's considered an IC issue.

Space Law is a collection of rules and regulations enacted by Nanotrasen which has oversight through CentCom and is enforced by the Sec Officers on the station. Space Law applies to all ranks and positions on station, from the lowliest Assistant to the highest Captain, all are equal under the eyes of the Law and ultimately answer to her.

The rules and regulations herein are not absolutes, instead they exist to serve mainly as guidelines for the law and order of the dynamic situations that exist for stations on the frontiers of space, as such some leeway (Up to 20% above or below the normal sentence time) is permitted and officially sanctioned.)

Crime Codes Quick Reference

Use this to quickly find the Crime Code Numbers.

Crime codes are made up of Category Codes (_xx), which are a collection of similar crimes on a line for ease of use, prefixed by the Severity Number (X__).

Code MXX - Modifier 0XX - Infraction 1XX - Minor 2XX - Medium 3XX - Major 4XX - Capital
01 Clear Danger Assault Aggravated Assault Murder Prime Murder
02 Elevated Sentencing Pickpocketing Theft Larceny Grand Larceny
03 Self Defense Superficial Vandalism Minor Vandalism Major Vandalism Sabotage Grand Sabotage
04 Non Compos Mentis Vigilantism Conspiracy High Conspiracy Espionage
05 Griseo Maris Hostile Agent Hostile Activity Enemy of Nanotrasen
06 Resisting Arrest Drug Possession Illegal Distribution Contraband Possession Dangerous Contraband Corporate Espionage
07 Escaped Prisoner Disorderly Conduct Disturbing the Peace Rioting Inciting a Riot Insurrection
08 Creating a Hazard Negligence High Negligence Manslaughter
09 Trespass Trespass, Dangerous Areas Trespass, Secure Areas
10 Breaking and Entering Breaking and Entering, Dangerous Areas Breaking and Entering, Secure Areas
11 Disruptive Communications Discriminatory Language Insubordination Dereliction
12 Fine Evasion Fraud Corporate Fraud
13 Genetic Mutilation Identity Theft Biological Terror

Interpretation of the Law

A good working knowledge of Space Law is important for any person on the station. It can be the difference between a shiny pair of handcuffs and sipping Gargle Blasters in the bar. More in depth interpretations of space law are required for such positions as the Lawyer, Warden, HoP, and the HoS. While it is unlikely that the officers will listen particularly closely to your protestations, it may be enough to lighten your sentence and avoid ill treatment by security.

For certain crimes, the accused's intent is important. The difference between High Negligence and Murder can be very hard to ascertain, and, when in doubt, you should default to the less serious crime. It is important to note though, that Assault and Aggravated Assault are mutually exclusive. You cannot be charged with Assault and Aggravated Assault from the same crime as the intent of each is different. Pay careful attention to the requirements of each law and select the one that best fits the crime when deciding sentence.

In the case of violent crimes (Assault, Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault and Murder), and theft (Pickpocketing, Theft, Larceny, and Grand Larceny) take only the most severe.

A single incident has a single sentence, so if, for instance, the prisoner took three items off of someone, this is a single count of pick-pocketing, if they pick-pocketed two people this would be two separate counts of pick-pocketing, and so on.

In the event the convict has been found guilty of multiple crimes the security officer should assign the sentence appropriate to the highest crime committed. This means if someone is guilty of assault and inciting a riot, the prisoner should be confined for a major crime sentence.

Aiding a criminal makes you an accomplice; you can be charged with conspiracy if not the same crime as the person you aided.

Brig Procedures

Standard Operational Procedures for brigging are as follows:

  1. Take the prisoner to the brig and inform the Warden of their crimes so their Security Record may be updated.
  2. Take the prisoner to a brig cell, set the time and activate the timer.
  3. Enter the cell with the prisoner in tow, open the cell locker and hold the prisoner over it.
  4. Empty their pockets and remove their gloves, backpacks, tool belt, gas masks, and any flash resistant equipment such as Sunglasses, Welding Masks/Goggles, Space Helmets, etc.
  5. Buckle the prisoner to the bed.
  6. Search the items removed and be sure to check the internals box in their backpack.
  7. Confiscate any contraband and/or stolen items, as well as any tools that were used to commit crimes.
    These are to be placed in evidence, not left on the brig floor or your personal use, until they can be returned to their rightful owners.
  8. Close the locker and lock it.
  9. Stun the prisoner, remove their cuffs, stun them again, pick up the cuffs then leave the cell. This may not be needed for cooperative prisoners
  10. Modify their brig sentence for additional offences or good behavior, if applicable.

