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In Beestation, your job is somewhat akin to your character class. It defines your starting equipment, your access on board the station, and what you're supposed to be doing. Remember, these job descriptions are for humor purposes only. Please follow common sense.

Jobs on Beestation


Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist, Exploration Crew
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Brig Physician, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime
Civilian Assistant, Lawyer, Chaplain, Curator, Gimmick
Cargo Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Clockwork Cultist, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Heretics, Space Dragon
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian, Lavaland Role

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Job Role Difficulty
Generic captain.png
Be responsible for handling the entire station and its residents. Secure the disky by tucking it into a bed and wishing it sweet dreams having it on you all the time, make sure the Heads of Staff aren't stepping out of the line and most importantly, talk with the crew. Try your best to thwart the plans of the dastardly traitor who stole your hand teleporter only to be killed because you decided to chase somebody into the maintenance tunnels by yourself. Use your console to make station-wide announcements and contact CentComm, preferably only in case of an emergency. Do NOT try to take over a department and do someone else's job. aVery Hard
Generic hop.png
Head of Personnel
Put your hat on Ian, announce how long the HoPline will be open for and get to work. Give out additional access where needed or change people's jobs but do contact the relevant Head of Staff first. Demote the unruly and increase paychecks as you see fit. Be responsible for the Service department, forget about it because you're too busy forcing assistants to indulge in your paperwork obsession. Keep in mind that only your and the Captain's IDs grant access to your console, so keep yourself safe instead of rushing into danger with your armor vest and pocket energy gun. Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Generic hos.png
Head of Security
Make sure you and your underlings are following the SoP and Space Law to a perfect degree, despair when they eventually beat the Clown into a bloody pulp and send him to the permabrig. Deputize willing crewmembers when your department is understaffed. Assign Security Officers to departments as you see fit. Remember that while you're THE LAW, only the Captain can authorize an execution or a Forced Cyborgization. Regret your life's choices after nothing goes by the book. Get taken hostage. aVery Hard
Generic warden.png
The Warden is head of the brig, where, from his office, he watches his fellow officers beat and flash criminal scum while he writes long fan-fictions about himself and the xenomorph queen. He also performs oversight on the armory, being a stickler about getting that darn disabler, which can be vital to the ship's function in stopping high-risk threats. Being a warden requires a watchful eye over prisoners so that Space Law is not violated and no lethal weaponry is left unsecured. bHard
Generic security.png
Security Officer
Revel in the fact that you're generally hated by the station and can do nothing about it. The Security Officer is responsible patrolling the station, responding to calls for help, capturing and detaining (the correct) criminal, alerting their department of any developments, performing random searches and abusing the clown. Don't forget trying to be the good guy, and failing. aHard
Generic detective.png
Chain smoke cigs, shoot baddies with the cowboy gun, lose the cowboy gun when the clown slips you. The Detective is in charge of investigating crime scenes for the perpetrator, but will most likely just note a few notes down, call it a closed case, and make it in time for happy hour. They are armed with a powerful sidearm and a fingerprinting device. A robust detective can track down criminals and stop their spree dead in its tracks. cMedium
Brig phys table.png
Brig Physician
You are security's medic, you are in charge of making sure there is no sign that the clown has just been in critical state due to your friend the shitcurity officer. Your responsibilities include overseeing the health of your fellow fellow security members and prisoners. You are the law therefore you are above the CMO and have total authority over the medical department. If things are calm, feel free to help out the Medical department. And remember : you're a doctor, not a security officer, let your teammates do their job while you stitch their wounds. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Generic ce.png
Chief Engineer
Use your state of the art tools to make a rage cage in the bar set up power before it runs out. Give orders to Station Engineers and Atmospheric Technicians instead of doing everything by yourself. Give Poly's headset a loud radio key and set Recieve to on. Defend Engineering from the angry mob wanting to lynch your schizophrenic kleptomaniac innocent pet parrot. Oversee the successful operation of the station's power source, send your underlings to rebuild damage and hull breaches, repurpose areas of the station, and fall into despar when someone asks to fix the Telecommunications. bHard
Generic engineer.png
Station Engineer
The arm of the Chief Engineer. Your job is to set up the engine, wire the solar panels, fix the maintenance wires chewed by rats and repair any damage to hull and equipment. Nothing is broken? Just give it a few minutes. A vital function of this job is providing machines for individual departments and upgrading their components if science is busy elsewhere. cMedium
Generic atmos.png
Atmospheric Technician
Atmospheric Technicians control one of the most complex departments on the station. Left completely untouched, it will operate at minimum efficiency, but an effective atmospherics department requires a heap of knowledge regarding the function of gases aboard SS13. As an atmospherics tech, you are capable of setting air alarms and redirecting gas flow to prevent or stop harm to the crew. You are also incredibly more effective at dealing with fires. cHard


