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Maps on Beestation


In Use BoxStation, CorgStation, DeltaStation, MetaStation, PubbyStation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation AsteroidStation, BirdboatStation, CereStation, Discstation, Dreamstation, EfficiencyStation, KiloStation, MiniStation, OmegaStation, RuntimeStation, Donutstation
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thumb|right|500px|KiloStation as of 2018-01-23. Click for full resolution.


KiloStation is a very small and condensed map, intended for lower populations, the map features a very compact and decorated interior. It is built off of an asteroid.


KiloStation was first released on the /tg/station github by Okand but was never merged, as Okand never finished work on it

It was then fixed up by BeeStation mappers, and occasionally activated by Admin.