Note: In the event all cells are full parole the prisoner with the least time remaining on their sentence.

Do NOT fully strip the prisoner unless they have earned a permanent sentence.
In the instance of prisoners that have earned Labor Camp duty, you must dress them in orange overalls and assign them targets, based on their sentence, by getting a prison ID, putting it in a Prisoner Management Console, assigning their quota (with a conversion rate of 100 points per minute otherwise served in the brig) and then giving them the ID as you ship them to the Labor Camp. There are more details on this procedure at Labor Camp.**

NOTE: In the current revision of Bee, Mineral spawn is heavily reduced in the gulag area. If you plan on using the gulag for several incidences [meaning the floors are already mined so people can't mine the floors for glass], you should use a lower conversion rate.

The Warden or Head of Security are responsible for placing prisoners and in permanent confinement.

  1. Permanent Prisoners are to be completely stripped of their belongings, which are to be held in either evidence or a prison locker.
  2. The prisoner is to be dressed in an Orange Prison Jumpsuit and Shoes, which are found in the prison lockers.
  3. Permanent Prisoners are not permitted to possess any personal belongings whilst they are incarcerated in the Prison Wing.
    1. The Labor Camp can also be used to hold Permanent Prisoners. Simply do not issue a prisoner ID when transferring them to the camp.

Invasive implants and searches

With specific regard to Hostile Agents, as per code 205, Nanotrasen Security division has been asked to provide a list of permissible actions which may not otherwise be taken for crimes of similar severity.

  • Tracking implants may be used without any additional conditions.
  • Chemical implants with non-lethal contents may be used if the agent has also been convicted of a violent crime.
  • Implant checks may only be performed If there is definitive evidence that they have an implant. This includes members of security witnessing implant use, finding implanters, or implant boxes with fingerprints or other related fibers.
  • Pacification surgery may be performed in the event the agent has also been convicted of a violent crime.

Legal Representation and Trials

Prisoners are permitted to seek legal representation however you are under no obligation to provide or allow this.

Lawyers, and by extension the Head of Personnel, exist to serve as a guiding hand and the voice of reason within the judicial process, however they have zero authority over the brig, security personnel, prisoners, or sentencing.

The Lawyer's security headset is a privilege not a right. Security personnel are under no requirement to listen to them and security channel abuse is to result in that privilege being revoked.
If the lawyer continuously acts as a disruptive influence Security are fully permitted to confiscate their access, remove them from the brig and bar their future access to it.

In instances where a conflict of opinion arises over the sentence of a prisoner the chain of command must be followed. This goes, from top to bottom: Captain > Head of Security > Warden > Sec Officer / Detective.

Trials are not to be performed for Timed Sentences. This is mainly for the benefit of the accused as trials will often run many times the length of the actual sentence.
Trials may be performed for Capital Crimes and Permanent Detention, however there is no requirement to hold them. Forensic Evidence, Witness Testimony, or Confessions are all that is required for the Head of Security, Warden or Captain to authorize their sentence.

In cases where the Death Penalty is desired but the Captain or Acting-Captain is unable or unwilling to authorize the execution a trial is required to authorize the death penalty.

Here are steps for a trial which shouldn't take too long to perform under most circumstances.

  1. Determine you want a trial. Notify the lawyer to represent the defendant.
  2. Establish a magistrate. Under normal conditions this will be the Head of Personnel. The chain of succession for this role shall be Head of Personnel, Research Director, Chief Medical officer, Chief Engineer, any Acting head of staff which is not the acting captain or acting head of security. The Quartermaster may sit in lieu of the head of personnel if requested by the head of personnel.
  3. Present evidence from the defense and prosecution to the magistrate.
  4. Magistrate reviews evidence and takes statements from witnesses.
  5. If magistrate finds defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt then convict.

Deputizing Procedure

Crewmembers may be deputized in the event that there are not enough security personnel to effectively maintain the station's safety. Deputies should be interviewed prior to such assignment by the Head of Security. For their investiture to be lawfull the following basic procedure has to be followed.