Job Role Difficulty
Generic rd.png
Research Director
Oversee the scientists and roboticists of your department, which is consistently in an arms race for research points and materials from the protolathe. Being the Research Director requires familiarity with all science departments. An effective RD can help contain malfunctioning silicons and gather tremendous research points through toxins. bHard
Scientist generic.png
A swiss army knife of the science and research department. Your job as a scientist ranges from researching at the console, experimenting in xenobiology, crafting elaborate explosives in toxins, to dispensing nanites for the crew. A critical part of this job is performing upgrades to the various departments, improving their efficiency. cMedium
As a Roboticist, your primary job is creating an army of cyborgs, automated bots, and hulking mechs in order to assist the station when the materials provide. You can replace the crew's body parts with mechanical ones or convert them to cyborgs , sometimes unwillingly, and spawn new brains when organic ones are absent. Having some surgery expertise makes an effective roboticist. dEasy
Exploration Crew
Board your shuttle and take for the stars; as a member of the Exploration Crew your job is to explore ruins and recover data used by the scientists. Along the way you will encounter ancient alien artifacts, hostile lifeforms and other dangerous entities. You will also be issued with Nanotrasen approved objectives to complete which will generate funding for the station. This job requires a lot of teamwork and is not recommended if you want to play solo. aVery Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Generic cmo.png
Chief Medical Officer
Be responsible for either the calmest or the most stress-inducing departments departments on the station. Ensure that the cryogenic cells are set up, the Chemist is making healing patches instead of blowing up the laboratory, any unrecoverable bodies are sent to the morgue, and the Virologist isn't spreading his "beneficial" disease around without your approval. Know enough about each part of your department to teach a fresh hire when needed. Panic and loose control of everything when Medbay is eventually overrun with corpses. cMedium
Medical Doctor
A relatively relaxed position when it's not covered in bodies and Medbay isn't on fire, a Medical Doctor assists the crew by placing people inside machines that heal damage, clone the ones that took too much damage, defibrillate the recently passed, and ensure the proper disposal of bodies. It is helpful to understand surgery in this role to assist the near-unrecoverable. A robust doctor makes effective use of examining patients before treating or cloning them to drastically reduce work load. dEasy

A relatively relaxed position when it's not covered in bodies and Medbay isn't on fire, a Paramedic goes to departments to assists the crew by placing people inside a rollerbed and taking them to medbay to be healed. machines that heal damage, clone the ones that took too much damage, defibrillate the recently passed, and ensure the proper disposal of bodies. It is helpful to understand surgery in this role to assist the near-unrecoverable. Have blood feuds with the Chaplain and the Cook over the bodies in the Morgue. dEasy
The Chemist play an important role in the medical department by operating dispensers to mix ingredients from recipes that will assist, or destroy the station. Playing this department can be relaxed at times until epidemics break out and the crew start breaking in. A robust Chemist records recipes for easy reuse, keeps medical staff supplied with useful drugs, and has virus cures loaded in the smartfridge. dEasy
Geneticists operate a lab where they experiment on monkeys and collect DNA sequences from crew in order to rush beneficial mutations as quickly as possible. Though they are technically intended to operate the cloning machine near their station, they are often preoccupied. A robust geneticist produces and distributes beneficial mutations to the crew via injectors. cMedium
Generic virologist.png
Virologists work from a secluded lab, operating a PanD.E.M.I.C_2200 in order to mutate virus straits towards beneficial traits. Playing virologist requires a bit of luck and patience, and administering viruses can prove even more difficult. Making simple mistakes as a virologist can lead to your lynching. A robust virologist coordinates with the CMO, AI, and chemists in order to release viruses to distrusting crew. cMedium



