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Maps on Beestation


In Use BoxStation, DeltaStation, MetaStation, PubbyStation, FlandStation, KiloStation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation RuntimeStation, CorgStation


KiloStation is a very small and condensed map, intended for lower populations, the map features a very compact and decorated interior. It is built off of an asteroid.


  • Janitorial contains the station's recycler.
  • Botany starts off with a cow and a chicken.
  • The bar and library are connected.
  • The chapel has it's own apiary and a direct connection to the morgue.
  • KiloStation has no stage for the Clown and the Mime to preform.


  • Virology's monkey pen is jungle themed.
  • Medbay starts off with a sleeper and two stasis beds.
  • Cryogenics starts with two mannitol pills.


  • The Captain's Office has a shutter leading to maintenance for tactical relocation.
  • The Council Chamber and the Head of Personnel's Office have a direct connection to the Courtroom.
  • Rodger the Plant guards Gateway.


  • Brig contains six prisoner cells.
  • The Prison Wing contains a garden.
  • The Justice Helmet can be found in Security maintenance.


  • Cargo has no warehouse.
  • There are only two MULE bots, located by Mining.
  • The mining shuttle is connected to the station's air supply.


  • The Science Shuttle Dock can be accessed through a maintenance door left of Toxins.
  • Exploration is accessed by the right maintenance door in the Xenobiology Access.
  • The button to open the shutters to the fuel storage is located on a table in the Exploration Preparation Room.


  • The Gravity Generator is located right of the SM Chamber.
  • Tech Storage has a connection to EVA Storage.
  • The Auxillary Base Construction zone is located in maintenance north-east of the Gateway.
Kilo Station as of 2022


KiloStation was first released on the /tg/station github by Okand but was never merged, as Okand never finished work on it

It was then fixed up by BeeStation mappers and was occasionally activated by Admin. This Map has been out of BeeStation rotation originally due to fastmos conflicts, but is now back in rotation as of February 2022.

This map is currently being maintained by dog132.