  1. Call for deputies
  2. Search candidates for contraband or other disqualifying evidence.
  3. Conduct an interview with the candidate
  4. Generate a record of their acceptance or denial, provide a copy to the candidate.
  5. Issue a kit of deputy equipment, including ID access extension card, armband, nightstick, handcuffs, and mindshield implant

Deputies have full police powers equivalent to a Security Officer to arrest and search suspicious individuals, however as they are not fully trained members of the security team it is advisable that for conviction more evidence exist beyond their sole testimony.

Use of Deadly Force

As a member of the stations Security force you are one of the best armed and protected people on the station, equipped with the almost latest in non-lethal takedown technology. It is for this reason that the situations that warrant the use of Deadly Force are few and far between, in the grand majority of circumstances you will be expected to use your stun weapons, which indeed are many times more effective than lethal options, to diffuse a situation.

There are a few circumstances where deadly force is permissible:

  • Code Red Situation - situations which would warrant a Code Red, such as: full blown mutinies, hostile boarding parties, and Space Wizards automatically authorize lethal force.
    Note: The Alert Status is not required to be elevated to Code Red as in most of these scenarios the Chain of Command will be too damaged or otherwise occupied to raise the Alert Level.
  • Non-Lethal Weapons Ineffective - certain targets are impervious to NLWs, such as Mechs, Xenomorphs, Borgs, and Hulks. Lethal force may be used against these targets if they prove hostile.
  • Severe Personal Risk - sometimes getting close enough to a target to slap the cuffs on will create significant personal risk to the Officer. Deadly force from range is recommended to subdue Wizards and confirmed Changelings.
    • Criminals in hostile environments such as space, fire, or plasma leaks also fall into this category, as do criminals believed to be in possession of high explosives. Ranged lethal force is the only reasonable option in these conditions.
  • Armed and Dangerous - if a suspect is in possession of weapons, including stun weapons, and you have reasonable suspicion that they will use these against you, lethal force is permitted. Although in the majority of cases it is still preferable to attempt to detain them non-lethally.
    • Unauthorized personnel in the armory are considered by default to be Armed and Dangerous, maximum force is permitted to subdue such targets.
  • Multiple Hostiles - it can be extremely difficult to detain multiple hostiles. As a last resort if you are being mobbed you may deploy your baton in a harmful manner to thin the crowd. Generally it is better to retreat and regroup than stand your ground.

Additionally, in the event of an attempted prison break, Security may fire lasers through the glass. They are expected to first fire a few warning shots before unloading their weapon into the target.


Circumstances that may be applied to incidents or crimes depending on circumstance.

Code Crime Description Notes
M01 Clear and Present Danger Crimes Committed in the interest of saving life, property, or preventing a disaster may have their sentences reduced, voided, or expunged. This modifier is primarily to cover situations such as breaking into an area one does not have access to, in the interest of saving someone's life or otherwise with good intent.
M02 Elevated Sentencing The scope of the crime(s), or repeticious behavior commited, warrant the charge be elevated to a higher offence for punishment in increments of one level per instance. Primarily intended to be used after a few repetitions. This includes attacking security, heads of staff, or committing multiple instances of the same crime.
Crimes charged with this modifier are exempt from punishment outside of confinement.
M03 Self Defense Actions taken to defend ones self from an assailent may have sentences reduced, voided, or expunged if the officer(s) involved deem that use of force reasonable. This isn't a school. You can punch back, but don't be out of scale.
M04 Non Compos Mentis Those of unstable mind should be referred to medical treatment or, if required, forced cryogenic storage. English: Insanity. This is intended to be applied to IC hypnosis, mind control, or otherwise actual incapacitation. IC 'insanity' is not an excuse for high crimes.
M05 Griseo Maris Coordinated behavior by those with no clear assigned duty which interrupts the normal function of any one department may lead to sentencing for any crimes committed during such actions to be increased in severity by one level for punishment. English: Grey Tide. Go be useful you fucks.
M06 Resisting Arrest Knowingly resisting attempts at legal detention by members of the security team. It is advised that these individuals should have their sentences increased the recommended 20% of total duration. Running will only increase your sentence.
M07 Escaped Prisoner Someone who has escaped their cell should be recaptured and returned to the brig. Their timer should be reset to the full length of the original sentence. Escaping will only delay the inevitable.


All of these crimes are punished with a monetary fine.