Job Role Difficulty
Generic qm.png
Oversee the operations of cargo, ordering equipment with credits, and ensure techs do their jobs. The quartermaster ensures that the station remains equipped with requested gear that may be helpful to stop threats. Though not an official head of staff, the QM is still a high value target for traitors. cMedium
Generic cargo.png
Cargo Technician
Lackeys of Cargonia, your job as a Cargo Tech is pushing crates and ensuring the smooth operation as dictated by the QM. You will interface with customers at the supply request console, pick up and ship orders, and defend cargo from invasion. dEasy
Generic shaft.png
Shaft Miner
Mine rocks, try to mine monsters. Miners provide materials to the station, in doing so they are outfitted with state of the art gear to explore Lavaland. Being a miner requires adept use of gear, understanding of atmospherics and combat, and is generally a role reserved for experts. Being a robust miner means collecting gear fast without completely ignoring the crew's need for materials, and is highly rewarding in doing both. bHard


Job Role Difficulty
Generic janitor.png
Janitors perform the deceptively difficult job of cleaning the station, which is quickly filled with trash, then bullet casings, then blood. A robust Janitor makes effective use of holographic walk signs and cleaning grenades to keep the station looking as clean as possible. dEasy
Generic barman.png
Bartenders function as the station's entertainment in the kitchen. Sometimes the crew abandon their work to come and get absolutely wrecked at the bar. Your job as a Bartender is to fulfill that requirement by mixing lengthy recipes into borderline-illegal concoctions. dEasy
Generic chef.png
The organic crew on Space Station 13 need food to keep their spirits up. Being a Chef means cooking up meals and operating equipment that can range from very simple to overly complex, and more-than-once you will be offered to serve questionable items to the crew, like human and brain burgers. Yum! dEasy
Generic botanist.png
Botanists operate a department traditionally filled full of wheat and weed. Being a Botanist means preparing ingredients for the chef at the minimum, but the robust Botanist is able to create a very diverse list of plants that perform nearly any operation, including cloning dead crewmen into plants and plant based explosive devices. The robust Botanist is able to secure equipment necessary to greatly improve their work speed, keeping the kitchen and medical stocked while performing their own experiments. cMedium
Generic clown.png
Honk! The Clown is a challenging role which usually finds you at the end of a boot or baton. The Clown has officially no purpose on the station other than to entertain and/or harass the crew, playing simple and sometimes complex pranks while attempting to remain uncaptured once security has enough of your shenanigans. Playing a Clown almost guarantees you will be griefed or ejected from every department. eHONK!
Generic mime.png
waves e...


Job Role Difficulty
Generic assistant2.png
Your job as an Assistant is to assist. Or, at least, that's what CentCom asks of every greytider. With minimal access to all departments, this job is reserved for beginners and veterans seeking a challenge. The robust Assistant performs a variety of roles while officially being none. fNone
Generic chaplain.png
The Chaplain performs rites and rituals from within his own Chapel located on every station. A large amount of roleplay is to be taken into consideration while playing the chaplain, which consists of trying to convert crew members to whatever religion you're professing, all the while helping the station purge any other religion you may come across. The robust chaplain becomes an unstoppable force armed with a powerful melee weapon. dEasy
Generic librarian.png
The Curator oversees the library from within the station. With a unique set of tools and weaponry, the Curator performs a traditionally roleplay-heavy job which sometimes includes research in order to stop infernals, should the need arise. dEasy
Generic lawyer.png
The Lawyer keeps a watchful eye over the rights of prisoners, ensuring prisoner's rights are not violated, keeping the innocent and guilty out of jail. Being a lawyer requires patience and roleplay as you will be doing a considerable amount of in-character conversations, including but not limited to court proceedings. dEasy
Generic lawyer.png
Gimmick roles offer a random maintenance job that is heavily reliant on roleplay. These roles are not offered great gear nor particular access, but instead have unique toolkits to perform magic, haircuts, and the like for the crew. Picking gimmick roles means you're willing to have fun and entertain the crew. dEasy


Job Role Difficulty
The AI is the omnipresent experimental on-board intelligence installed by Nanotrasen. The AI is a very complex role that requires some familiarity on par with captaincy and adherence to roleplay that follows your lawset. With no hands to perform physical operations, your job is to oversee the entire station should your cameras permit, allowing access to crew members and altering the operation of machines on the station. You are quickly targeted should you prove ineffective, quickly blamed for mistakes out of your grasp, and quickly destroyed as a high-value target to saboteurs. aVery Hard
Generic borg.png
Cyborgs on the station fulfill a variety of roles, come equipped with a multitude of modules to pick the correct tool, but lack any form of hands to carry objects. Playing cyborg means all access to the entire station, however you are often bound by lawsets or orders from crew that you must act upon. While slaved to an AI, you are subservient to it and humans alike, making you a go-to for airlock access and tools for everyone nearby. Not following your laws, ignoring orders, or rousing distrust in any way is a quick ticket to being remotely detonated by console, and destruction of "rogue borgs" is generally less frowned upon than murdering assistants. bHard
Generic drone.png
Currently the only way to play as a drone is to take the role of a derelict drone at the derelict station. As a drone you become essentially a tiny little engineer. Your main purpose is to maintain and improve the station. bEasy
Personal AI
PAI is a ghost role that you must submit your personality to, and a crew member must accept your submission via a PAI device. Once accepted, the PAI fulfills several jobs, which can include keeping crew members company, to playing music, to hacking airlocks. dEasy
An ethereal being at the behest of the chaplain. Your job as a construct is similar to a PAI, entertaining your master or the crew. However, you are susceptible to death by cultists and nonhuman simplemobs. cEasy to Medium
Playing ghost occupies the space of the observer after your character has died. You are able to follow suspected antagonists, teleport across station, and watch the station destruct in real time. Ghosts have access to deadchat to communicate and/or vent with other ghosts while eavesdropping on every other living channel in the round. However, consider that any knowledge gained while dead is considered meta knowledge of the round; should you be revived or take on another role, you are expected to completely forget. fGhastly!


Main Antagonists

Main Antagonists are typically the primary antagonist of a single round, and form the backbone of how a round progresses.

Job Role Difficulty
Traitors come in two varieties: Traditional Syndicate agents and Internal Affairs agents. As a traitor, you are equipped with an uplink to requisition equipment with a limited budget to accomplish your objectives. Playing as a traitor allows for a variety of playstyles in order to achieve your mission, from murder, to espionage, to hijacking the evacuation shuttle. cMedium
Not Malf.gif
Malfunctioning AI
Malfunctioning AIs serve themselves and themselves only. When malfunctioning, the AI is able to hack power controls in order to upgrade its abilities, while attempting to stay undetected until it is unstoppable. Your objective as a malfunctioning AI can range from simple and stealthy assassination to outright extinction of all organic crew on the station. cVery Hard
Changelings are humanlike aliens that evolve and adapt powerful new tools necessary to accomplish objectives on the station. Changelings use undetectable communication in order to communicate and coordinate goals that sometimes include murder and impersonation of staff, though it is not unlikely for them to turn on each other. A robust changeling is a nearly unstoppable force until its body is utterly annihilated by crew. bMedium
Generic nukesyndie.png
Nuclear Operative
Nuclear Operatives begin with a team in full gear, preparing to infiltrate the station by stealth or by force to acquire the nuclear authentication disk, prime an explosive on the station, then escape by their own ship before injured. Nuke Ops can be an especially difficult role as coordination is difficult and the crew can be alerted to your presence as soon as, or before, you arrive. aVery Hard
Blood Cultist
Cultists seek to convert unwilling participants on the station in order to reach a critical mass required to summon their god, Nar'Sie. They are capable of creating hidden bases on the station which they use to create magic incantations to cast upon crew, then dragging them onto runes for conversion. Playing cultist can be a challenging role as your bases are easily destructed by vigiliant and skillful crew, and not all conversions are cooperative. cMedium
As a Revolutionary your job is to convert crew members to your cause as soon as possible, mounting an all out assault on the heads of staff in order to stop their oppression. Playing revolution can sometimes be extremely fast should the heads of staff not learn of your efforts and get dispatched quickly, conversely it can be very lengthy as staff fear their lynching once aware of your efforts. aEasy to Hard
Generic wizard.png
FORTI GY AMA!! EI NATH!! A Wizard plays a very difficult role as a lone saboteur aboard the station, traditionally attempting to abuse magic to annihilate unworthy crew, or being annihilated himself once making any futile attempt at peace. aVery Hard
Servant of ratvar.png
Clockwork Cultist
Serve the Clockwork Justiciar by abducting lone crew from the safety of your extradimensional plane. Your goal as a Clockwork Cultist is to build a defense using walls, turrets, and coverts to your cause in order to stave off their assault once you begin to summon your God onto their station. The difficulty of being a Clockwork Cultists depends heavily on your ability to prevent the crew aboard SS13 from arming themselves in preparation for assault. bHard

Side Antagonists

Side antagonists are secondary antagonists that are either subservient to other, main, antagonists, or have a small chance to appear during any round type. Side antagonists tend to be slightly less powerful than their main counterparts.