Code Crime Description Notes
003 Superficial Vandalism.png Superficial Vandalism To deface the station or property of another individual. Minor damage that can be repaired with space cleaner or other cosmetic only damage.

Drug Possesion.png

Drug Possession The possession of illegal drugs in quantities appropriate for personal use. A pill or two of drugs is reasonable for recreational use, anything more is probably better charged as distribution.
007 Disorderly.png Disorderly Conduct To conduct ones self in a way unsuitable for the retention of one’s position. Minorly disruptive behavior that isn't otherwise illegal, such as drunkenly harassing a crewmember.


Creating a Hazard To create a situation which may lead to the harm of others during normal operation in that department. Minor unsafe behavior can also be charged under this crime.


Disruptive Comms To knowingly disrupt or needlessly populate a radio frequency with the intent to be a nuisance to users of that frequency. Radio spam bad. I'm looking at you, circuit makers.

Minor Crimes

All of these crimes carry a 5 minute sentence.

Code Crime Description Notes
101 Assault.png Assault To use physical force against someone without the apparent intent to kill them. This covers minor criminal uses of force, Without intent to seriously injure. That would be Aggravated Assault, or possibly a flavor of Murder.
102 Pickpocketing.png Pickpocketing To steal items from another’s person. Small or easily replaceable items should be charged with this, otherwise consider a higher class of theft.
103 Vandalism.PNG Minor Vandalism To damage, destroy, or permanently deface non-critical furniture, vendors, or personal property. Large amounts of irreparable damage should be charged with Major Vandalism, Damage to critical infrastructure may be a form of Sabotage.


Vigilantism To perform the responsibilities and duties of the security department without approval or due cause to act. Validhunting bad. Let the redshirts do their job.
106 Narcotics Distribution.PNG Illegal Distribution The possession of dangerous or illegal drugs/equipment in a quantity greater than that which is reasonable for personal consumption. You should probably try to determine intent from additional evidence before charging someone with this.
107 DisPeace.png Disturbing the Peace To knowingly organize a movement which disrupts the normal operations of a department. Establishing a peaceful strike or otherwise disrupting standard department order without attachment to criminal entities.


Negligence To be negligent in one’s duty to an extent that it may cause harm, illness, or other negative effect, to another. This is the charge for the doctor that accidentally pumps pentetic acid into an oozeling, or a scientist who accidentally floods toxins with room temperature CO2 or N2O.
109 Trespassing.png Trespass To be in an area which a person has either not purposefully been admitted to, does not have access, or has been asked to leave by someone who has access to that area. Being in an area, or having access to an area is not permission to that area. This crime covers non forcible entry into areas, such as following someone through a door.
110 BandE.PNG Breaking and Entering To trespass into an area using a method of forcible entry. This is a variant of trespass, but instead of tailgating someone or gaining access the individual had to break or disable something to enter, such as hacking an airlock.
111 FuckCats.png Discriminatory Language To use language which demeans, generalizes, or otherwise de-personafies the individual at which it is targeted. Note that actual, OOC racism is not acceptable under the rules.
112 FineEvasion.png Fine Evasion To purposefully avoid or refuse to pay a legal fine. A reasonable time and notification should be given to the plaintiff.

Misdemeanor Crimes

All of these crimes carry a 10 minute sentence or a 1000 point target at the Labor Camp, optional for the suspect you are arresting.

Code Crime Description Notes
201 Assault Deadly Weapon.PNG Aggravated Assault To take physical action against a person with intent to grievously harm, but not to kill. This covers criminal uses of force, with intent to seriously injure, but no intent to kill. That would be some variation of Murder.
202 Petty theft.png Theft To steal equipment or items from a workplace, or items of extraordinary value from one’s person. This includes things like insulated gloves, crew pinpointers, normal ID cards, or personal items.

Vandalism Personal .png

Vandalism, Major To destroy or damage non-critical furniture, vendors, or personal property in a manor that can not be repaired. Spray painting all the lights red and wrecking tables in the bar is fun and all, but it makes it hard to figure out where the fire is, or to have a polite sip of tea.
204 Conspiracy.png Conspiracy To knowingly work with another person in the interest of committing an illegal action. It's important to note that an unwitting accomplice is not the same as a conspirator.


Hostile Agent To knowingly act as a recruiter, representative, messenger, ally, benefactor, or other associate of a hostile organization as defined within Code 405. Being a traitor while having committed no other actual crimes should be charged under this. Syndicate agents will generally fall under this charge, rather than Enemy of the Corporation.

Contraband not dangerous.png

Possession, Contraband Equipment To possess equipment not approved for use or production aboard Nanotrasen stations. This includes equipment produced by The Syndicate, Wizard Federation, or any other hostile organization as defined within Code 405. Reminder: Contraband equipment should be stored in evidence as per SOP. It is not candy to hand out to Security.

A list of equipment which may constitute Possesion of Contraband can be found in the list of Contraband#Contraband_Equipment

207 Riot2.png Rioting To act as a member in a group which collectively commits acts of major vandalism, sabotage, grand sabotage, or other felony crimes. A riot typically constitutes five or more people acting in a coordinated effort.

Negligent 2.png

High Negligence To be negligent in one’s duty to an extent that it may cause harm to multiple individuals, a department, or in a manor which directly leads to a serious injury of another person which requires emergency medical treatment. Virologists releasing spanish flu on accident, or scientists that flood science/toxins with plasma get charged here. It can also include engineers who delaminate the SM or wander around with highly radioactive material.

Tresspass Danger.png

Trespass, Inherently Dangerous Areas Trespassing in an area which may lead to the injury of self, or others. Engineering spaces specifically related to an engine such as turbine, supermatter room/chamber, or toxins lab count here. This list is not exhaustive, but should not be extorted to increase sentencing.

BNE danger.png

Breaking and Entering, Inherently Dangerous Areas To trespass into an area which may lead to the injury of self or others using forcible entry. Generally this will lead to injury. See breaking and entering, and apply any of the areas for Trespassing to dangerous areas.
211 Insubord.png Insubordination To knowingly disobey a lawful order from a superior. Obey your heads of staff if they instruct you to do something within the scope of your job. This crime can normally be accompanied by a demotion at the discretion of the relevant head of staff.
212 Dreamseeker JYtsg049js.png Fraud To misrepresent ones intention in the interest of gaining property or money from another individual. Lying to someone about a cargo bounty, for example. Be honest with your intentions. Don't stretch this, gaining items which normally wouldn't be considered theft likely aren't worth charging under fraud.

Genetic Mutilation.png

Genetic Mutilation To purposefully modify an individual’s genetic code without consent, or with intent to harm. Generally this is purposefully irradiating people, and typically it will be the geneticist getting demoted shortly after.

Major Crimes

These crimes carry a service at the Labor Camp, with a 1500 point target or a 15 minute brig sentence.

Code Crime Description Notes


Murder To purposefully kill someone. Please note, that negligence is covered under Code 208


Larceny To steal rare, expensive (Items of greater than 1000 credit value), or restricted equipment from secure areas or one’s person. This does not include theft of people's ID cards, which are likely to hold a value of more than 1000 credits. It does however cover ID cards which could lead into high security areas, such as the Captain's, Head of Personnel's, or Head of Security's.
303 Sabotage.png Sabotage To destroy station assets or resources critical to normal or emergency station procedures, or cause sections of the station to become uninhabitable. Spacing areas, tampering with fire alarms, disabling the emitters on the Supermatter.
304 HighConsp.png High Conspiracy To knowingly work with another person in the interest of committing a major or greater crime. Generally this will be shown through communications records or other means of surveillance. The most basic proof of course is capturing the two together in the act.
305 Hostile act.png Hostile Activity To knowingly commit an act which is in direct opposition to the interests of Nanotrasen, Or to directly assist a known enemy of the corporation. Impeding security's ability to detain a dangerous convict, or walling off the security department or other critical areas.
306 Possesinhdang.png Possession, Illegal Inherently Dangerous Equipment To possess restricted or illegal equipment which has a primary purpose of causing harm to others, or large amounts of destruction. Energy daggers, swords, guns (without a weapons permit), and so on count here. And no, the bartender can not have a captured LMG because they have a weapon permit. Again, security, those are not toys, put them in evidence.