Job Role Difficulty
Blob core.gif
Beware of the Blob, it creeps and leaps and glides and slides, across the floor, right through the door. Except you don't do any of this. Make the crew scream internally when you appear at the tail end of a mass station bombing. Slowly consume the station, until you either eat everything or get killed by the current round's antagonist. bHard
Kidnap people and experiment on them. Disregard that objective and kidnap Ian/Kill the AI. Accidentally kidnap yourself. Steal from the armory after losing your tools. Hope your fellow Scientist/Agent is not incompetent and lets the crew kidnap you. bHard
Do what your summoner tells you to do. Set your battlecry to something so awful it makes your foes cry in battle. Annoy your summoner by constantly making JoJokes in their head. Be a punchghost. bORA ORA ORA
Ensure the crew gets a face full of alien wing-wang. Break procs. Squander your chance to be a big, purple killing machine and your race's survival in favor of acting out the Curator's favorite porno. bHard
Catch flies in your web and suck his juices out just like your dad, a changeling. Get your xenobiologist banned because he let you lay eggs. Consume, Adapt, and respawn over and over in a new shell. bEasy to Medium
Consume. Replicate. Repeat. Eat Telecomms. Teleport other swarmers your enemies away from your metal. bMedium
Shock lights, transmit WGW right into the Curator until he goes mad. Trade for them until admins gods get fed up and turn ghosts into you. Be a griefghost. bEasy
Eat pens for amusement, disguise yourself as beepsky. Disguise yourself as the Captain, confront the Captain while disguised as him, get shot. bHard
Jaunt. Murder people and crush the flare exploit! Jaunt. Make the lights your bitch! Jaunt. Jaunt into light! Jaunt. Jaunt into stun batons! Complain in deadchat, cry because you are essentially a worse shadowling. bHard
Generic ninja.png
Space Ninja
Follow your orders, which may or may not involve you killing everything that moves. Kill everyone regardless. bHard
Slaughter Demon
Hunt down and kill the wizard who summoned you. Eat bodies out of the Morgue for health. Drag bleeding bodies through the hall. Make the janitor happy by making him become the most important job for a while. Be unable to bloodcrawl due to all the blood being cleaned up. Eat the janitor. RIP AND TEAR! bMedium
Try to raid the station. Fail miserably because the entire crew is out for your blood so they can re-roll for antag. bHard
Icons8 flat biohazard.svg.png
Sentient Disease
Try to infect people. Get the virologist lynched. Get the CMO lynched. Get the rest of medbay lynched. Make everyone grow beards. bHard
Try to act creepy and shifty. Fail because everyone's a miserable bastard in this shithole. Toe Rule 8 to a suspicious extent. bMedium
Lead the Hunters on a chase around the station. Total the clown into the Supermatter while doing so. bMedium
Wave your weapons wildly around. Shoot the Fugitives for resisting. Get arrested by Security. bHard

Removed and Deprecated Antagonists

These antagonists have, for one reason or another, been removed from the game. These antagonists might return one day if they ever get remade or reworked. Although, this is highly unlikely...

Job Removal Reason Role Difficulty
Generic wizard.pngGeneric wizard.pngGeneric wizard.png
Ragin Mages
Spawning up to three or four Wizards simply proved to be too much for the station. One Wizard is destructive enough. This however remains in game as a admin only event, for your their amusement. Spend ten minutes hunting down one Wizard, kill him thinking you've won! Stare in horror as three more Wizards appear. Watch in amusement as they proceed to kill each other. aMedium
Hand of God
Oh, poor HoG! Shoved out the door buggy, unbalanced, and extremely hard to learn as it combines three gamemodes (hello, gang) into one. Nobody wanted to fix HoG after it's release because of old derelict code that would break even more when poked. While some say it's fun while it's not broken, has that ever been the status quo? Turn someone into !popehat! while they're talking to security. Instakill people with god powers! Build across the station converting people with your !popehat! gang, and get killed instantly by a rod smashing into your nexus. Break the game, over and over and over and get removed. aHard
Hades, Pope of Sin
Poor guy was implemented into the game as summonable through an item accessible only to wizards. Almost never encountered, when the Dark Seed went away, away went the Pope of Sin with it. Be a general annoyance to the crew. Be a very annoying (need I say it again with time freezing to a halt every minute or so) non-sentient antagonist. Play Russian roulette with the crew manifest. AI Controlled
Shadowling suffered from issues of it being yet another crew conversion game mode, and was generally unfun to fight against and had a anti-climatic ending. This mode has recently been reworked into the Nightmare side antagonist. Be the hip and more popular brother to the Changeling. Turn the station into thralls. Cry when a cyborg turns on its headlamp. Shadow Walk into space and die ten minutes into the round. bHard
Cortical Borer
The Cortical Borer suffered from the same problems as the Monkey Mode, being very buggy and one sided at times. Fun for both sides was questionable. No current plans to reimplememt. Crawl in the corroded brain of the clown. Inject meth. Assume direct control. Induce crippling drugs in the clown. Inject meth. Cry when the host eats sugar. Inject meth. Overdose! aVery Hard
Hivemind Host
Stand around in places and add unwitting humans to your hivemind. Hijack the minds of crewmembers and have them do the dirty work for you. Have a random vessel get implanted and security wailing down on you 30 minutes into the shift. Be a conversion stealth antag. Use One Mind and become unstunnable with magic abilities that are only ever fun for yourself. aHard
Chrono Legionnaire
Originally suppose to replace the space ninja, however people didn't like the idea of someone being able to teleport everywhere and having a insta-stunlock rifle that deleted people after some time. Erase the Clown from time. Accidently erase your objective from time. Erase Adolf Hitler for the 50th time this week. Without a trace, Cry because literally everybody forgot about you and never spawns you. bNever Existed
Syndicate Mutineer
Overthrow ended up being a damn confusing gamemode. Examples include how unclear it was if the other agent teams were working with or against you, or how the points system worked, not to mention the poor wording of the Overthrown AI lawset. Numerous bugs surfaced that didn't all get fixed, and the gamemode ended up being recognized as one of the least-liked gamemodes after a vote was taken. Arrive on the station as a Traitor with less gear but the ability to awaken the Syndicate sleeper agent in everybody. Cooperate with other teams to stage the perfect coup (or don't and just fight each other, fuck those guys). Roll up with your posse on a quest to become the most powerful Gang Syndicate team. aHard
Buggy gamemode that very usually ended up with one gang snowballing out of control, spamming guns and turning the round into TDM. As a gangster, you are tasked with gaining control over the station, represented as influence, while in a hostile arms race against security and other rival gangs. You will tag areas aboard the ship and convert new gangsters in order to achieve dominance, slowly working towards total control. aEasy to Hard
Highly buggy, roleplay-dependent gamemode that devolved into the crew buying every single power and acting like shitters. Engage in civil discussions to buy souls. Devils aboard the station race against each other in order to secure the souls of crew members, offering powers and whatever their hearts desire in order to sign away eternal condemnation. Once a devil has risen to significant power, they abandon their withering human form into a new beast and enact their will upon the station. bMedium
Monkey infestation brought onto the crew as a bloodborne disease. Your job as the infected is to skitter through vents to prey on targets to convert into monkeys. This role can be exceptionally challenging as monkeys become a very obvious threat once they show any form of sentience or hostility. Your survival greatly depends on your ability to choose targets effectively and escape in time after infecting victims. bVery Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Lavaland/Space Role
Die to ash storms. Die to an asteroid. Die to lava. Die when a Security strike team teleports into your base. Die to a Miner. Die in general. bHard
CentCom Official
Be self-important, meddle with station affairs, annoy the Captain with bureaucracy. Get killed almost immediately by a random mob. Have you body looted by everyone, including the captain. bMedium
Ass-inspect, eat donuts, get killed, be dragged off to a washing machine and get gibbed. Cause a riot. aImpossible
Emergency Response Officer
Arrive too late on the station to actually help. Lose the rest of your team, get outnumbered and die. Respawn as a second response team to save the first team. bVery Hard
Death Squad Officer
Beg for DS, spawn in at CentCom, kill an admin who was trying to tell you your mission, get gibbed, beg for another chance. Set your rifle to DESTROY and terminate all lifeforms (including walls). Slip on a banana peel and a̶n̶d̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶b̶l̶a̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶o̶b̶l̶i̶v̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶r̶i̶f̶l̶e̶ laugh as your boots prevent you from slipping and the Clown can't fire your DNA-locked rifle. Shoot the Clown with your Mateba Revolver. bHard