A list of equipment which may constitute Possesion of Inherently can be found in the list of Contraband#Inherently_dangerous_equipment

307 Dreamseeker Pd7ngamOUl (1).png Inciting a Riot To perform actions in the interest of causing large amounts of unrest up to and including rioting. This is for the ring leader in any insurrection or riot. Prisoners may have their radios removed and be contained in areas which are not visible to the general populace.
308 Manslaughter.PNG Manslaughter To unintentionally kill someone through negligent, but not malicious, actions. They didn't mean to do it but someone's dead now. It's important to remember that you may want them to fix what they've done before throwing them in the brig, in the example of medical malpractice.
309 TressHighsec.png Trespass, High Security Areas Trespassing in any of the following without appropriate permission or access: Command areas, Personal offices, Weapons storage, weapon production, explosive storage, explosive production, or other high security areas. The clown is not legally allowed to trail the captain into the bridge unless it is for a prank according to their Standard Operating Procedures.
310 BnEHighSec.png Breaking and Entering, High Security Areas To commit trespassing into a secure area as defined in Code 309 using forcible entry. Please note, paramedics may have to commit breaking and entry in order to perform their duties.
311 Derelictrom.png Dereliction To willfully abandon an obligation that is critical to the station’s continued operation. Engineer didn't set up power? Doctor's doing botany and not treating the five corpses in medbay? Miners not providing materials for station objectives? That all goes here.
312 CorpoFraud.png Corporate Fraud To misrepresent one’s intention in the interest of gaining property or money from Nanotrasen, or to gain or give property or money from Nanotrasen without proper authorization. If you receive money to order something for a department don't pocket that money.
313 IdTheftttt.png Identity Theft To assume the identity of another individual. This can include utilizing someone else's PDA in order to impersonate them.

Capital Crimes

These crimes can result in Execution, Permanent Prison Time, Permanent Labor Camp Time, or Cyborgization.
Only the Captain, HoS, and Warden can authorize a Permanent Sentence.
Only the Captain can authorize an Execution or Forced Cyborgization.
If no command staff, acting or otherwise, is present then security officers may confine people permanently in accordance with space law. Executions are not permitted unless use of lethal force would otherwise be authorized. Executions after capture are not authorized with the sole exception of changelings.

Code Crime Description Notes
401 Prime murder.png Prime Murder To commit the act of murder, with clear intent to kill, and clear intent or to have materially take steps to prevent the revival of the victim This includes debraining a corpse with purpose other than cloning.
402 High value target theft.png Grand Larceny To steal inherently dangerous items from their storage, one’s person, or other such methods acquire through illicit means. A full list of equipment which may constitute Grand Larceny can be found in the list of Contraband#High_Risk_Items
403 Grand Sabot.png Grand Sabotage To destroy or modify station assets or equipment without which the station may collapse or otherwise become uninhabitable. This may include tampering with station records, purposefully delaminating the SM, destroying the SMES power storage equipment, plasma flooding, or superheating distro.
404 IanHasIt.png Espionage To knowingly betray critical information to enemies of the station. Telling nukies where the disk or a pinpointer is would wind up here. Please note, knowingly assisting antagonists as a non-antag may violate server rules.
405 EOTCmoment.png Enemy of the Corporation To be a member of any of the following organizations: Hostile boarding parties, Wizards, Changeling Hiveminds, cults, or other non-authorized religious practitioners (heretics). Membership of the syndicate with no actual actions should be charged under Code 205. Please also consider that deconversion is preferable to charging under EOTC. This is a LAST RESORT, and a trial must be held before conviction of personnel that were at any time on the crew manifest. Heretics are exempt from the trial requirement, and have their sentence executed without a trial.
406 Posses corpo.png Possession, Corporate Secrets To possess secret documentation or high density tamper-resistant data storage devices (Blackboxes) from any organization without authorization by Nanotrasen. Explorers and miners returning with secret documents or black boxes are not committing a crime, as retrieval as such can fall under their normal duties. The greyshirt that just ran off with the black box or documents? That's a criminal.

Please note that this charge is independant of any posession or theft charges that may apply.

407 Insurection.png Insurrection To knowingly lead a mob of individuals in a manner which seeks to unseat the current chain of command, or otherwise revolt against Nanotrasen. Heads of any revolutionary or anarchist movements are here.
413 BioTerror.png Biological Terror To knowingly release, cause, or otherwise cause the station to become affected by a disease, plant, or other biological form which may spread uncontained and or cause serious physical harm. Don't immediately lynch the virologist, but an investigation might be a good idea.